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Heavy Metal Toxicity Increases Your Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

After reviewing available literature on WiFi, Cell Phones, EMF’s, and all forms of radiation, there is urgent information for your review.

Since the body is an antenna, sending and receiving information, we are even more susceptible to symptoms of cell towers and cell phone radiation if we have heavy metals in our body. Any one with heavy metals in their body are “toxic” in heavy metals, even though a hair, blood, urine test may not show it.  As I wrote in 1994, Transform Your Emotional DNA, our body is an antenna, which sends and receives information.  Our nervous system is key to distributing the disharmonic frequencies.  There have been many cases of people with mercury, and even gold fillings, picking up (receiving) radio stations in their mouth – even before cell phone were invented.

That’s right!  The absolute fact is that we are a living antenna – sending and receiving information.   It is now easy to understand how the heavy metals in our body can amplify symptoms.  We are more susceptible to receive harmful radiation from cell phones, cell towers, etc., due to our level of toxicity in heavy metals.

Heavy metals can weaken our field through their frequency outputs by modulating compatible frequency components of the body resulting in a weakening of the field thereby causing unhealthy biochemical changes. If you have accumulated toxic metals in your brain, and since your brain is an antenna, you can actually receive more cell phone radiation, which in turn can cause the microbes in your system to overreact and create more potent mycotoxins. This can create a never-ending vicious cycle between the microbes and metals in your body and your exposure to electromagnetic fields, which can lead to hypersensitivity. I have seen that a high percentage of illness including chronic infections are caused, and/or aggravated, by electromagnetic field exposure.  Then chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes can easily develop or worsen.

You may use the therapy localization technique I teach to determine if radiation is the cause or a contributor to any health condition. Just use my homeopathic radiation formula as a diagnostic tool.

This clearly explains why some people are more sensitive to cell phone, EMF’s and radiation than others.

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s research shows that the more your system is contaminated with heavy metals from silver amalgam fillings, eating contaminated fish, living downstream from coal burning power plants and so forth, the more your body becomes a virtual antenna that actually concentrates radiation, making it far more destructive.

Dr. Robert Becker — in his second important book Cross Currents that came out in the late 80s or early 90s — found that when you expose a bacterial culture to abnormal electromagnetic fields, the bacteria believe they are being attacked by your immune system and start producing much more virulent toxins as a protective mechanism

Furthermore, my opinion and according to various long-term research, minerals can protect the body; perhaps fortify one’s field.  Nano Ionic Minerals penetrate the cell and are safe and effective.

I have included a protocol below to help patients get well. The entire protocol needs to be followed for best success.

Discover How You Detoxify the body from Heavy Metals and Radiation.  

The following healthy and life giving protocol forms the foundation of optimal health, and can help reduce your toxic load.

  • Healthy diet is essential
  • Exercise
  • Regular Detoxification, every three to six months
  • Sleeping well (more info below)
  • Appropriate sun exposure.
  • Radiation formula:  use 4 or 5 days per week to detoxify and protect the body from all types of radiation.
  • Eliminate caffeine
  • Rule-out Candida / Parasites with new saliva test
  • Use the Slow Detoxification Program to prepare the body for Mercury Amalgam replacement. Then replace mercury fillings with a compatible substance.
  • Use Nano Ionic Multiple Minerals to help nourish and protect the body.
  • Mercury Plus Detox; use after mercury fillings are replaced.  This effective homeopathic formula will pass the blood brain barrier to detoxify heavy metals.
  • Lymph Detox Formula is a companion product to Mercury Plus Detox
  • AllerCyl formulas for chemical sensitivity.


You already know why healthy diet and exercise is essential.  Lets look at sleep and sunlight, which have a direct impact on your melatonin levels, and melatonin is actually one of the most potent detox agents that eliminate metals from your brain naturally.

Increasing your melatonin production can be done in three ways:

    1.    Sleeping in absolute darkness

    2.    Getting at least an hour of exposure to bright daylight each day

    3.    Reducing the electro-pollution in your sleeping quarters (i.e. remove electrical alarm clocks, cordless home phones and wireless phones from your bedroom)

Melatonin is not only the most important detox agent for your brain; it is also a very important anti-inflammatory. Electromagnetic radiation can make inflammation worse by creating more potent mycotoxins, so reducing inflammation is vital.

I do not recommend taking Melatonin, as it can cause toxicity.  Use NeuroBalance Pro, two sprays 20 minutes before bedtime.

A 1997 Australian Senate Discussion Paper also confirms the importance of reducing electro-pollution in your bedroom, as researchers found that even low level (12 milliGauss) exposure to 50-60 hertz electromagnetic fields can significantly reduce your melatonin production.

Many times, those suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity will also be highly sensitive to chemicals or suffer from MCS. Other at-risk groups for developing EHS include those with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and people experiencing mercury toxicity from dental amalgams.

This makes logical sense since your nervous system is a primary site impacted by both chemicals and electromagnetic fields. And if your nervous system has been damaged from toxic exposures you may also be more susceptible to EHS as well.

