EMF’s and your health!

Today, electro magnetic frequencies, (EMF’s) are all over the world! We are being bombarded with this electro magnetic chaos that affects our bodies and minds! What is the effect of having this non-stop frequency go into the body every single day for years?

We are seeing an increase rate of brain cancers and other issue’s from this increased exposure to EMF’s. When we hold a cell phone and put it to our head, the EMF”s go right into the brain. It also affects every cell in the body!

In different countries, they are realizing the negative affects of the constant WIFI and EMF exposure and each country has different policies on it. Below is a link to look more into this.

Database of Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones, Wireless and Health

Schools worldwide and starting to remove wifi and reduce the exposure to kids, as their growing bodies are extremely susceptible to these negative frequencies!

Also, you can look up how many antenna’s are around your area here! There are receiving antenna’s and transmitting antenna’s. The one that produces the EMF is the transmitting antenna’s. It is good to be aware of what is around your environement, so that you can off-set the negative frequencies with tools to help the body!

What can you do to help reduce exposure and strengthen your health?

Radiation X is a homeopathic that can help to get rid of the radiation in your body from EMF’s, EMR, radiation from food, X-rays, etc. In addition, there are companies that sell EMF protection products for your phone, computer, laptop, wifi router, etc. Also, there are some EMF pendents that you can wear to help reduce the amount of wifi and EMF that is going into your body. These products act as a EMF absorber, to help protect your body.

Getting products that can help reduce your EMF exposure is a great idea. They have products that you can put on your phones, computers, electronics, etc, and even products to protect you while you sleep! You can check out more products to reduce your exposure to EMF at www.lessemf.com

Stay healthy!

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