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Menopausal Hormone Therapy & Breast Cancer

News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD
CME Author: Désirée Lie, MD, MSEd

Feb. 21, 2006 – Menopausal hormonal therapy is associated with 3 types of breast cancer, according to the results of a population- based case-control study reported in the February issue of Breast Cancer Research.

“Use of menopausal hormone therapy has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, and data indicate that combined medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy (mainly estradiol or conjugated estrogens combined with progestin) is associated with a higher risk for breast cancer than medium potency estrogen alone therapy,” write Lena U. Rosenberg, MD, from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and colleagues. “Studies from the United States have rather consistently found medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy to be more strongly associated with lobular than with ductal breast cancer risk. It is not clear, however, whether use of menopausal hormone therapy also increases the risk of ductal breast cancer, or whether medium potency estrogen alone therapy has differential impacts on lobular and ductal breast cancer risk.”

In this population-based study of women in Sweden aged 50 to 74 years, cases were diagnosed as having invasive ductal (n = 1888), lobular (n = 308), or tubular (n = 93) breast cancer in 1993 to 1995. These cases were compared with 3065 age-frequency matched controls randomly selected from the population.

Risks of both ductal and lobular cancer were increased in women who had used medium-potency estrogen alone. Although medium-potency estrogen-progestin was associated with increased risks for all subtypes, the estimates for lobular and tubular cancer were higher than for ductal cancer. With at least 5 years use of medium-potency estrogen-progestin therapy, odds ratios (ORs) were 5.6 (95% confidence interval [CI], 3.2 – 9.7) for lobular cancer, 6.5 (95% CI, 2.8 – 14.9) for tubular cancer, and 2.3 (95% CI, 1.6 – 3.3) for ductal cancer.

Low-potency oral estrogen (mainly estriol) appeared to be associated with an increased risk for lobular cancer, particularly with short- term use. Reproductive and anthropometric factors, smoking, and past use of oral contraceptives had similar associations with the 3 breast cancer subtypes, but recent alcohol consumption of more than 10 g/day was associated with increased risk only for tubular cancer (OR, 3.1; 95% CI, 1.4 – 6.8).

Study limitations include small number of cases for lobular and tubular cancer; exposure information self-reported and collected retrospectively; retrospective design causing potential recall bias; and histologic classifications by several pathologists at different laboratories.

“Menopausal hormone therapy was associated with increased risks for breast cancer of both ductal and lobular subtype, and medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy was more strongly associated with lobular compared with ductal cancer,” the authors write. “We also found medium potency estrogen-progestin therapy and alcohol to be strongly associated with tubular cancer. With some exceptions, most other risk factors seemed to be similarly associated with the three subtypes of breast cancer.”

The National Institutes of Health and the Swedish Cancer Foundation supported this study. The authors have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

Breast Canc Res. 2006;8:R11

Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m sick and tired…”? They probably are, or will be! Usually when people make such a statement they are experiencing some kind of stress or emotional aggravation. Heightened emotional states — expecially the kind which we do not want to experience — create a perfect breeding ground for illness. It was through my practice, seeing case after case, that I began to note the increasingly obvious relationship between resistance to experiencing feelings and emotions, and disease.

This growing awareness led me to the development of “Neuro-Emotional Remedies®”: High potency homeopathic remedies which help release stored emotions from the body; a nutritional formula — NEBB — which stimulates neurotransmitter production; an emotional release technology and Body Reading®. Body Reading® is a laser-like method of determining the present life force and energy flow of acupuncture meridians, organs, glands, nutrition and emotions. This profound tool assists the practitioner and the patient in the exploration of the DNA, the cellular genetic coding of your body and its overall state of wellness.

Then a “wellness plan” is created for the information discovered in the BODY READING® session which will assist you in achieving your goals. The wellness plan encompasses simple methods for exploring your own consciousness, nutrition, homeopathy and herbology. This holistic plan enables you to experience and feel results in many areas of your life including health, money, love/family, sex, your purpose, food and your environment.

Throughout history, emotions have been examined as a possible culprit in the creation of illness. Recent research in the area of “psychoneuroimmunology” indicates a direct correlation between stress and the functioning of the physical body, including the immune system. Long ago, the Chinese developed the Five Element Theory, which correlates specific emotions to the acupuncture meridians. In my practice, I use homeopathy. Homeopathy works along meridian pathways and in conjunction with the immune system. I begain to see a new pattern to pursue as the ancient knowledge of acupuncture and homeopathy started to intersect the newer research in psychoneuroimmunology.

Homeopathy is the first form of medicine, successfully used since the time of Hippocrates. Homeopathy provides a non-toxic, inexpensive, yet very effective, noninvasive system, now more recognized than ever. It is, and has been, used to treat both acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy works on the basis of “like cures like” — the law of similars — by introducing diluted amounts of herbs, minerals and inorganic substances into the body and thereby stimulating the body to naturally activate the intrinsic defense mechanism, ultimately detoxifying whatever symptoms is similar to the properties of the substance in the remedy.

Homeopathic remedies come in different potency levels. The lower potencies contain microscopic amounts of an actual physical substance. The higher level potencies no longer contain any physical substance, but instead carry only the electromagnetic (energy) property of whatever physical substance is represented.

As mentioned earlier, the Five Element Theory of acupuncture teaches that each meridian of the body has a corresponding emotion. In turn, each emotion has a corresponding electromagnetic energy pattern, now detectable through kinesiology (muscle testing). Since acupuncture meridians are energy channels corresponding to organs, and each organ stores specific emotion, (energy pattern), we can easily begin to see the relationship between disease and our emotions. For example, the liver meridian may show weakness when a person resists anger. Taking it one step further, we already know that homeopathy works in a similar energetic way to stimulate and activate the immune system. The correlation of homeopathy with the Five Element theory is a perfect marriage of nature and science. It is the foundation upon which the Neuro-Emotional Remedies© were developed.

Extensive research, using a variety of homeopathic reference resources, went into evaluating the emotional and mental properties of homeopathic remedies. Tests were then conducted on hundreds of patients, using acupuncture and reflex points. The result of my research? Emotions are stored in the body in consistent and detectable electromagnetic patterns. They can be identified, isolated and eliminated by gaining awareness of their existence through kinesiology, emotional release technology and Body Reading®. By gently detoxifying the emotions for the specific organ or gland using a Neuro-Emotional Remedy®, formulated with a drainage remedy to prevent homeopathic aggravation of symptoms, patients experience a sense of restored vitality and wellness.

What might this look like during a session? Well, let’s set up a scenario leading to a first office visit. Imagine a child who is raised in a home where there is financial struggle. The child may perceive his parents’ attitude about money to be one of insufficiency, fear of not enough money, or of money being difficult to get and keep. The child identifies with the fear of a lack of money. Fear lodges in the kidneys, according to the Five Element Theory. As the child enters adulthood, he will most likely have experiences that directly reflect his perceptions — learned for the parents — about money. His unconscious resistance to “lack of money” creates the experience for him of “lack of money,” which reinforces the fear energy. He may not even be remotely conscious of his parents’ attitude about money. Potentially, a kidney weakness may begin to develop and perpetuate until the stressing belief or emotion is released.

