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Menopausal Hormone Therapy & Breast Cancer

News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD
CME Author: Désirée Lie, MD, MSEd

Feb. 21, 2006 – Menopausal hormonal therapy is associated with 3 types of breast cancer, according to the results of a population- based case-control study reported in the February issue of Breast Cancer Research.

“Use of menopausal hormone therapy has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, and data indicate that combined medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy (mainly estradiol or conjugated estrogens combined with progestin) is associated with a higher risk for breast cancer than medium potency estrogen alone therapy,” write Lena U. Rosenberg, MD, from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues. “Studies from the United States have rather consistently found medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy to be more strongly associated with lobular than with ductal breast cancer risk. It is not clear, however, whether use of menopausal hormone therapy also increases the risk of ductal breast cancer, or whether medium potency estrogen alone therapy has differential impacts on lobular and ductal breast cancer risk.”

In this population-based study of women in Sweden aged 50 to 74 years, cases were diagnosed as having invasive ductal (n = 1888), lobular (n = 308), or tubular (n = 93) breast cancer in 1993 to 1995. These cases were compared with 3065 age-frequency matched controls randomly selected from the population.

Risks of both ductal and lobular cancer were increased in women who had used medium-potency estrogen alone. Although medium-potency estrogen-progestin was associated with increased risks for all subtypes, the estimates for lobular and tubular cancer were higher than for ductal cancer. With at least 5 years use of medium-potency estrogen-progestin therapy, odds ratios (ORs) were 5.6 (95% confidence interval [CI], 3.2 – 9.7) for lobular cancer, 6.5 (95% CI, 2.8 – 14.9) for tubular cancer, and 2.3 (95% CI, 1.6 – 3.3) for ductal cancer.

Low-potency oral estrogen (mainly estriol) appeared to be associated with an increased risk for lobular cancer, particularly with short- term use. Reproductive and anthropometric factors, smoking, and past use of oral contraceptives had similar associations with the 3 breast cancer subtypes, but recent alcohol consumption of more than 10 g/day was associated with increased risk only for tubular cancer (OR, 3.1; 95% CI, 1.4 – 6.8).

Study limitations include small number of cases for lobular and tubular cancer; exposure information self-reported and collected retrospectively; retrospective design causing potential recall bias; and histologic classifications by several pathologists at different laboratories.

“Menopausal hormone therapy was associated with increased risks for breast cancer of both ductal and lobular subtype, and medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy was more strongly associated with lobular compared with ductal cancer,” the authors write. “We also found medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy and alcohol to be strongly associated with tubular cancer. With some exceptions, most other risk factors seemed to be similarly associated with the three subtypes of breast cancer.”

The National Institutes of Health and the Swedish Cancer Foundation supported this study. The authors have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

Breast Canc Res. 2006;8:R11

Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m sick and tired…”? They probably are, or will be! Usually when people make such a statement they are experiencing some kind of stress or emotional aggravation. Heightened emotional states — expecially the kind which we do not want to experience — create a perfect breeding ground for illness. It was through my practice, seeing case after case, that I began to note the increasingly obvious relationship between resistance to experiencing feelings and emotions, and disease.

This growing awareness led me to the development of “Neuro-Emotional Remedies®”: High potency homeopathic remedies which help release stored emotions from the body; a nutritional formula — NEBB — which stimulates neurotransmitter production; an emotional release technology and Body Reading®. Body Reading® is a laser-like method of determining the present life force and energy flow of acupuncture meridians, organs, glands, nutrition and emotions. This profound tool assists the practitioner and the patient in the exploration of the DNA, the cellular genetic coding of your body and its overall state of wellness.

Then a “wellness plan” is created for the information discovered in the BODY READING® session which will assist you in achieving your goals. The wellness plan encompasses simple methods for exploring your own consciousness, nutrition, homeopathy and herbology. This holistic plan enables you to experience and feel results in many areas of your life including health, money, love/family, sex, your purpose, food and your environment.

Throughout history, emotions have been examined as a possible culprit in the creation of illness. Recent research in the area of “psychoneuroimmunology” indicates a direct correlation between stress and the functioning of the physical body, including the immune system. Long ago, the Chinese developed the Five Element Theory, which correlates specific emotions to the acupuncture meridians. In my practice, I use homeopathy. Homeopathy works along meridian pathways and in conjunction with the immune system. I begain to see a new pattern to pursue as the ancient knowledge of acupuncture and homeopathy started to intersect the newer research in psychoneuroimmunology.

Homeopathy is the first form of medicine, successfully used since the time of Hippocrates. Homeopathy provides a non-toxic, inexpensive, yet very effective, noninvasive system, now more recognized than ever. It is, and has been, used to treat both acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy works on the basis of “like cures like” — the law of similars — by introducing diluted amounts of herbs, minerals and inorganic substances into the body and thereby stimulating the body to naturally activate the intrinsic defense mechanism, ultimately detoxifying whatever symptoms is similar to the properties of the substance in the remedy.

Homeopathic remedies come in different potency levels. The lower potencies contain microscopic amounts of an actual physical substance. The higher level potencies no longer contain any physical substance, but instead carry only the electromagnetic (energy) property of whatever physical substance is represented.

