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If you have more than one symptom checked off on the free assessment, the following suggestions may help detoxify your body enabling it to function better and have a more youthful and active life.


Section A : Need for Hydrochloric Acid; liver detox, Dr. Dale’s Gallbladder/Liver Flush will help you achieve optimum results. It is an 13 day program than needs to be repeated in three months.
Colonics: 3 to 12 visits (Choose your colon therapist wisely as you would any health professional) You may not need to do colonics if you do Dr. Dale’s Gallbladder/Liver Flush.
A digestive enzyme with HCL may be necessary.
Liver Detox herbs which include a combination of herbs such as Milk Thistle, herbal blood cleansers, kidney detoxification herbs and immune support.
A Gallbladder “flush” method to thin the viscosity of the bile in the gallbladder, so that any stones will easily discharge and to actually dissolve the stones.
A Kidney Detoxification to cleanse and dissolve kidney stones.
The liver and kidneys provide filtration for the human body. When the liver is not functioning properly or is congested, hormone availability to the body can be inhibited.

Section B: Colon Detoxification

You may need gentle colonics to help remove any impaction from the colon

Acidolphillus orally

Fresh Vegetable Juices Daily

Fresh Wheat Grass Juice Daily

Turkey Rhubarb Formula which is in “Dr. Dale’s Gallbladder/Liver Flush Kit.

Liver and all filtering organs need to be detoxified. Use the flush kit.
Call 800-219-1261 if you would like more information or to order.

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