When we resist an emotion, the resistance itself creates an electromagnetic charge of energy which may affect neurotransmitter production storing on a cellular level in the organ or gland that correlates to the particular emotion. Over time, as the pattern of resistance continues, this charged energetic pattern creates even more of a burden on the particular organ or gland.

From an acupuncture point of view, if a person were to have the malfunctioning organ surgically removed, the stored electromagnetic antagonist (resisted emotion) would only travel into another part of the body.

The traditional psychological model that most of us have been taught — or by which we have been influenced regarding emotions — does not actually release the specific emotions for the body. It is, however, valuable in helping the patient to better understand his or her psyche and emotional history.

When clients come to me, I allow them the opportunity to become aware of the emotional aspect of their physical complaints. I begin a body reading of their energy by testing acupuncture and reflex points. This evaluation can be originated with a body condition, or with a feeling or emotion. I systematically test, using kinesiology, the major points on the body until I isolate which emotion is to be addressed. Once we have established the emotion, again using kinesiology, the body is poised with a series of qualifying questions by the patient. Usually, within a couple of questions, the individual has had a breakthrough realization about a trauma which was originally created by their belief system. When the patient is fully feeling, I administer the corresponding Neuro-Emotional Remedy®. Within a very short period of time, the emotional charge dissipates and the patient frequently reports a concurrent abatement of certain physical sensations related to their original condition.


A female patient, 32, came to see me on March 25, 1992. Her symptoms included vaginal yeast, severe PMS, irregular periods, manic behavioral and emotional problems, indigestion, intestinal gas, bladder infections, dependence on coffee to move bowels, as well as poor night vision and chronic depression and fatigue. In addition, she did not want to take responsibility for herself.

After a course of nutritional supplementation, achieving improvement in some complaints, we began to employ body reading and emotional release technology along with Neuro-Emotional Remedies® and NEBB formula. After each session the patient would observe a definite immediate improvement in the depression & fatigue which continued to accelerate until all the physical symptoms were completely gone.

This patient experience abuse from her father. There were many areas where she was recreating the controlling, abusive pattern in her adult life, both at home and through an extreme dependence on her psychologist. She many times felt she needed others to make decisions for her. We systematically identified the stored resistances related to most of her childhood conditioning. This course of therapy took approximately five months — one-half hour to one hour per week — resulting in her willingness to take full responsibility for her life and in her desire to make her own decisions. This was achieved by recognizing, feeling and eliminating the pattern of giving others the power to run her life.

By ascertaining which emotion(s) was resisted, the organ(s) where it manifested itself and what belief was connected to the emotion, the patient can fully experience the emotion and release it.

Research has long confirmed the powerful influence the emotional component has on the emergence, severity and duration of many diseases. Neuro-Emotional Remedies® directly address this component in many patients. The homeopathic remedies assisted the drainage and elimination of the belief and related emotion that was creating the above patient’s percepton of reality.

It is my experience that if people do not really want to heal even though they may say they do, they will not until they stop denying and expore, discover and discreate the underlying belief that is sabotaging their lives.

Harmonic Healing

NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System offers a gentler approach to mid-life hormone balance than HRT–and works for men, too.
    There is continual debate about both conventional and natural hormone replacement therapies (HRT). Conventional HRT uses synthetic hormones taken orally and, among a number of adverse side effects, is known to cause ovarian and other cancers in a small percentage of women. Natural HRT usually relies on wild yam-derived progesterone and cofactors applied in a skin cream, but the quality control of over-the-counter products and their effectiveness have been called into question. There is a third option, however–do not attempt to replace the hormones at all. Instead, restore balance by rejuvenating the body’s innate ability to produce the proper hormone levels.
This third approach is the one taken by Theresa Dale, Ph.D., in developing her NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System. These are homeopathic remedies incorporating time-tested principles of naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine.
Although natural hormone replacement is many times safer and can be more effective than synthetic HRT, “natural” bio-identical hormone preparations are still synthesized from natural substances. The body knows the difference between a wild yam and something synthesized from a wild yam. Further, the taking of any externally-originated (exogenous) hormone, natural or synthetic, can signal the body to stop, or at least to slow down, production of the endogenous (the body’s own) version of that hormone. The homeopathic approach employs remedies made up of substances intended to support the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Successively diluted from 1/10th to only billionths of their original strength, the minute amounts of these healing substances cannot act to replace the body’s hormones, but instead they serve as catalysts: agents that in effect kick-start the body’s own appropriate production of hormones.
A three-part system
  The NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System has three aspects. It incorporates a proprietary hormone saliva test and interpretation; remedies and support for individual organs as indicated by the test; and one of three NuF em HRS formulas, corresponding to the degree of overall hormonal imbalance.
       One problem with using over-the-counter creams, or any kind of prescribed HRT, is that women tend to do so without first getting hormonal tests to establish a baseline profile of their hormonal status. Dr. Dale recommends salivary hormone testing as a baseline for every woman who is considering beginning treatment for menopausal symptoms.
Several reputable laboratories around the country offer a saliva test kit by mail. To be complete, the kits should test both the important sex and stress hormones, including progesterone, estradiol (estrogen), testosterone, cortisol and DHEA. Saliva collection can be performed at home and the sample sent by mail to a laboratory. This is a simple, non-invasive process. The test should be repeated periodically to re-evaluate hormone levels and adjust any supplements being taken.
Saliva is considered to be a better indicator than blood serum of biologically active hormone levels and is therefore a more accurate reflection of the body’s functional hormonal status. Research has proven the effectiveness of using saliva instead of serum or urine as a diagnostic medium to measure bioavailable (biologically active) hormone fractions. Saliva testing measures the levels of “free” (unbound) sex and stress hormones available to body tissues, and hormone concentrations are independent of saliva flow rate.
Dr. Dale has developed her own NuFem HRS Saliva Test to determine whether hormone levels are within expected normal ranges for one’s gender and age. She says that the test is “an accurate method of evaluating how hormone replacement therapies, topical hormone creams and other therapies affect hormone levels, and it allows one to periodically monitor how the NuFem formulas, along with proper diet and exercise, are positively influencing hormone balance.”
The NuFem Saliva Test specifies saliva collection times to be performed according to the “Body Clock” of traditional Chinese medicine (see illustration). In this system, the functional states of body organs and glands are correlated with the times of day, with seasons, emotions, substances and energies all classified as belonging to one of five “Elements.” These Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) are classifications used to describe basic principles of how members within each category behave, influence and interact with each other. “The Five Element Theory is a key to identifying the core energy pattern that anchors a disease and causes blocked meridians and thus blocked hormones and neurotransmitters,” says Dr. Dale. “The Body Clock correlates the Elements with organ and endocrine functions to specific peak times of the day and evening.” Dr. Dale uses these peak times in the 24-hour functional cycle in her test interpretations. Correlating the results with Chinese medicine, she will recommend Neuro-Emotional Remedies to balance the organs and glands that correspond with abnormal hormone levels, and also make dietary recommendations.
“This comprehensive circadian endocrine profile will give results on hormone levels in addition to profiling the health of corresponding organs and glands.” For example, if the test reveals that a person’s cortisol level is high at 2 AM, this is an indication of a liver imbalance. The health of the liver is key: our body’s largest internal organ plays a central role in nutrient transportation and metabolic processes. If it is congested, the body will not be able to detoxify properly and circulation will also be impaired, severely inhibiting the body’s ability to heal other organs.
The Body Clock

