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Dr. Theresa Dale is the founder of The Wellness Center for Research and Education, Inc. and the California College of Natural Medicine. She practices as a Biological Medical Consultant, Traditional Naturopath,
Certified Clinical Nutritionist (IAACN), and Homeopath. In addition, she is an International Motivational Speaker and Health Educator. Dr. Dale has been a guest on hundreds of national and syndicated radio shows
and has also authored two books.


Dr. Dale’s Daily Essentials Pack contains 3 highly effective supplements for proper nutritional support. This trio packs a healthy punch and is an essential tool to assist with immune, adrenal and neurological support caused by stress and environmental toxicity. (Instructions Included)

1. Dr.Dale’s Optimal Multi Pro (Proprietary Formula) is a highly advanced multi-vitamin formula with Methylated B-12 and 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate.
2. Nano Ionic Multi is a liquid supplement containing minerals that are essential for the entire body, including skin, hair, nails, bones and organs.
3. Vitamin D3 is natural, absorbable and provides endless health benefits.

Optimal Multi Pro and Vitamin D3 are in veggie caps and free of flow agents, binders, fillers, coloring and preservatives. Dr. Dale’s Essentials Pack is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, not irradiated, and contains no toxic flow agents. It is also hypoallergenic, containing no artificial color, flavor or preservatives. Restore your body back to a healthy state with this powerful trio in Dr. Dale’s Daily Essentials Pack! Made in the USA.


According to the homeopathic materia medica the advanced ingredients in ALL FLU will target all types of flu-like symptoms, such as dizziness, drowsiness, thirstless, vertigo, flush, sneezing, vomiting, heavy feeling, dull headache, dry cough, fever and phlegm. It will also provide relief of shivering, chills, coughs & SARS.


Directions are included in the Kit.


Optimal Multi Pro
Vitamin A 3,000 IU,
Vit C 200 IU – Ester C,
Vit D3 2,000 IU
Vit E 100 IU
Vit B1 50 mg.
Vit B2 25 mg.
Vit B3 50 mg.
Vit B6 75 mg. (P5P)
Methylated Folate 800 mcg,
B-12 Methylcobalamine
500 mcg,
Biotin 500 mcg,
Vit B5 Pantothenic Acid
200 mg.
Proprietary Herbal and
Enzyme Blend includes:
Schizandra, Ashwaganda
Root, Phos Choline (Sunflower),
Phos Serine (Sunflower),
Bromelain, BioFlavonoids,
Betaine HCL, Digest B
Enzyme Blend, Rutin,
TrimethylGlycine, Hesperidin,
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
Nano Ionic Multi

Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit

by Theresa Dale in Products

Whole Body Deep Cleanse.jpg

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New 13 Day “RAW” Organic and Wild Crafted Formulas!

Professional Kit

  • ONE Homeopathic Mind, Body, Meridian Remedy #2: Gallbladder/Resentment
  • ONE Homeopathic Mind, Body, Meridian Remedy #6: Liver/Anger/Frustration/Rage
  • OrthoPhos (One 2 oz bottle)
  • Kidney Pro: (One 120 cap bottle)
  • Colon Pro: (One 120 cap bottle)
  • Whole Body Pro (One 120 cap bottle)
  • Liver Pro: (One 120 cap bottle)

One of the functions of the liver is to conjugate hormones, moving the hormones into the blood for usage. Therefore, liver congestion can be a cause of hormonal problems including hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle, premenopausal symptoms, headaches, skin conditions and obesity. Many serious health conditions can be helped including drug addiction and obesity. Any of our Homeopathic Remedies can be taken along with this kit for the most thorough cleansing of pathogens, chemicals and/or for weight loss.

The most effective results occur when all the filtering organs are gently detoxified simultaneous so none of the organs are burdened. This kit will gently cleanse the blood and all filtering organs while boosting your immune system as no other method can, and is especially helpful for toxic individuals who are having serious challenges with their health.

You will receive enough products for ONE flush, which will last 13 days. You may do a second flush in two week or one month or continue on the maintenance program included herein. Please follow directions carefully.

Preparing for the Whole Body Deep Cleanse

Whole Body & Immune Pro

by Theresa Dale in Products

Whole Body & Immune Pro.jpg

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Find a gentle natural method that will not have severe side effects.
Decide on the length of time you wish to cleanse. One, Two or three months are appropriate. For chonic illness we recommend three months of the Whole Body Slow Cleanse, which includes this great formula.

Please read the following information before doing any type of cleansing. Included are options and information to help you make the correct choice.

