Dr. Theresa Dale on Which Homeopathic Remedies & Formulas Offer the Best Solution for Your Unique Health

Dr. Theresa DaleSeptember 16, 2021

Dr. Theresa Dale on Which Homeopathic Remedies & Formulas Offer the Best Solution for Your Unique HealthEvery patient needs a different protocol and remedy to assist with mind~body individual care, says Dr. Theresa Dale.

Every person’s body is different, as well as their lifestyle habits, genetics, and medical history. In a recent discussion on healthcare, Dr. Theresa Dale noted that medical providers cannot treat individuals the same because everyone is going to react to treatment, illness, and injury in different ways. What works for one person may or may not work for another.

Dr. Theresa Dale is a natural medicine practitioner, researcher, and author with a Ph.D., ND, HMD, and CCN. She has published two books and is well known for her work in hormone rejuvenation. Her focus is on clinical and traditional naturopathy, bio-resonance medicine, biological medicine, clinical nutrition, and advanced homeopathic medicine.

“When it comes to homeopathic remedies, there are thousands of options,” says Dr. Theresa Dale. “It can feel overwhelming at first. The potency, ingredients, and timing all make a huge difference on how the remedies can be used to support different responses in the body.”

Dr. Dale says it can be difficult for some to realize the full range of options since many ingredients naturally work for a number of different benefits. While Natrum-Muriaticum is often used to help with bedwetting, it can also help with allergies, colds, and headaches in some cases. Depending on what is triggering the problem, some ingredients will have a much larger impact than others. Arnica is an example where one remedy will help pain in lower potencies, but that one remedy in a higher potency could be used for severe emotional issues.

“Lots of health store team members are more than willing to help, but this isn’t a great way to find truly effective treatment if you want to give homeopathic care a fair shake,” she explains. “Homeopathic providers are well-versed in the options and go through years of training to achieve their status within the medical community. With so many different ingredients and combinations, it’s already a complicated science. When you add in the individual’s unique response to those remedies, it’s hard to get right. It’s easier for the patient with a homeopathic formula containing multiple homeopathic remedies.  Then the body will choose what it needs for that day or week that you are taking it.  Too many people try a homeopathic remedy without having experts guide their care.”

According to Dr. Theresa Dale, the first step will be to find a qualified homeopathic provider. Then, the patient should clarify the first list of symptoms, prioritizing the biggest complaints. With this list, the provider can work through the potential remedies that will help address as many symptoms as possible while providing the most support to deal with the leading issue at hand.

Ideally, Dr. Dale says, patients won’t wait to start a homeopathic approach to health until they are dealing with severe health concerns. Homeopathic medicine is best practiced as a preventative solution because it works by empowering the body to heal and rejuvenate on its own. Waiting for severe symptoms often means a longer time of recovery to undo the damage that occurred over time.

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