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Dr. Dale’s program can help you reach your personal goals.

Make Dr. Dale a part of your team!

  • Helps you address your health issues including your hormonal balance
  • Helps you achieve a healthy weight
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Provide exciting challenges for your mind and body
  • Change the way you approach life on all levels


Membership Includes The Following

  • A healthy 12% discount on your personal product orders that total $100.00 or more.
  • A 15% discount on office or phone appointments is included in the appointment fee.
  • A new affiliate program designed so that you can share in our success. As an affiliate you will get your own affiliate web page and EARN 10% back on product sales from your social media, networks, friends and family.
  • Archive of Web Seminars, Free Protocols and mp3 Lectures related to health issues.
  • Advanced Mind, Body, Spirit Healing.
  • eNewsletter with the latest research on diet, nutrition, anti-aging tips from around the globe, skin care, hormone rejuvenation NOT replacement and detoxification.
  • Metabolic Self-Assessment Tests.
  • Customized Advice about Self- Healing and Empowerment Assisting with various health conditions using 100% non-toxic natural alternatives.
  • Advanced Comprehensive Health Self-Assessment Test.
  • Free Monthly Answer to your Health Question by Email.
  • Weight Loss and Maintenance Dietary and Detoxification Regimes for your Body Type.
  • Lists of Biological Dentists and Much much more…
  • Should you have questions? Call 800-219-1261

Customized Plan

Get personal health information, design your own meal plan based on food preferences and allergy alerts, and track your weight and log your progress with our unique online tools. You will have access to the “Comprehensive Health Self-Assessment Test”, which offers you an wellness plan.

Your Mind, Body, Spirit Tool Kit

A Weight Tracker, exclusive “Comprehensive Health Assessment Test”, (the most comprehensive assessment available online), Quarterly teleseminars on hot topics and new research for optimal health, Meal Planner, and even a Shopping List.

Exclusive to Members Only

Your membership includes exclusive information and tools not found anywhere else! And you’ll gain access to health information on topics such as diabetes, heart disease, the latest natural healing programs and hormonal balancing tips and more.

Just For You health advice provide the information and inspiration that can help you on your path to optimum health. Sign up today, and see how in just eight weeks you can start making a difference in how you live your life!

Monthly fee: $20.00 automatically billed quarterly in 3-month increments through PayPal. There are no cancellations during the three month purchase of $60.00.
Cancellation Instructions for your subscription with PayPal is available in the members area. We cannot cancel for you!

What People Say…

“This program is so much more reasonable to follow than anything I’ve tried before. Little improvements every day make the difference.”

Laurel Johns, Member


“Cleaning out the fridge was such an education. I already feel that I’ve made some real improvement in the way I eat.”

Gerald Rael, Member

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