Dr.Theresa Dale, Ph.D., CN, NP, President of the Wellness Center formulates and manufactures clean, effective, natural medicine since 1991. Since most health supplements contain flow agents, preservatives, coloring, andyes!–even sugar, along with other possible contaminants such as GMO's, Theresa Dale formulates products that "do no harm". The Wellness Center's products are doctor recommended and clinically tested with thousands of people.

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  • This proprietary formula helps support normal LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
  • These ingredients have shown in medical research to inhibit platelet aggregation, help reduce triglyceride levels, enhance circulation and help reduce clotting potential
  • Our nutritional supplement Dr. Dale’s Cholest® is manufactured according torigorous quality assurance measures include quarantining all raw materials until composition, identity and integrity are confirmed and full documentation provided according to the FDA cGMP standards we observe
  • Available options for manufacturing:
    • Private label
    • Various counts of capsules
    • We can customize products to your request


1 Take 3 capsules in the a.m. and 3 capsules in the p.m. for 4–6 weeks; then, take 3 capsules daily for maintenance or as otherwise directed by your health care practitioner

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