As mentioned earlier, the Five Element Theory of acupuncture teaches that each meridian of the body has a corresponding emotion. In turn, each emotion has a corresponding electromagnetic energy pattern, now detectable through kinesiology (muscle testing). Since acupuncture meridians are energy channels corresponding to organs, and each organ stores specific emotion, (energy pattern), we can easily begin to see the relationship between disease and our emotions. For example, the liver meridian may show weakness when a person resists anger. Taking it one step further, we already know that homeopathy works in a similar energetic way to stimulate and activate the immune system. The correlation of homeopathy with the Five Element theory is a perfect marriage of nature and science. It is the foundation upon which the Neuro-Emotional Remedies© were developed.

Extensive research, using a variety of homeopathic reference resources, went into evaluating the emotional and mental properties of homeopathic remedies. Tests were then conducted on hundreds of patients, using acupuncture and reflex points. The result of my research? Emotions are stored in the body in consistent and detectable electromagnetic patterns. They can be identified, isolated and eliminated by gaining awareness of their existence through kinesiology, emotional release technology and Body Reading®. By gently detoxifying the emotions for the specific organ or gland using a Neuro-Emotional Remedy®, formulated with a drainage remedy to prevent homeopathic aggravation of symptoms, patients experience a sense of restored vitality and wellness.

What might this look like during a session? Well, let’s set up a scenario leading to a first office visit. Imagine a child who is raised in a home where there is financial struggle. The child may perceive his parents’ attitude about money to be one of insufficiency, fear of not enough money, or of money being difficult to get and keep. The child identifies with the fear of a lack of money. Fear lodges in the kidneys, according to the Five Element Theory. As the child enters adulthood, he will most likely have experiences that directly reflect his perceptions — learned for the parents — about money. His unconscious resistance to “lack of money” creates the experience for him of “lack of money,” which reinforces the fear energy. He may not even be remotely conscious of his parents’ attitude about money. Potentially, a kidney weakness may begin to develop and perpetuate until the stressing belief or emotion is released.

When we resist an emotion, the resistance itself creates an electromagnetic charge of energy which may affect neurotransmitter production storing on a cellular level in the organ or gland that correlates to the particular emotion. Over time, as the pattern of resistance continues, this charged energetic pattern creates even more of a burden on the particular organ or gland.

From an acupuncture point of view, if a person were to have the malfunctioning organ surgically removed, the stored electromagnetic antagonist (resisted emotion) would only travel into another part of the body.

The traditional psychological model that most of us have been taught — or by which we have been influenced regarding emotions — does not actually release the specific emotions for the body. It is, however, valuable in helping the patient to better understand his or her psyche and emotional history.

When clients come to me, I allow them the opportunity to become aware of the emotional aspect of their physical complaints. I begin a body reading of their energy by testing acupuncture and reflex points. This evaluation can be originated with a body condition, or with a feeling or emotion. I systematically test, using kinesiology, the major points on the body until I isolate which emotion is to be addressed. Once we have established the emotion, again using kinesiology, the body is poised with a series of qualifying questions by the patient. Usually, within a couple of questions, the individual has had a breakthrough realization about a trauma which was originally created by their belief system. When the patient is fully feeling, I administer the corresponding Neuro-Emotional Remedy®. Within a very short period of time, the emotional charge dissipates and the patient frequently reports a concurrent abatement of certain physical sensations related to their original condition.


A female patient, 32, came to see me on March 25, 1992. Her symptoms included vaginal yeast, severe PMS, irregular periods, manic behavioral and emotional problems, indigestion, intestinal gas, bladder infections, dependence on coffee to move bowels, as well as poor night vision and chronic depression and fatigue. In addition, she did not want to take responsibility for herself.

After a course of nutritional supplementation, achieving improvement in some complaints, we began to employ body reading and emotional release technology along with Neuro-Emotional Remedies® and NEBB formula. After each session the patient would observe a definite immediate improvement in the depression & fatigue which continued to accelerate until all the physical symptoms were completely gone.

This patient experience abuse from her father. There were many areas where she was recreating the controlling, abusive pattern in her adult life, both at home and through an extreme dependence on her psychologist. She many times felt she needed others to make decisions for her. We systematically identified the stored resistances related to most of her childhood conditioning. This course of therapy took approximately five months — one-half hour to one hour per week — resulting in her willingness to take full responsibility for her life and in her desire to make her own decisions. This was achieved by recognizing, feeling and eliminating the pattern of giving others the power to run her life.

By ascertaining which emotion(s) was resisted, the organ(s) where it manifested itself and what belief was connected to the emotion, the patient can fully experience the emotion and release it.

Research has long confirmed the powerful influence the emotional component has on the emergence, severity and duration of many diseases. Neuro-Emotional Remedies® directly address this component in many patients. The homeopathic remedies assisted the drainage and elimination of the belief and related emotion that was creating the above patient’s percepton of reality.

It is my experience that if people do not really want to heal even though they may say they do, they will not until they stop denying and expore, discover and discreate the underlying belief that is sabotaging their lives.

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