Exercise benefits & Products to help recover faster!

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Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is outside walking, running, working out in a gym, martial arts, or extreme sports, moving the body has some great benefits!

Exercise can help move the lymph system, which is the responsible for moving the toxins out of the body! The lymphatic system goes around and takes all the toxins from the cells and is likened to a garbage truck that takes all the garbage out of your body!

Exercise can also help boost your mood, and help with brain health! You have heard of a runners high? Because of the endorphins that are produced after exercise, it can make you feel better!

It is important not to over do it with exercise, and to know your limitations and build slowly to where you want to be! Small changes create big results!

Here are some products you can take to help with exercise recovery! 

Todays Specials – NAC Pro

by Jackie in Blog Articles

NAC Pro is 25% off!

NAC Pro is used to decongest the body, including the sinus, lungs, liver, and all the organs. Congestion can build up in the tissues and organs and it is important to get the congestion out so your body can function better!

Check out the sale here! 

Use NAC25 at checkout!

California College of Natural Medicine

by Jackie in Blog Articles

Empower yourself & others to transform your experience of life!

Are you wanting to learn more about nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, and other methods to help yourself and others become healthier and happier?

The California College of Natural Medicine has various programs to choose from to help you help others! Some programs are entry level and some are for health providers only.

Interested in learning more? The school catalogue is located on www.ccomn.com. If you have any questions or want more information about the courses, you can call 800-421-5027.

The Power of your Emotions and How it’s Connected to your Health!

by Jackie in Blog Articles

Emotions are often overlooked when it comes to health. Emotions are a huge part of a healthy body and are also a big part of the why you may not be as healthy as you want to be!

Everything is energy! Emotions are energy in motion. Before a disease manifests in the physical body, it first is there in the energy body. Many times when we harbor emotions and don’t find a healthy way to release the emotions from experiences in the past, then that is when physical pain is more apt to appear. When this pattern happens for years and years, then physical disease can occur. The emotion comes first, then the physical breakdown or things not working properly in the body occur.

Having a healthy relationship with ourselves and feeling our emotions fully and letting them go is a huge step in getting healthy! It does no good to stuff our emotions, not express ourselves fully, and keeping it in!

Neuro-Emotional remedies are homeopathic remedies that can help to get rid of the stuck emotions that gravitate towards certain organs. For example, anger and the liver. If you are harboring anger for years and years, this emotion affects the liver and makes it weaker over time. The neuro-emotional remedies are able to match the emotion and neutralize it, so that it will not affect the physical organ anymore. These remedies are more powerful when used in combination with the resist and desire process located in the revitalize your hormones book by Dr. Dale.

It can take some time to go through your stored emotions from your lifetime, but one step at a time will make big changes in your health and life!

End of Summer Sale!

by Jackie in Blog Articles

End of Summer Sale! These products below are 25% off until September 30th!

ALL NeuroEmotional Remedies from #1 – #13 are 25% off!

The NeuroEmotional remedies are homeopathics that help with getting rid of emotional blockages that affect specific organs in the body!  Each formula is made for a specific emotion and affected organ system. When the emotions are cleared, energy can move better, and the organs work better! Better functioning organs equals a better functioning body!

The Bioslim Homeopathic is 25% off!

The Bioslim is a homeopathic that helps with weight loss. With eating a specific diet low in fats, the bioslim enables the body to burn the stored fat as energy. The more fat that is being burned, the less you will weigh!


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