Do You Need To Do A Cleanse?

1) Have less than 1 bowel movement per meal eaten?

2) Are you more than 10 pounds over weight?

3) Are you tired and sluggish?

4) Do you have food allergies?

5) Do you crave breads or sugary sweets?

6) Do you rarely exercise?

7) Does your skin breakout?

8) Do you have bad breath?

9) Do you have to mask body odor with a scent?

10) Never done an inner body cleanse before?

11) Do you eat dairy products?

12) Do you need caffeine to get up?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above or yes to #1, #2 or #10 you should use the Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit or the Method 2 below before you administer the Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit.

I have created two superior methods for detoxification. You may purchase all the products from our Ordering Page on this website.

Learn about the Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder and more ingredients in the Deep Cleanse Kit. Click here!

Method I

One Thirteen-Day Cleanse.

You may use the Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit for the most thorough gentle detoxification possible. This is for someone who has cleansed his or her body previously or completed Method 2 below.

Method 2

A Three-Month Cleanse

The First Month

Some people feel that their body is extremely toxic; therefore, you may want a longer and slower cleanse. In this case, you may start your cleanse 5 days a week as follows.

Take the Kidney Pro, Liver Pro and Colon Pro for one month as follows:

2 to 3 Colon Pro twice daily before or during meals.
3 Liver Pro, three times per day 5 days a week..
3 Kidney Pro, three times a day 5 days a week
The Second Month

After one month you can add the Whole Body Pro for one month.

Two Whole Body Pro twice daily
1, 2 or 3 Colon Pro taken with the Whole Body Pro according to how sluggish your bowel is.
You may continue to use the Kidney and Liver Pro during this time in equal quantity of each tablet.
The Third Month,

Same regime as the second month.

After the third month, you can add the Deep Cleanse Kit as described under PRODUCTS. Follow the directions on the Whole Body Deep Cleanse kit for usage.

The Kidney Pro, Liver Pro and Colon Pro

These formulas are designed to eliminate impurities over a 3-month period.

The Products Function

Colon Pro: Moves the bowel. By itself it will never constipate. Due to the increased movement it aids the body in healing the bowel.

Whole Body Pro: Bulks the stool as it alleviates waste that is lodged through out the system (cellular cleanse).

Liver Pro: Resets or activates the liver (turns it on) thus affecting bile secretions that acts in the bowel as a stimulant and stool softener.

Kidney Pro: Resets or activates the kidneys (turns them on), adrenal glands and pancreas. The kidneys regulate fluid usage and movement though out the system.

What is Constipation?

Constipation is less than1 elimination per meal eaten. Experiment with the tablets and see how many you need to achieve this goal. Do not overdue it, be patient, the process takes 3 months.

Bowel frequency is affected by the following factors and can make you constipated.

Use of diuretics
Use of salt and sodium
Use of prescription drugs
Local climate
Exercise routine
Water intake
Dairy intake
The factors mentioned above could all play havoc with the body and its eliminative process.

The key is to not be rote about the use of this or any product and to adapt to new situations. For example, If someone is taking 5 colon pro and 1 Whole Body Pro and doing the dietary regime correctly, yet is still constipated, stop the Whole Body Pro for a day or two. Use the Colon Pro alone. After a few days (3 or 4) of this routine, reintroduce the Whole Body Pro once every other day. Keep this up for three or four days, eventually returning the Whole Body Pro usage back to daily intake above or in the Whole Body Deep Cleanse kit.

Intensive, Deep Inner Cleansing

Intensive deep cleansing is an individual thing and a process that should be done every year. Through experimentation, you will establish how many of each tablet formula you will need. Relax; there is no way to speed up the process.

Follow Up Maintenance of Your Cleanse

After you FINISH your intensive 3 months of cleansing, wait 2 weeks & then do the intensive 11-day, Whole Body Deep Cleanse. After you have completed the Whole Body Deep Cleanse kit wait one month and do the second 11-day cleanse that is included in the kit. You will maintain the benefits of your intensive 3 month cleanse and Whole Body Deep Cleanse, for up to two years.

Moreover, you can also use any of my homeopathic remedies during either cleanse. I suggest reading Transform Your Emotional DNA so that you can learn about the emotions related to these organs.

Whether you use method 1 or 2, please eat healthy meals, organic food, and use the vegetable juice recipe, which you can find in my latest book Revitalize Your Hormones. The Biehler’s Broth recipe in my Transdorm Your DNA book has saved lives and unnecessary gallbladder surgery.

I suggest during when cleansing that a person drink half his or her body weight of pure water in ounces? For example, a 150 pound person would need 75 ounces of water a day.

