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My hope is that this survey has brought to your awareness how resisted emotions affect your physical body. There is a key below where you can match-up organs and emotions to determine the organs which are being affected.

Your responses with the highest percentage are the ones you need to deal with right away. These feelings need to be felt and then released. Then you can work on the rest. Match up the emotion with the organ. It is true that emotional stress is a component of all disease. The longer we resist working on issues, the more stress- burdened the related organ becomes. We need to have emotional release tools so that we can permanently heal, not just cover them up with drugs.

In addition, you have a few elements out of balance that cause severe adrenal stress and possibly adrenal exhaustion. These feelings are only a symptom. They come from underlying sabotaging belief systems that are controlling your experience of life itself. Releasing these old belief systems and uncontrollable reoccurring emotions can create good health and happiness. You can not evolve without change!

We get these beliefs, identities and emotions from our childhood and some may even been genetic.

I offer you two recommendations to detoxify these feelings and create peace and harmony in your life. My book “Transform Your Emotional DNA” along with “The Meta-Wellness Home Study Program”. Physicists, doctors, patients, housewives, teenagers, etc have used these very effective tools for many years. So I am sure you get the idea. You too can use it and get great results. I have heard this profound description over the years; using this tool kit is like opening a door than has been locked and then having access to explore and change your conscious-ness.

You may also order the Neuro-Emotional Remedies individually. Each organ and emotion has a remedy. So #13 Female, for example, is related to healing the entire endocrine system. All of my remedies are homeopathic. You can take more than one at a time, just space them 15 minutes apart and don’t take more than two per day. You can take each one until you feel better then just stop taking them for a while. One bottle will last one or two months or more. Just take 5 drops once per day. Neuro-Emotional Remedies are non-prescription, natural, non-toxic and FDA registered.

For more information, please go to my Resource Center or order Online

Here is the key to the Neuro-Emotional Survey.
1 Bladder: Irritated
2 Gallbladder: Resentment
3 Heart: Overwhelm, guilt, shock, excessive joy
4 Kidney: Fear
5 Large Intestine: Stuck
6 Liver: Anger
7 Lung: Grief
8 Small Intestines: Vulnerable
9 Spleen-Pancreas: Low self-esteem
10 Stomach: Despair, disgust
11 Thyroid-Adrenal: Paranoia, confusion
12 Male: Unresponsive
13 Female: Unresponsive

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