The Body Clock is a representation of an aspect of the Five Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Classic medical texts discussing the Five Element Theory date back to at least 200 BCE. The Chinese character we translate as “Elements” is also called “phases” or “movements.” Based on the idea that all things in the universe are interrelated, the Five Element Theory shows the ways in which all things tend to influence and give birth to each other.

In the Body Clock, twelve organs of the body, controlled by the twelve acupuncture meridians, are associated with different times of the day. The particular times of day at which saliva testing shows abnormal hormone levels indicates which organs are being adversely affected by the imbalance. (The Body Clock also makes it obvious how interrupted sleep patterns can be caused by hormone imbalances.)

Depending on the degree to which a patient’s hormones are imbalanced, Dr. Dale will recommend one of three NuFem formulas to address the overall needs of the endocrine system. However, if, for example, cortisol levels are low at 8 AM, Dr. Dale will also include a homeopathic Neuro-Emotional Remedy specifically for the stomach; or if levels are also low at 4 PM, she will add a Remedy for the bladder. Dr. Dale’s experience is that including the whole body in the treatment plan results in restoring hormone health more quickly and more permanently.

   Importantly, the saliva test measures levels of stress (adrenal steroid) hormones as well as sex hormones. Adrenal stress is a major cause of hormonal problems. As one ages, if the body becomes more stressed and limited in function, the first system to be sacrificed is the reproductive system. Symptoms such as decreased energy or libido often begin around the age of forty, and can progress to serious endocrine dysfunctions within just a few years.
Men also experience significant health changes when sex and adrenal hormones decrease with age. Almost all men over age fifty suffer from some degree of prostatitis. This is an obvious symptom of male menopause, but, as with women, “non-obvious” symptoms can also be occurring and leading to more serious dysfunctions. Dr. Dale says, “Human hormones are affected by stress. Conversely, hormones have a powerful influence over physical, intellectual and emotional behavior. Prolonged exposure to stress may be devastating to the body and mind. Repressed emotions and behavioral patterns have a profound effect on hormonal production.”
Adrenal adaptation, maladaptation and exhaustion
      Finally, there are the three NuFem HRS formulas themselves. “Each formula contains a combination of remedies, and each remedy contains an imprint–an energetic signature–of the molecular structure of the entire endocrine system, including hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries, uterus, cortisol, adrenal–all necessary hormones and more,” Dr. Dale explains. “The hypothalamus is the main nerve-hormone link. Within seconds of receiving a remedy, it translates a picture of how the specific healthy organ or gland normally functions directly to the organ that you wish to stimulate. These imprints, or pictures, act as subtle amplifiers of the natural function of an organ by giving off an electromagnetic signal that attaches itself to a si milar signal and imprint.”
NuFem formula #1 is indicated if NuFem HRS Saliva Test results indicate adrenal adaptation, a phase in which the endocrine system is producing increased amounts of hormones to compensate for the body’s abnormal demands. Typical symptoms include digestive problems, inability to calm down, increased serum cholesterol, severe weight gain or loss, prostatitis, menstrual problems, sleep disturbances, diarrhea and a decrease in sex drive. NuFem Formula #1 is used to stimulate DHEA, cortisol and progesterone production in pre- and post-menopausal women and men.
NuFem formula #2 is called for if saliva test results show adrenal maladaptation. At this stage the overworked endocrine system is unable to supply the body’s demands and hormone production significantly decreases. Typical symptoms might include chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of libido, impotence, bloating and fluid retention, constipation, male or female hair loss, bone loss, increased urination and low back or sciatica pain. NuFem Formula #2 is used to stimulate cortisol, DHEA, estradiol, estrone, estriol and cortisol production as well as stimulating progesterone production in postmenopausal women.
NuFem formula #3 is called for when saliva test results show adrenal exhaustion. This is the state in which the endocrine system has broken down and is unable to recuperate on its own. Typical symptoms might include fibromyalgia, chronic nonspecific pain, heart arrhythmia, severe constipation, panic attacks or anxiety, bile reflux and digestive problems, depression and mental frustration, memory loss and inability to think, sensitivity to smells, light or sound, difficulty breathing, inflammation and joint pain. Men might experience various testicular conditions and pain in the spermatic cord. Formula #3 is used to stimulate DHEA, cortisol and testosterone production in women and men.
NuFem formulas do not include fillers, colorings, artificial preservatives and thickening gums which may have a neutralizing effect or keep homeopathic remedies from penetrating deeply. Dr. Dale employs only transdermal gels containing remedies suspended in a natural, 100% pure liposome base that allows the NuFem formulas to be deeply absorbed–an effective way for the body to utilize hormonal therapies. The gels can be applied to different areas of the skin, such as the inside of the elbow.

Dr. Theresa Dale
  NuFem homeopathic remedies can improve progesterone uptake and metabolism, yet will not interfere with the normal shift from progesterone to estrogen dominance that occurs during the monthly cycle. These formulas do not have any known side effects. The homeopathic substances in the formulas are made from botanicals and minerals, in addition to healthy tissue or secretions of the body such as hormones.
Case histories
   Initial testing of the NuFem Formulas began two years ago with 25 patients. According to Dr. Dale, patients’ symptoms abated completed or were reduced significantly within 10 days.
One of her recent patients was a 59-year-old female who had undergone a hysterectomy. She was 20 pounds overweight, with a swollen abdomen, and had mood swings and severe gastrointestinal problems. She had been attempting to follow a protein-heavy “Blood Type O” diet, but she had also included alcohol, sugar, dairy and occasional fast foods. She had been taking conventional HRT (Estrotest) for one year. The drug itself had created a high normal estradiol and low testosterone and exhausted her adrenal glands. According to the NuFem HRS Saliva Test interpretation, her cortisol levels were very low, causing adrenal exhaustion and low melatonin levels. The results were:

Cortisol levels
Test Results
Normal Range
DHEA 0.9 (22.0-10.0)
Testosterone 11.0 (20.0-50.0)
     According to the NuFem saliva testing times the following organs were affected by the low cortisol levels and needed support through homeopathic Neuro-Emotional Remedies taken five drops twice daily for one month: Stomach, heart, bladder, circulation-sex meridian (endocrine) and lungs. She was started her on the NuFem Formulas #2 and #3, which were topically applied twice daily.
Dr. Dale reports that the patient called on the first day and said she felt better emotionally. Each day thereafter she reported an abatement in symptoms. Within 10 days of starting the NuFem gels and the Neuro-Emotional Remedies she reported all of her severe symptoms had abated. She had no more heart palpitations, felt more balanced, had much less allergic response to foods and allergens, experienced elimination of gastrointestinal problems and felt, as she put it, “a clearer brighter me.” After two months on the program she was still symptom-free. Follow-up saliva tests will confirm improvements.
Another patient was a 44-year-old female, 10 pounds overweight, with hot flashes, low energy, mood swings and painful periods. She was using a transdermal U.S.P. progesterone natural cream, which she said was not working. She had her saliva test performed at a lab without the entire range of cortisol levels. Her Testosterone was 19.7 (normal range is 20.0-50.0) and DHEA was 0.4 (normal range is 2.0-10.0).
She started on NuFem #1 (homeopathic adrenal support) and #3 (homeopathic testosterone support). After one month she reported that her symptoms had completely abated. She took another saliva test and it confirmed her subjective improvement: her testosterone had increased to 26.0, and DHEA jumped four-fold to 1.9.
Women have been more or less left to view menopause as if it were a debilitating condition rather than a life-cycle transition. From this perspective, menopausal symptoms become pathologies rather than signals of imbalances that can be corrected. As a result, women begin to feel that their health and hormone production abilities are permanently lost. Many women diagnosed with menopause are really in adrenal insufficiency or exhaustion, and once their cortisol levels are balanced, the menstrual cycle begins. Women need to have faith in their bodies’ own healing abilities. Ideally, balance and health can be achieved with gentle support.
Reproduced with permission from the November 2000, issue # 38 of Alternative Medicine Magazine. For subscription information call 800-333-HEAL (4325).

Five Element Healing

Healing with sound frequencies has been explored for more than 30 years in Europe. During my research in Germany on therapies involving the use of sound, color and magnetic fields, I became fascinated with how the inner rhythms of the body are mirrored by the cosmic, universal rhythms. For example, the earth turns one degree every four minutes, which is the same ratio as that of our heartbeat to our breath — four pulse beats per breath.

A logarithmic recording of the various body rhythms, including muscle, skin, liver, circulation, blood pressure, respiration, pulse, etc, bears a remarkable resemblance to the double helix pattern of the cell’s DNA. Rhythms are oscillation, as are the electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by our bodies. In physical terms, each frequency possesses a color and sound simultaneously.

Everything in the universe is energetically related to everything else. The rotation of the earth, once every 24 hours, corresponds to the frequency of the musical note G and its octaves, which in turn corresponds to the frequency of the color orange-red, and this in turn corresponds to the cell’s DNA resonance at a wavelength of 351/702 nanometers. (A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.)

In the many discussions I have had with physicists and bio-physicists regarding the bio-photon theory, the use of magnetic field therapy and the therapeutic use of sound, I have intuited that sound affects the cell’s bio-photon stores and emissions. Bio- photons are light particles in the cell. The nature of these bio-photons is not widely understood. However they have been observed and studied at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and these light particles appear to be the fundamental indictors of cellular health and energy.

Decades of European research has indicated that different octaves of notes have a variety of emotional and physiological effects. For example, the note G and its octaves promote physical growth, enhance memory and produce emotional enthusiasm for life. These effects may be produced because this frequency balances the cellular DNA/RNA.

There is state of the art, high-tech medical equipment available in Europe that produces frequencies of color and sound both separately and simultaneously. The frequencies are applied to the body with soft lasers and brass electrodes though acupuncture points or any area of the skin. The treatment is quite short: Only one minute or less is required to shift the chi in the body. The equipment is costly (over $20,000 U.S. dollars) and is not approved by the F.D.A. Fortunately you don’t have to spend $20,000 to get these benefits. Just use the “5 Element Healing” CD.

My training in Europe allowed me to expand my research with sound frequencies, moving beyond the healing of physical symptoms into the causative levels. I discovered that all diseases and problematic life conditions can be traced to “identities” which are stored subconsciously. In situations of stress or trauma we may resist our natural emotional reactions. This resistance creates a blockage, so that instead of continuing to move and flow, the energy crystallizes into an identity — an energetic pattern formed from fear and resistance.

While remaining invisible and deeply buried at the cellular level, this identity will persist until it is recognized and eliminated, taking on almost a life of its own, with its own belief system and its manifestations as disease and other unwanted life conditions. The identity is an energetic parasite within the person, perpetuating the suffering and resistance that originally formed it. Diseases are caused, held in place and sometimes recreated by these identities.

Now, following the very simple instructions included with the “5 Element Healing” CD, the entire energy pattern of these identities and their belief systems can be easily eliminated from the body. When the correct sound frequencies are utilized, the healing effect is profound and immediate, especially if you target the precise identity you wish to release.

The body’s largest organ is the skin. The skin absorbs light, water, nutrients and sound. Sound frequencies work in much the same way as herbal and homeopathic ointments which are applied topically and then are absorbed into the body and begin the healing. Sound frequencies, however, have the ability to go deeper into the body, penetrating the skin, muscles, organs, vascular and nervous systems into the bone.

Not just any sound frequency is health-giving. Some sound frequencies have little or no effect or can actually be disturbing to the human body. My “5 Element Healing” CD was researched and designed to eliminate causal cellular disharmonic frequencies. I correlated the frequencies of musical notes and frequencies to the frequencies of organs and glands according to the Five Element Theory of Acupuncture.

For thousands of years, Chinese doctors have been aware that all physical disease has emotional components. The 5 Element Theory abounds with practical wisdom for harmonizing the human complex. By connecting specific emotions with elements, meridians, organs and glands, it enables people to see different levels and manifestations of the conditions they have created and to take responsibility for changing what does not serve them. Examples of these correlations between organs and emotions include: anger which is associated with liver disease; worry or obsession which are associated with stomach problems, etc.

The recording was made using a perfectly tuned acoustic grand piano. Synthesized music does not have the true harmonics which hold and carry the information into the body’s cells. So even though it may sound pleasant or relaxing, it lacks the ability to restore balance on the cellular level.

After the recording of “5 Element Healing” was completed, the tuning of the instrumentals was altered to a specific healing frequency, enhancing the therapeutic benefits. This tuning frequency has been researched, tested and employed in healing cases of debilitating pathological disease and emotional depression.
The “5 Element Healing” CD is now available and includes instructions for optimum benefit. Experience the impact of these healing sound frequencies!
Theresa Dale, Ph.D. in Explore! Volume 6 Number 3, 1995

Women, Hormones and Success

Over the past decade, women have developed strong entrepreneurial sensibilities. However, women still believe as a whole they are a minority. The perception leads us to experience that we can’t be in control of our universe. Some women believe that it is a man’s world when existing evidence is denied that countries are being rules by women. If we continue to believe that we are not equal, we will continue to create that perception. We must remove the filters that keep us locked into giving away our power. I believe the world “minority” should be removed from our language as it keeps people from emerging as our true self, our glorious self, a unique creator who is in charge of our own personal universe.