Thyroid Rescue Pack

by Theresa Dale in Products

WC-PACK-26 (Contains 11 Products)

For Health Providers Only
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This kit includes one-month supply of natural products to help regulate thyroid function. A healthy diet should consist of non-allergenic foods, all organic vegetables, 8 oz. of clean water per day, chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (sprouted if possible), beans, hemp or pea protein and occasional organic turkey or chicken (if you must). Avoid cruciferous veggies, caffeine, dairy, MSG, sugar, rutabaga, soy, millet, fish, gluten, chocolate and all red meat.

– All of our products are tested for purity and manufactured in a FDA licensed pharmacy.
– All supplements and herbal products are in veggie caps, without fillers or binders.
– All products are Non-GMO, Not Irradiated, Gluten Free, Veggie Caps, No Sugar, Coloring, Preservatives and No Flow Agents.
– Our herbs are wild harvested and organic in veggie caps.
– Our homeopathic medicine is FDA registered and combination formulas.

• Thyro T3 Rescue

      Hyper-Hypo or Immune/Hash (Homeopathy) Usage: 5 drops, 3 times per day, 5 days per week.

• Bio Iodine

      For Hypothyroid. (Eliminate for Hashimoto’s) Usage: One every other day of the week. For Hashimotos use Nano Ionic Iodine, which can be purchased separately.

• Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silica

      (Cell Ready), Usage: see label – take once per day.

• Nano Ionic Immune

      (Cell Ready) Usage: take 2 x daily according to label.

• BioFilm Detox

      Detaches and flushes biofilm that is protecting pathogens in the mouth and stomach and intestines. Usage: Take 1 3x daily between meals.

• BioAge Reverse

      (HGH, IGF 1 & IGF 2, Adrenal, Immune) (Homeopathy) Usage: 5 drops twice daily 5 days per week.

• Kidney Pro

      Usage: Two 3 x daily, 6 days per week.

• Liver Pro

      Usage: Two 3 x daily, 6 days per week.

• Whole Body/Immune Pro

      Usage: Two 3 x daily, 6 days per week.

• Colon Pro

      If bowels are normal: One capsule daily with dinner. For constipation: One capsule with one to three meals daily every day. If your bowels are not moving with one three times per day then increase the quantity of capsules with each meal.

• MBM #11 Thyroid/Adrenal Axis

    (Confusion, Paranoia) Mind, Body, Meridian Remedies (Fibonacci Homeopathy) Handles emotional and physical stressors. Usage: 5 drops three times per day, 5 days per week or and according to directions on label.

Disclaimer: Health statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. The health information on this document is for education purposes only. Wellnesscenter.net and Dr. Theresa Dale and Dr. Dale’s Wellness Center assumes no responsibility in treatment or cure of any disease or illness. The information provided on is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and his/her physician.


by Theresa Dale in Products


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What is the cause of your weight issue? …

  • Poor diet
  • Thyroid issues
  • Endocrine/Adrenal issues such as high cortisol
  • Diabetes/insulin resistance/ hyperglycemia.
  • Emotions, belief systems, identities
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Poor metabolism
  • Toxins storing in the adipose tissue/fat
  • Poor eliminations

You can get good results using SLIM. Homeopathic materia medica’s report the following symptoms that can be helped by the ingredients in this remedy. Most of these ingredients have been documented and researched for the past 200 years in treating overweight and obesity as a symptom as follows:

  • Obesity in adults and children
  • Obesity in diabetics
  • Obesity in abdomen area
  • Overweight
  • Overweight, fat body but thin legs
  • Overweight in aged people
  • Lack of sexual passion in overweight people.

Moreover, you may also need to integrate the following into your lifestyle.

1.   The diet or Lifestyle Changes in my new book:  Revitalize Your Hormones; Dr. Dales’ 7 steps to a Happier, Healthier & Sexier YOU!

2.   Detoxify your body, filtering organs, colon and blood using the Whole Body Deep Cleanse or the three-month detoxification program under Products.

3.   Neuro-Emotional Remedy #9: low self-esteem

4.   Exercise daily: try Yoga, Qi Gong, go to the gym

5.   Take the self-assessment test for thyroid and blood sugarissues in Revitalize Your Hormones. You will also find a biological age test that will tell you how young/old your organs are. Hint; Your organs should be a lot younger than your chronological age if you want them to be healthy.

6.   There is on-going educational information and web seminars available for members of the Wellness Optimization Club.  Visit the home page for more information about becoming a member.

Click here to view the ingredients.


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