all_flu.jpgALL FLU is a proprietary formula consisting of 10 of the most powerful homeopathic ingredients for Flu symptoms. Here are a just a few of the ingredients.

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Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., CN, NP, President of The Wellness Center and BioResonance Research formulates and manufactures clean, effective, natural medicine since 1991. Since most health supplements contain toxic flow agents, preservatives, coloring, along with other possible contaminants such as GMO’s, gluten, toxic flow agents and gelatin. The wellness Center’s products are doctor recommended and clinically test-ed with thousands of provider’s patients.


Homeopathy has been practiced around the world since the time of Hippocrates. It has been proven to be a safe and natural method to balance the body & allow it to heal. Dr. Dale’s ALL FLU contains 14 individual, well-respected homeopathic ingredients all combined in one formula. This highly effective treatment reduces the duration & severi-ty of flu-like symptoms and is non-toxic with no side-effects. Research shows that vaccinations may be harmful to our health. Fear created by the media, etc. can lower your immune system, making you more vulnerable to all types of flu. You can assist elimination of any fear by using Dr. Dale’s Neuro-Emotional Remedy #4 (Kidney-Fear).


According to the homeopathic materia medica the advanced ingredients in ALL FLU will target all types of flu-like symptoms, such as dizziness, drowsiness, thirstless, vertigo, flush, sneezing, vomiting, heavy feeling, dull headache, dry cough, fever and phlegm. It will also provide relief of shivering, chills, coughs & SARS.


Gain control of your optimal health with Dr. Dale’s ALL FLU & take this exciting step toward true wellness and protection. This product is used for chronic and acute flu symptoms and as a Homeopathic prophylaxis.


Anas barbarie hepatis et

cordis extractum

Aconitum Nap

Arsenicum Iod


Eupatorium Perf

Geisemium Sempervirens

Helix Tosta


Influenzinum A, B, C



Teucrium Scorodonia

Thuja Occ

Viratum Viride

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