The five most common symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are:

   1. skin itch/rash/flushing/burning, and/or tingling

   2. confusion/poor concentration, and/or memory loss

   3. fatigue and weakness

   4. headache

   5. chest pain and heart problems

   6.  chemical sensitivity

I believe it is the cause or contributes to psychiatric conditions as well.

Less commonly reported symptoms include:

    * nausea

    * panic attacks

    * insomnia

    * seizures

    * ear pain/ringing in the ears

    * feeling a vibration in body / head.

    * paralysis

    * dizziness

Sweden is leading the pack in acknowledging and dealing with this issue, mainly due to the progress made by FEB – The Swedish Association for the Electro Sensitive. The association produces and distributes educational literature that has helped raise awareness about the phenomenon around the world.

Mast Action UK is doing similar work in Great Britain, as well as the Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance in Australia.

There are signs that acceptance is spreading, especially in Europe. Just last week, the French magazine Connexion reported that four libraries in Paris have turned off the WiFi connections they installed at the end of 2007 after staff claimed they were causing health problems.

Why is WiFi Potentially Worse than Other Radiation?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us, no matter where you live these days. They emanate from power lines, televisions, household electrical wiring, appliances and microwaves. Then you have the information-carrying radio waves of cell phones, cell phone towers and wireless Internet connections.

WiFi is a kind of radio wave that operates at either 2.4 or 5 gigahertz – slightly higher than your cell phone. Since they’re designed to allow for transmission of very large amounts of data, WiFi radio waves also emit greater amounts electromagnetic radiation.

Cross Currents

If you have not read Dr. Becker’s book “Cross Currents”, it is a good read that is vitality important in understanding cell phone and cell tower radiation and how the body is a living antenna.  The following is from Page 72 of Robert O. Beckers book, which follows.

‘Cross Currents’ by Robert O. Becker M.D.

“In 1975, Professor Richard Blakemore, also of Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, became intrigued by the strange behavior of some bacteria he was studying. Blakemore noticed that the bacteria always clustered at the north side of their culture dish. Even if he turned the dish so that they were at the south end and left it overnight, the next morning the bacteria were back at the north side. While such “magnetotrophic” bacteria had been described before, no one had ever done what Blakemore did next: he looked at them under the electron microscope. What he found was astonishing. Each bacterium contained a chain of tiny magnets! The magnets were actually crystals of the naturally magnetic mineral magnetite, the original lodestone of preliterate peoples. Somehow, the bacteria absorbed the soluble components from the water and put them together in their bodies as the insoluble crystalline chain.

Later studies showed that this arrangement was of value to these bacteria, which lived in the mud on the bottom of shallow bays and marshes. If they were moved by the tide or by storm waves, their magnetic chains were large enough (in comparison to their body size) to physically turn their bodies so that they pointed down at an angle corresponding to the direction of magnetic north. All the bacteria had to do was swim in that direction, and sooner or later they would be back in the mud…”

Important Articles to Review

The article The Largest Biological Experiment Ever by Arthur Firstenberg can be read at the following link. http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/2006/04/20/mobile_and_wireless_largest_biological_experiment.htm#

Are You Allergic to Wireless Internet?

Cell phone dangers, wifi, wireless, internet, allergies, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, EHS, multiple chemical sensitivity, MCS Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is a condition in which people are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In an area such as a wireless hotspot, they experience pain or other symptoms.

People with EHS experience a variety of symptoms including headache, fatigue, nausea, burning and itchy skin, and muscle aches. These symptoms are subjective and vary between individuals, which makes the condition difficult to study, and has left experts divided about the validity of such claims.

More than 30 studies have been conducted to determine what link the condition has to exposure to electromagnetic fields from sources such as radar dishes, mobile phone signals and, Wi-Fi hotspots.

Sources: * ABC News May 28, 2008

Toxins in Supplements

Are some health symptoms caused by common excipients and additives in food and supplements? There is shocking proof that ingesting some types of popular supplements containing toxic ingredients can be detrimental to health. Theresa Dale acknowledges that there is power in knowing the facts about the current supplement manufacturing processes and labeling codes, since it is essential to ones well-being.

Ventura, CA (PRWEB) July 18, 2012 — Are supplements healthy or toxic? It is well known that most supplements contain binders, fillers, heavy metals and flow agents. There is ongoing research to convey that may disappoint the public. For the most part, Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP, expresses how supplement manufacturers are numb to the information that additives and excipients in vitamins and minerals cause health issues, so the public needs to go beyond just reading labels and actually read the laws. Labeling laws state that if as product has less than 5 ppm of heavy metals or a flow agent, filler, and/or binder (excipients); manufacturers are not required to disclose this on the label. Shocking but true! To make this point clear, note that because these additives are not listed on the label does not mean that the products do not contain them. Which ingredients are the worst in supplements today?

The facts about these egregious ingredients, demonstrated to cause health problems in some persons, may be alarming but hopefully it allows a wiser choice for any future purchases.

Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid and Calcium Stearate

These stearates, made by hydrogenating cottonseed or palm oil, are used throughout the supplement industry as lubricants. They are added to the raw materials in supplements so that production machinery will run at maximum speeds. These fatty substances coat every particle of the nutrients, so the particles flow rapidly. Bottom line, this ensures that production schedules will meet profit targets.

Cottonseed oil has the highest content of pesticide residues of all commercial oils, as cotton crops are heavily sprayed. In the hydrogenation process, oil is subjected to high heat and pressure in the presence of a metal catalyst for several hours, creating a hydrogenated saturated fat. Hydrogenated vegetable fats contain altered molecules derived from fatty acids that may be toxic. The metal catalyst used in the hydrogenation process may also contaminate the stearates produced.

While toxicity is one problem, decreased absorption is another. In a study published in the journal Pharmaceutical Technology, the percent dissolution for capsules after 20 minutes in solution went from 90% without stearates to 25% with stearates. Clearly, stearates reduced the rate the capsule dissolved by 65%! This means delays in the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, individuals with impaired digestion may have particular difficulty absorbing nutrients coated with stearates.

Even more problems with Stearates

Concentrated doses of stearic acid suppress the action of T-cells, a key component of the immune system. The article “Molecular basis for the immunosuppressive action of stearic acid on T cells” appeared in the journal Immunology in 1990. Notably,

•          Companies that manufacture and transport magnesium stearate must file a Material Safety Data Sheet

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with the Environmental Protection Agency because concentrated magnesium stearate is classified as a hazardous substance.


•          Its uses are listed as “ammunition, dusting powder, paint and varnish drier, binder, and emulsifier.” The section “Human Health Data” states that “Inhalation may irritate the respiratory tract” and “Acute ingestion may cause gastroenteritis.”


•          Under the heading “Regulatory Information,” the paper states, “This product is hazardous under the criteria of the Federal OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.” This information may be viewed at the web site:  http://www.hummelcroton.com/msds/mgstear_m.html though this document is indeed confusing for consumers due to the fact that OSHA contradicts their own reporting. The above URL states the following information:


Section XI. Toxicological Information

•          RTECS Number: Not Established

•          Routes of Exposure: Eye contact. Ingestion. Inhalation. Skin contact.

•          Toxicity Data: To the best of our knowledge, the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties have not been thoroughly investigated for Magnesium Stearate.

•          Chronic Toxic Effects: This product has no known chronic effects. Repeated or prolong exposure to this compound is not known to aggravate medical conditions.

•          Acute Toxic Effects: Irritating to the skin and eyes on contact. Inhalation will cause irritation to the lungs and mucus membrane. Irritation to the eyes will cause watering and redness. Reddening, scaling, and itching are characteristics of skin inflammation. Follow safe industrial hygiene practices and always wear protective equipment when handling this compound.


Absorption Decrease Equals Body and Mental Stressors!

One of the reported dangers of magnesium stearate is the decreased absorption of Vitamin B2, B3, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Researchers report that tablets without magnesium stearate have a 90 percent absorption rate, while those formatted with magnesium stearate show a 25-30 percent absorption capacity. This may be the reason why some people complain of absorption problems after taking magnesium stearate containing products. This would be very serious for a person with such a health issue, as it would be compounding the problem. Excessive ingestion of magnesium stearate adversely affects the normal functioning of T-cells, which are very important for the body’s immune responses. High amounts of magnesium stearate act as an immune-suppressor. Thus, prolonged administering of magnesium stearate at a high dosage weakens the immune system over a period of time.


Supplement manufacturers pass off magnesium stearate as a benign form of magnesium. Magnesium stearate is the magnesium salt of stearic acid, which is also used in supplements for the same purposes. The argument is made that small amounts of these substances do no harm. Is this true? Does anyone really want them in their supplements every day? Remember, the sole purpose of using these substances is a flow agent ~ to make the machines go faster. Supplements can be made without them; it just takes more time, quality control and care, and more attention to detail.


How Much Hydrogenated Lubricant Oils are in Supplements?

Up to 5% of the average 1000 mg capsule or tablet is magnesium stearate. That’s 50 milligrams. Supposing someone consumes 8 capsules or tablets a day. That’s 250 a month – or 12,500 mg of this hydrogenated oil – nearly half an ounce. From just 8 pills a day, it equals to about 6 ounces of hydrogenated oils a year. Many people take additional amounts of supplements, ingesting pounds of this toxic oil we try to avoid in our diets – and a substance that directly inhibits the utilization of nutrients they’re supplementing!


The Wellness Center has an exclusive process that yields absolutely pure supplements – no lubricants, binders, flowing agents, fillers, dyes or additives of any kind – only the pure nutrients. As a result, Dr. Dale’s supplements have an extremely high absorption rate so the consumer benefits from all the active ingredients that are clearly labeled. Selecting quality products that go beyond industry standards ensure superior outcomes for the end consumer, as well as creating a trusted practice for all professional healthcare providers carrying these goods.


Health Professionals and all other inquiries welcome.

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