A Message From Dr. Dale

Dr. Dale’s Message To You

The weekly newsletter is provided to offer you factual information and research regarding optimal wellness and comprehensive research to heal disease.

The health of the body greatly depends on the health of the mind and emotions.

Since fear is the deepest underlying factor to the disease process, we need to infuse our communication to patients with a positive empowering dialogue.  This empowerment supports and strengthens their immune system.

Therefore, when we present you with research about serious health issues that are caused by (or completely overlooked by) the traditional medical establishment and drug companies; our intention is to also provide the necessary solutions as well as the knowledge and conviction that all conditions can be healed and cured.

Complete healing does not occur with hormone replacement and medications but rather with effective formulas and the patients’ empowerment.  This leads the patient to right choices about lifestyle, nutrition and supports their use and understanding of natural bioenergetic medicine.

Now, curing disease depends on the patients’ evolution.  This evolution is supported by the release of resisted emotional patterns, which actually anchors a disease pattern that actually contains and is formed by resisted emotions whether genetic or not.  Fear and resisted emotions create disease by the laws of attraction (the resisted emotion is the magnet that attracts the disease).   Disease and unpreferred realities, trauma and drama can be turned off i.e. eliminated thru using my bioenergetic remedies including Neuro-Emotional Remedies and the NeuroPhysical Reprogramming process.

Disease is created from internal and external environmentally supported physical and emotional miasms, and from genetic miasms/imprints that if left unresolved can steer life to ill health.   We need to address the serious mutated health issues that we find every day in our practice whether from pathology, hormone dysfunction or from resisted emotions.   After 25 years of a private practice, I have formulated products to do just that.

Using my formulas along with empowering your patient with the truth…the truth that all humans possess innate healing chemicals and hormones within their body that can be revitalized to heal any condition.  To help patients’ access and produce the optimal health they deserve, we need to show them the way.  Offering my effective FDA registered homeopathic formulas will neutralize serious health patterns.    NeuroPhysical Reprogramming sessions will release all imprints/miasms in the DNA and allow the body to achieve optimal health on all levels.

Neuro-Emotional Remedies heal physical and emotional issues.  You can learn NPR in our 4-day classes that will be held in California, January 2009.  Should you be interested in knowing more, please review CCNM’s website at www.cconm.com and call Jaime Betsill to let her know of your interest; we will be contacting you as soon as we have an exact date.

My two day live seminars “Clinical Applications to NeuroEndocrine Rejuvenation” will help you with therapy localization of nutritional and homeopathic products and present the most comprehensive saliva test available today, called the “5 Element FI-PP Panel”.   The fact is we need new improved tools to help our patient’s heal.  This tool is comprehensive for any patient, male or female, at any age or stage of their life.

Thank you for supporting my work and helping humanity.

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