We must start shifting our awareness in a few important areas. The one that is most urgent in our society affects the very core of our existence itself –our right to choose. Now is the time to take your power back from medical systems — that is if you want to be in charge of your destiny.

We no longer have to be victim to the biological time bomb called menopause. Since the beginning, we, as humans have taken on beliefs about aging and our hormones. This is because we are so focused on our body — waiting for something to go wrong. This perception really sets us up for paranoia, confusion and ill health.

You don’t have to continuously create one illness after another. Between making sure you get mammograms, checking for hormone deficiencies and having regular pap smears, your attention stays on your body — in a negative way. If you would take the time to thoroughly educate yourself about your body and your emotions, you would realize that you are in control of your physical body. This really is personal freedom — the freedom to choose. When you are in a position to make decisions about your body from a place of wisdom — instead of paranoia and fear — you will evolve and create health.

Is your doctor user friendly?

Did you know that your body is your environment? Do you believe you reach 40 you need to start taking hormones — or you will fall apart. Come on! Give me a break. This hype is all over the media. Now it’s up to us to tune it out. Are you letting yourself be conned into this travesty?

Education is the key to freedom from an aging body and mind. Assimilate and integrate basic anatomy and physiology; how your emotions can get stored in organs and glands and how to maintain optimum nutrition.

The bare facts are:
Estrogen and estradiol are produced by the adrenal glands as well as the ovaries

Progesterone is the key to balancing hormones — not estrogen.

DHEA, an anti-aging hormone, is produced by the adrenals. Wild Yam is proven to stimulate the production of DHEA without side effects. The best of these products are sold through health professionals (taking DHEA suppliments orally can burden the liver.)

There are other natural products available which are effective in balancing hormone deficiencies. These products contain Chinese herbs like Dong Quai. In addition there are other herbs such as Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Raspberry, etc. For best results, wild yam (Dioscoria) should be applied topical and mixed with natural progesterone.

If you have hormonal problems even if you have had a hysterectomy, you must examine and change your belief systems and identities about aging, menopause and being a woman. Do you believe that hormonal issues can actually hold you back from a successful career and your goals?

Are you fearful about getting osteoporosis? The fear will feed the possibility of osteoporosis. The best remedy? Take calcium appetite and magnesium glycinate or a specially formulated nutritional product for this purpose and let go of the fear altogether.

What about aging? It’s literally all in your mind, your DNA and how your treat your body. Facts indicate that women age differently. Why? It depends on your genetic coding. Yes, it’s back to locking at the blueprint of your DNA. How do the women in your family age? Stress is a huge factor. Are your resisted emotions causing wrinkles and sagging skin? You may think that because a feeling is internal and that because it is invisible to the outside world it has no consequence! The resisted emotion will manifest. Maybe it will turn into a disease, a wrinkle or a cold. But it will manifest — sooner or later.

Exercise is also a factor. Do you get enough cardiovascular exercise and stretching? If not, your body will age more rapidly. The proper nutritional supplements should be a part of your day. For example, I know that Vitamin C synthesizes collagen and strengthens your immune system — so I have been taking 7,000 to 10,000 mg of Vit. C daily for years. it not only works well for me but for countless others.

You may hear the cause of cancer and all disease is parasites, fungi, and so on. This is not entirely true. You see, in order to be susceptible to parasites, fungi and mold, your immune system has to be burdened. The number one cause of the immune system being burdened is your repressed emotions, an energy pattern, that finds its home in all of your cells.

How do you locate and eliminate these energy patterns? You need tools. Easy effective tools. The tools I created for this purpose are The Meta-Wellness Home Study Program and The Holistic Health Practitioner Training and Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner Training. Most individuals that are just starting to discover their feelings and emotions start with the “Home Study Program” and then they will be ready to embrace the 5 day intensive Holistic Health Practitioner Training. Professionals have reported that even though they have been in practice for 20 years, The Holistic Health Practitioner Training and Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner Training gave them a new dimension to their own healing, and, of course, their patients.

There you have it, just utilize the tools to keep empowering yourself;
then you will enjoy your evolutionary journey.

Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D. – Explore! Volume 7 Number 6, 1997

Neuro-Emotional Remedies®

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P. created Neuro-Emotional Remedies® after 9 1/2 years of training and research in homeopathy, nutrition, and The Five Element Theory of Acupuncture. Until now, they have only been available to health practitioners. There are 13 Neuro-emotional Remedies® which represent the entire acupuncture meridian system of the body. Each element represents two or more acupuncture meridians, organs, glands and their corresponding emotions. Every remedy balances an entire acupuncture meridian, releasing resisted emotions, when used as directed.Neuro-Emotional Remedies® are organ specific and contain botanical ingredients with drainage properties so they have no side effects whatsoever.

Research News (February 10, 1996)
I am pleased to announce some exciting news regarding breakthrough research on my NeuroPhysical reprogramming procedure with the N. R. Remedies and “5 Element Healing” compact disk that I researched and developed.
The protocol was tested at an independent neurologist’s office on patients using a 22 electrode EEG along with an full spectrum biofeedback reading, four more EEG sites on the occipital lobe of the head and EMG (muscle response) Skin Temperature and Conductance. The occipital lobe measures a reflex point I discovered leading to the primal brain’s storage of foundational belief systems. I call this point the Meta Point® or Meta-Consciousness®. The results were amazing at how NPR protocol, the remedies and the DC releases a core issue stemming from a belief system and identity.
We tracked different parts of the brain, etc., thorugh each entire session which lasted about 30 minutes. It can be seen on the printout of the EEG and the other testing, exactly when the homeopathic remedies were introduced to the patient, which caused a heightened response and then a release. The homeopathic remedies are high potency that I researched and developed according to the Five Element Theory of Acupuncture to eliminate high frequency energy patterns which create physical illness, behavioral, and emotional issues.
A printout (approx. 75 pages) of the entire testing clearly indicates the neurological changes from administering the remedies on one patient and the sound on another. Whether the issue is related to disease or sexual abuse… the process works the same.
Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner
BioEnergetic Medical Consultante

Wellness Center Press Release

Press Release

“Our Society urgently needs fast, effective relief from depression, rage, anger and fear which has proven to cause illness, child abuse and spousal abuse. Stop the violence and self-sabotage – get to the core of any life condition, including illness. When parents change their sabotaging belief systems about themselves and the world they live in they actually free their children from creating the same life patterns,
pain and suffering.”

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

Dr. Dale presents lectures and workshops.
The following are a few of her self-help tips.
Learn practical ways for venting your emotions rather than taking it out on others.

When feeling violent rage or anger, move yourself away from other person immediately.

