Emotions & Sickness | Are Your Emotions Making You Sick

Have you ever noticed that you’re far more susceptible to illness during periods of high stress or emotional fatigue? It’s not a figment of your imagination. Emotion and sickness can go hand in hand, and there is a very real mind-body connection that leaves your immune system more vulnerable to attack when you’re faced with emotional unrest. To put it plainly, your emotions may very well be making you sick, but there are steps you can take to protect both your physical and mental health.

The Link Between and Emotion and Sickness

The relationship between emotion and sickness has been studied for centuries, and is the basis for psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. By examining the relationship between psychology, neuroscience, immunology and other related sciences, we develop a greater understanding of how our emotions can trigger physical manifestations, in the form of illness and even disease. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical to be mindful of one’s emotions, because if left unchecked, these seemingly harmless feelings can trigger a dangerous chain reaction.

Centuries ago, the Chinese developed Wu Xing, or the Five Element Theory, which — among other things — maps the relationships between individual emotions and specific acupuncture meridians within the body. The Five Element Theory remains a critical element of Eastern medicine even today, and modern studies have confirmed what Chinese health experts discovered centuries ago: By addressing the emotional, we can heal the physical. The safest and most effective means of achieving this end is with the use of homeopathy, which specifically works along meridian pathways for renewed health and wellness.

Homeopathy provides a non-toxic, non-invasive, and yet highly effective means of natural healing. This system has been around since before the time of Christ, but it’s now more widely recognized and respected than at any other time in history, as modern clinical research has helped us to validate and better understand the workings of this powerful science. Homeopathy works on the law of similars, or “like cures like,” and treats illnesses, diseases and unwanted symptoms by introducing trace amounts of targeted minerals, herbs, and other inorganic substances into the body. As a result, the body’s natural defense mechanisms are triggered, and the symptoms are detoxified.

What Does All of This Have to Do with Emotion?

In order to understand the emotion/sickness correlation, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of how our acupuncture meridians work. As illustrated by the Five Element Theory, these meridians serve as energy channels that correspond to physical organs, and each organ stores a specific emotion or emotions. In other words, if your emotions get the better of you, the resulting negative energy can take a physical toll on its corresponding organ, thereby causing physical illness. Dr. Theresa Dale has spent years conducting her own clinical research into the relationship between emotion and sickness, and into the effectiveness of homeopathy on meridian pathways, and her findings have been astounding. Her research has provided further evidence of what has been suspected for centuries: that emotions are stored in the body in consistent and detectable electromagnetic patterns. Furthermore, the research suggests that homeopathy provides the safest and most reliable means of remedying emotionally rooted illnesses.

Remedies for Sufferers

If you find yourself struggling with compromised immunity as a result of stress, anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions, there is good news. With the right homeopathic treatment, you can get to the very core of what is causing your physical manifestations, and experience relief for both your mind and body. There are a number of effective treatments, but it’s important to stick with homeopathic preparations, as they are non-toxic, non-invasive, and specially formulated to target the meridians themselves. While many commercial drugs and medications treat symptoms, homeopathy gets straight to the core of the illness.

At Wellness Center, you’ll find a complete selection of Neuro Emotional Remedies to address every meridian, gland, and emotion. There are 13 remedies in all, each of which targets a specific symptom or emotion by addressing the corresponding meridian. Browse the complete selection, and find the treatment that applies to your specific area of concern. These treatments will allow you to release those repressed emotions — ranging from grief to fear to resentment to confusion — and finally experience the physical relief you have been seeking, quickly and effectively. Each NER product detoxifies your body while simultaneously renewing your mind, ensuring that you are effectively treated from the inside out.

Get in Touch with Wellness Center

Do you have questions for Dr. Dale about your own struggles with emotion and ckness? Perhaps you’re looking for expert advice on how to best achieve lasting healing from the symptoms and conditions that have been holding you back. If so, we invite you to reach out to us today at 800.219.1261, or contact us on our website to get started. Dr. Dale has worked with thousands of patients from all over the world, and would be happy to assist you in breaking free. Contact us today.


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