Then, when you are alone, feel the anger in your body while breathing slow deep diaphragmatic breaths. This will immediately calm you down so that you can regain control of yourself. Then the anger will dissolve until you can release the cause of the problem. If you resist feeling the anger, it will only get worse.

Learn warning signs that you are out of control and need help handling your emotions.

A warning sign is that you cannot hear another perspective – instead you shut down and withdraw or lash out and make others wrong.

You resort to physical violence to solve problems or want to.
Perhaps your parents resorted to physical violence and your viewed this behavior growing up.

Theresa I. Dale, Ph.D., is considered an authority in Complementary Medicine empowering the masses to “take back their power” and heal the core of their life conditions. Dr. Dale educates the masses, through her own cable t.v. show “Health Network”, and her self-healing state-approved trainings. In addition, she offers motivational and educational trainings to organizations and businesses. After experiencing Dr. Dale on national t.v. and radio, people have become much more aware of how their resisted emotions contribute to their illness. Her research embraces and explores the connection between disease and resisted emotions. Curing herself of an abusive childhood and of three diseases; an uterine tumor, a skin disease and nuclear radiation poisoning, Dr. Dale integrated her skills in homeopathy and nutrition to research and formulate remedies which takes cellular healing to a new level.

The Sound of Healing

Feeling Depressed? Hostile? Sick? Creatively blocked?Don’t reach for the pill bottle – take two CD’s instead!

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., is a nationally reknowned healer, teacher and mentor. Combining the latest in international vibration theory with classical acupuncture teachings, Dr. Dale and her accompanist, Greg Wells, have actually created instrumental songs designed to release emotional states of disease. For frustrating creation blocks, put on Dr. Dale’s Synchrony CD – it contains specific frequencies designed to open locked doors to creative expression. How? Just breathe, feel and listen. The music does the rest. The totally acoustic sound from these beautiful instrumentals will be absorbed through your skin and bones, harmonizing your electrical vibrations along the classical acupuncture meridians.

The result?

Harmonizes your Future and Invites Wealth
Restores Passion and Courage
Opens Doors to Knowing
Releases Discouragement
Promotes helpful Friends, Travel, Benefactors
Wisdom, Knowledge, Education

Angry or Depressed? Listen to the “5 Element Healing” CD, and the emotions that correspond to each acupuncture meridian will be re- experience and released:

Releases Shock, Trauma, Guilt, Confusion
Releases Disgust, Despair,
Low Self-Esteem, Rejection
Releases Grief, Feeling Stuck
Releases Fear, Irritation
Releases Anger, Resentment

Dr. Dale became conversant with all aspects of vibration theory and practice during her study of the science of Electromagnetic Fields at the prestigious Hans Brugemann institute in Germany. In her concerts and CD’s, Dr. Dale works with classically trained pianist Greg Wells. “I’ve done session work with everyone from Elton John to k.d. lang and Belinda Carlisle,” says Greg, “and working with Theresa is an extraordinary experiment. We tune the piano to 432 hertz concert pitch, which is a very natural and healing frequency, and utilize notes that tone and balance the acupuncture meridians. It’s wonderful to see the effects on a live audience.” Theresa and Greg have been booked for several concerts in England and Australia, and later this year for a first-of-its-kind performance at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall.

Hormone Controversy

“The synthetic hormone market exceeds $2 BILLION dollars in sales and it can cause cancer. The negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy are becoming more and more prevalent, creating undue stress and suffering. Millions of women are now using so-called natural plant derived, bio-identical estrogens and progesterones, but as time goes on, women are no longer willing to accept the risks associated with these ‘synthetic’ hormones and are searching for safer alternatives.”

Not only an issue for women, men also experience significant health changes when testosterone and adrenal hormones decrease with age. According to Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., who specializes in hormone balancing, the basic problem for the consumer is education. Patients don’t know what their base-line hormone levels are before and during replacement therapy and the effects of long term usage. Only through pre and post-Rejuvenation evaluation can a person accurately bring the body into hormonal balance enabling them to live healthy and vital lives.

Dr. Theresa Dale, featured on NBC News, LEEZA, Alternative Medicine, Natural Pharmacy, Vogue, EXTRA, and Homeopathy Today, is a nutritionist, board-certified Naturopathic Physician, and founder of the Wellness Center for Research & Education and the International College of Naturopathy, a state approved school, located in Oxnard, California. She has developed a Naturopathic approach to balancing hormones which incorporates saliva testing, diet, nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, emotional release work and herbology.

Created by Dr. Dale, NuFem HRS™ is an advanced system of endocrine healing and rebuilding, based on centuries of results. NuFem HRS formulas contain homeopathic remedies in a totally natural liposome base. This transdermal gel stimulates production of natural hormones in the human body. Unlike Hormone Replacement Therapy, NuFem HRS rejuvenates the system as opposed to replacing hormones which cause the body to slow down, or actually stop the production of its own natural hormones.
Perhaps best known as the creator of Neuro-Emotional Remedies®, Dr. Dale is an educator with over twenty years of experience in assisting thousands of patients from illness to wellness. Neuro-Emotional Remedies are a quick, effective way to assist healing by re-triggering and releasing old patterns and stuck resisted emotions. These low potency homeopathic remedies are designed to restore, tonify and balance organ functionality.

Dr. Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies expanded when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same. A certified Clinical Nutritionist, she is the author of “Slow Foods Cookbook”and most recently, “Transform Your Emotional DNA, Understanding the Blueprint of Your Life,” Dr. Dale has been on the cutting edge in her field, recognizing the crucial connection between resisted emotions and physical illness.

Dr. Dale has been active on the lecture circuit for many years in the U.S. and Europe and has been in private practice since 1979 helping thousands of patients recover from degenerative and immune deficiency diseases.


The News Breaking Bombshell regarding HRT was not news to many health practitioners, including Theresa Dale, who created healthy alternatives for her patients for the past 25 years. The answer lies in pre and post NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System evaluation. Through this evaluation, you can clearly see that natural hormonal balance can be established enabling individuals to lead healthy and vital lives, even if you have had a complete hysterectomy.
About The Author
Dr. Dale has been featured on The Leeza Show, NBC News, Vogue, Associated Press, EXTRA, HardCopy, hundreds of radio shows across the nations along with Alternative Medicine Magazine and Homeopathy Today Magazine.Theresa Dale is a board-certified Naturopathic Practitioner, President of the Wellness Center for Research & Education, Dean of the International College of Naturopathy, a state-approved college in California.Dr. Dale has been active on the lecture circuit for well over a decade in the U.S. and Europe and has been in private practice since 1979 helping thousands of patients recover from degenerative and immune related disease. Dr. Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies expanded when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same.Theresa Dale has invented medical model for healing (NeuroPhysical Reprogrammingâ), meridian remedies (Neuro-Emotional Remediesâ), Hormone Rejuvenation System (NuFem) and has authored two books (Transform Your Emotional DNA & BioticMac Slow Foods Cookbook).

A new book is in the process on hormone rejuvenation, which will give self-help methods based on results from thousands of individuals who have healed their endocrine system using homeopathy and Dr. Dale’s Anti-Aging Lifestyle protocol. Some of the information from her new book is in this article. Enjoy!.


Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is based on the incorrect assumption that your body becomes incapable of producing appropriate amounts of hormones simply because we reach a certain age. Your body does alter its hormone production as you pass through the stages of our life, but hormone problems are a function of how healthy you are, not how old you are. This myopic viewpoint has caused thousands of death from cancer.Any hormone replacement, whether it is natural or not, actually causes the body to slow down the production of its own natural hormones, including melatonin, DHEA, progesterone and human growth hormone. HRT does not treat the cause of any problem, it only addresses–and perpetuates–the symptoms.Women are no longer willing to accept the risks associated with synthetic hormones, and are searching for safer alternatives. The negative side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy is well documented and includes cancer, gallstones, blood clots, high blood pressure, liver disease and cataracts.New research is continually emerging. Millions of women are now using synthetic, natural “plant-derive” and synthesized “bio-identical” hormones. The problem for the consumer is education about product safety. Natural progesterone, estrogen, and wild yam creams cause an extreme elevation in hormone levels on test results that coincide with their symptoms. Therefore, if a women’s normal progesterone range is 100, if they are using a progesterone cream the level may jump to 6,500 and become a toxin storing in the liver. The biggest issue is that the consumer does not know what their base line hormone levels are before and during product usage and what effects long-term usage will produce.

A Naturopathic approach to balancing hormones begins with saliva testing and using NuFem HRS which is pure homeopathic medicine proven to work and not toxify the body. This system incorporates diet, nutrition, detoxification and exercise.

NuFem formulas are the only Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Formulas in the world. We can back up claims because we have before and after salivary testing and they are registered with the FDA. They have no side effects, will not cause cancer, can be used with all patients (women, men, children with growth problems and adolescents). Homeopathy has been researched for over 100 years to be safe.
  • Thousands of saliva test results (before and after) indicate homeopathic formulas stimulate needed amounts of hormones even with women who have undergone surgery for a complete hysterectomy.
  • Homeopathy, in general, is not effective in a formula with natural hormones, coloring, preservatives, vitamins, and herbs. In this case, the homeopathic remedies will be neutralized.
  • Women, who have had a hysterectomy, can produce enough of their own hormones by using homeopathic formulas. HRT will only exasperate the condition, causing dependency and adrenal cortisol stress.
  • Diet and exercise has a great influence on hormonal balance. Caffeine dehydrates the adrenal glands affecting cortisol levels and sugar exhausts them. An endocrine rebuilding diet is a must for all hormonally challenged patients.
  • The synthetic U.S.P. hormonal creams sold over-the-counter, synthesized from soy or wild yam, are no longer natural. In addition, they have not been thoroughly researched for safety. They are mass marketed, mostly as a cosmeceutical, throughout health food stores and health professionals.
  • Hormones are dispensed without hormone saliva testing to determine hormonal status.
  • Biological age is more important than chorological age when determining proper hormone ratios and patients programs.
  • The consumer does not always follow directions making it hard to administer the precise amount the body needs. The amount and quantity used of these preparations can easily overload the body, causing abnormal hormone ratios and toxicity.
  • ALL hormone replacement whether applied topically or taken orally, causes organs and glands to slow down or stop production of naturally produced hormones.
  • Adrenal cortisol levels are related to hormone production.
  • Long Term Use of HRT has been linked to breast cancer.
    Natural and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has side effects.
  • No randomized trial has found a reduced risk of heart attack, premature death or chest pain among women taking hormones.
  • HRT may actually harm women with existing heart disease.
  • Hormone replacement protects against osteoporosis and heart disease
    Once the body slows down the production of naturally occurring hormones you need to start HRT.
  • Diet does not matter.
  • Traditional synthetic HRT does not have side effects
  • Natural and Bio-identical HRT does not have side effects.
  • Women with hysterectomies can no longer produce certain hormones.
  • Women with hysterectomies need HRT,
  • HGH is safe for consumption.
  • Melatonin is safe for consumption
  • DHEA is safe for consumption.
  • HRT is necessary for women after 40 years of age.
  • Very high levels of progesterone, as seen in blood and saliva testing, is not toxic.
  • Natural hormone replacement is safe, if monitored. (The fact is that all hormone replacement will stop or slow down the ability of the body to produce its own hormones).
First, Saliva Testing
  • Saliva collection is simple, non-invasive, and can be performed in the privacy of one’s home.
  • NuFem salivery test is the only one that uses the Five Elements, which means you will get a personalized program to balance the meridians and organs which show abnormal testing times.
  • Saliva testing is not nearly as accurate if the collection time of the saliva does not correlate to the TCM Five Element Theory. Having a patient give a saliva specimen at any convenient time will not yield specific and accurate measurement of hormones related to meridians, organs and glands that are producing hormones.
  • Saliva testing measures the levels of circulating hormones available to body tissues.
  • Saliva is considered a better indicator of biologically active hormone levels than serum – more accurately reflecting the body’s functional hormonal status.
  • Over 20 years of research has proven the effectiveness of using saliva (instead of serum or urine) as a diagnostic medium to measure the “free” (unbound) bioavailable, biologically active fraction of circulating hormone. These concentrations are independent of saliva flow rate.
  • It is also an accurate method of evaluating how HRT, topical hormone creams, sublingual drops, diet; herbal therapy and exercise influence these levels.
NuFem Saliva testing and hormone ratio interpretation according to biological age, not chronological age is crucial for creating the patients program.The target collection times need to be performed according to the “Chinese Medicine Body Clock”.A comprehensive 24-hour circadian endocrine profile will reveal hormone levels and the health of corresponding organs and glands. In addition, this interpretation includes a suggested dietary regime to cleanse and rejuvenate endocrine function
Organs:   Small intestines; thyroid; adrenals; hypothal-pituitary;
Emotions:  Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Pineal: unresponsive;
Heart:  excessive joy; shock; trauma; guilt;
Thyroid And Adrenals:  paranoia, confusion
Small Intestines:  vulnerable
Organs:   Stomach / spleen and pancreas
Emotions:  Disgust; despair, low self-esteem
Organs:    Kidney and bladder
Emotions:  Fear, irritability
Organs:     gallbladder and liver
Emotions:  Resentment, anger-frustration-rage
Organs: lungs and large intestines
Emotions: grief

The Five-Element Theory is a key to identifying the core energy pattern that anchors a disease and causes blocked neurotransmitters, hormones and thus meridians. You can acquire a free Neuro-Emotional Survey (on-line) to uncover the presence of emotional components related to hormonal conditions and diseases. From the saliva test results, Dr. Theresa Dale determines the correct Neuro-Emotional meridian remedies needed to rejuvenate organs related to saliva collection times and to help release suppressed emotions that are causing stress and possibly disease.


Transdermal application absorbs deep into the dermis of the skin proven a most effective way for the body to utilize hormones. When a product claims to have a liposome base, you must determine what percentage is actually liposome, the source, and other components such as artificial preservatives, colorings, and fillers.

Topical homeopathically prepared formulas that include fillers, thickening gums and recipients may keep the homeopathic remedies from penetrating deeply or may neutralize them. This is a case where the least amount of inactive ingredients will produce the most effective formula. Yet, most topical homeopathic creams and gels contain petrochemicals and other chemicals as part of the gel base and may not even be listed.

Liposome as a base.
Phospholipids occur naturally and are synthesized in the bodies of animals and plants. They are a miracle substance that supports life itself. All living cells are encapsulated and contained by a double layer of phospholipid molecules in a particular arrangement. Under certain conditions, phospholipid molecules will form cell like structures spontaneously, which are called liposomes. The intercellular space can be filled with various substances like homeopathic preparations.


First, let’s briefly look at one of the chief causes of most hormonal problems. Hormone production is effected by stress. The prominent field of Psychoneuroimmunology has researched the effects of emotional stress on the human body to find that stress is an important factor in immune related problems. The marker used to measure stress is the adrenal steroid hormone, cortisol. Hormones are a powerful influence over all physical, intellectual and emotional behavior. Prolonged exposure to stress may be devastating to the body and mind. My research indicates through a thousand salivary tests before and after that low cortisol stress is more common than high cortisol stress. Although if the cortisol is very elevated it will then plunge to a low level. However, test results indicate that when two or more cortisol levels are elevated, there is a strong probability that the patient has diabetes or a genetic predisposition for it. If one cortisol level is elevated, it may indicate hypoglycemia. This can be treated most effectively with my homeopathic formulas. To the contrary, if HRT is used in this situation, it will act just like any hormone and create further stress. Think of the fact that when you administer insulin to a diabetic, the body then becomes dependent and lazy, eventually ceasing producion of it’s own insulin.


Homeopathic remedies can improve the progesterone uptake and metabolism and will not interfere with the normal shift from progesterone to estrogen dominance during the month. One fascinating factor in healing with homeopathy is that it does not have any side effects.

Homeopathy can be effectively utilized for hormone rejuvenation by stimulating production of natural hormones in the human body. The homeopathic substances that are used to treat hormonal and endocrine symptoms may be made from botanical and mineral substances in addition to healthy tissue or secretions of the body such as hormones.

A homeopathic remedy whether applied topically or administered orally stimulates a healing response in the organ that you are treating, thus stimulating the normal function of that organ.

Sarcodes are made from healthy tissue or secretions. Extracts from free range organic Bovine is the normal source. (Also called organ preparations). A sarcode acts as a subtle amplifier of the natural function of an organ by giving off an electromagnetic signal that attaches itself to a similar signal and imprint. Each remedy contains a blueprint and program of a healthy organ, gland, or hormone. Within seconds of administration, the hypothalamus translates a picture of how the healthy organ or gland should normally function.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was founded in the early 19th century by a German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the Law of Similars. Samuel Hahnemann described this principle by using a Latin phrase: Similia Similibus Curentur, which translates: “Let likes cure likes.” It is a principle that has been known for centuries. The truth of this law has been verified experimentally and clinically for the last 200 years

The effect of homeopathic medicines is strengthened upon successive dilutions as long as the medicine is succussed (shaken) between each dilution. Medicines are typically used in very high dilutions such as 30C (1 part in 10^-60) or 200C (1 part in 10^-400).

Combining homeopathic remedies for a broad healing effect is essential when addressing hormone rejuvenation.

Homeopathic medicines are drug products made by homeopathic pharmacies in accordance with the processes described in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States the official manufacturing manual recognized by the FDA.

A plant substance, for example, is mixed in alcohol to obtain a tincture. One drop of the tincture is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol (to achieve a ratio of 1:100) and the mixture is strongly shaken. This shaking process is known as succussion. The final bottle is labeled as “1C.” One drop of this 1C is then mixed with 100 drops of alcohol and the process is repeated to make a 2C. By the time the 3C is reached, the dilution is 1 part in 1 million! Small globules made from milk sugar are then saturated with the liquid dilution. These globules constitute the homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies are found in liquid, globules, suppositories or topically applied gel. Alcohol is used to hold the frequency of the substance stable according to HPUS.

The clinical experience of homeopathy shows that the infinitesimal dose works on unconscious people, infants, and animals.


In Germany, England and many other countries, the teeth can be a focal disturbance and the cause of any disease including fibroids, cysts, tumors and endocrine problems. The teeth are energetically connected to organs and glands through an acupuncture meridian correspondence. Hormones can be severely affected by root canals, abscesses, dissimilar metals, mercury toxicity and a bio incompatibility of dental materials. Therefore, it is important to address all dental stress on patients.


Testing our patients for specific environmental toxicity is crucial as an imposing toxic burden may create abnormal cortisol levels and ‘adrenal burnout”. Therefore, testing for contaminants in drinking and bathing water, geopathic and electrogmagnetic stress, as well as, nuclear radiation fallout, biological warfare and vaccination toxins and so on.

Since the liver conjugates hormones, it is essential to decongest the liver using fresh vegetable juices, diet, saunas, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and herbs. My research indicates that a congested liver can produce a deficiency in all hormones and inhibit cortisol levels. A liver/gallbladder/kidney flush kit is available and will help hormone circulation and many other health conditions.
Case Studies

Saliva test 1: before NuFem treatment
ID 08070
complete hysterectomy (normal reference range 25 to 95)
Progesterone: 94.0
Estradiol: 2.5 ELEVATED (normal reference range 0.5 to 1.5)
Cortisols: 2 LOW
Using Estrogen Patch and the hormone Testosterone
The HRT is causing estrogen dominance and patient is risking cancer

Saliva test 1: three to six month using NuFem treatment
ID 08070
Female: Age 51
All cortisol levels are balanced
Progesterone: NORMAL
Estradiol: slightly abnormal ratio to Progesterone. Estrogens are still detoxifying from using the patch.
NO HRT used for more than three months, her body (adrenal glands ) is making its own hormones in sufficient quantities.

Saliva Test 2: before using NuFem
patient using natural progesterone cream prescribed by doctor
ID 17232
Female: Age 36
Two low cortisol levels: Stomach and Heart meridians abnormal
DHEA: low/normal
Progesterone: 6,650 (normal for her age and state of health is 120 about follicular phase to approx. 2.0 Estradiol)
Estradiol: 0.9 very low level.
Progesterone is suppressing estradiol. and creating severe liver toxicity

Saliva test 2: three to six months using NuFem
ID 17232
Only using NuFem to detox and balance hormones
Female Age 36
DHEA: normal
Cortisol: Stomach and Bladder meridians still slightly abnormal but much better
This level of toxicity is NOT rare and it does take 3 to 6 mos to get the body completely balanced after detoxifying the llver and other organs.

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