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EndoPure, the leader in hormone rejuvenation, was formulated by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP, to stimulate production of natural hormones. It cannot replace hormones, over stimulate and does not replace your natural hormones. Homeopathy is regulated by the FDA and both EndoPure and Neuro-Emotional Remedies (Emotional Release remedies, a companion to EndoPure) are registered with the FDA.
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If you are having hormonal symptoms take the MENOPAUSE, HORMONE & LIFESTYLE MONITOR based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

Safely Balance Hormones with clinically-proven EndoPure Homeopathic Formulas.

EndoPure was formulated by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP, to stimulate production of natural hormones. It cannot replace hormones, over stimulate and does not replace your natural hormones. Homeopathy is regulated by the FDA and both EndoPure and Neuro-Emotional Remedies (Emotional Release remedies, a companion to EndoPure) are registered with the FDA.

Homeopathy is the most effective and safest medicine to heal your endocrine system (hormones). Homeopathy is called “energy medicine” and has been practiced for centuries, without causing harm. That’s right, there are no side effects. It is the only medical system in the world that will not cause harm if you take too much. If the body does not need the homeopathic remedy, the remedy does not work. This “energy medicine” contains only a micro-amount, the “memory” or the “signature” of the original substance used in formulating the homeopathic remedy. The EndoPure hormone rejuvenation formulas are made by an FDA approved pharmacy.

Balancing Your Hormones – The truth about this controversy!
The human body has a rhythm and one of its normal functions is to create its own hormones. The body knows how to do this; it has been making hormones since conception. The best way to help the body resume its “normal” rhythm is to stimulate the body to produce its own.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Many women and men have found that in the first month or two of HRT they feel better but then, as hormone levels are further compromised, other symptoms occur. These symptoms may be even worse than the previous symptoms caused by the initial hormonal imbalance (for example, hot flashes). It is known that all HRT plays a role in the development of cancer.

Not Bio-Identical or Synthetic Hormones, I Hope!
No, EndoPure provides non-toxic hormone rejuvenation and is prepared from homeopathic ingredients which are proven safe over the past 200 years.

Bio-identical hormones are manufactured and compounded from a natural source such as soy or wild yam, but once synthesized can no longer be considered natural. All HRT, including so-called natural and bio-identical, have serious side effects which are now documented. The Huge issue here is that any hormone replacement (BHRT or HRT) cannot balance the chronobiology (circadian rhythm), which is instrumental in having a normal adrenal cortisol levels and a balanced HPA Axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis). Actually any HRT will be creating an imbalance in the chronobiology causing side-effects related to a dysfunctional circadian rhythm.  Chronobiology involves the normal production of innate hormones whether it comes from adrenal glands or ovaries.

Menopause, Hormone & Lifestyle Monitor Saliva Test & EndoPure Hormone Rejuvenation.
If you are using EndoPure without first doing our Saliva Test, please read the indications on the label to compare your symptoms.  Men and women have excellent results using our homeopathic EndoPure formulas, even without getting a salivary test.

Alternatively, if you decide to do our saliva test in the privacy of your home, which we do recommend for the most accurate baseline levels, you will receive a 6 page complimentary Wellness program including a diet emailed to you along with the results. Then you can monitor changes that occur from using our program and Endopure.

Using EndoPure is most effective hormone rejuvenation remedy when you use homeopathic principles of treatment.

  • If hot flashes, or other hormonal symptoms are acute: Use a formula often, every hour or 15 minutes until the symptoms are relieved. Then continue using the formula as directed on the label or according to the custom MENOPAUSE, HORMONE & LIFESTYLE MONITOR salivary test.
  • For chronic conditions use as directed on the label.  If hot flashes are chronic, you may use EndoPure often (if symptoms become acute).
  • When symptoms abate; then continue normal regime according to label or saliva test results. Many people report that they get the best results using EndoPure during the entire month or 5 days on and two days off.  It is fine to use it this way as well.
  • Homeopathic EndoPure has no side effects and are totally safe for everyone.

The Endopure line has 4 liquid oral formulas for hormone rejuvenation.

  • EndoPure Pro (progesterone)
  • EndoPure Estro (good estrogens)
  • EndoPure Testos for Women
  • EndoPure Testos for Men

See All ingredients here: www.naturalhealingpro.com/endopure-hormone-rejuvenation.html

Men also experience significant health changes when testosterone and adrenal hormones decrease with age. As the body becomes more limited in function the first system to be sacrificed is the reproductive system. This begins around the age of forty, and can cause complete dysfunction within a couple of years. According to the N.I.H. one in five men over the age of forty suffer some form of erectile dysfunction. It is an established fact that almost all men over the age of fifty will suffer from prostatitis. These are the obvious symptoms of male menopause. The non-obvious symptoms can lead to more serious complication.

Women Suffering
From symptoms of hormonal imbalance can avoid the proven toxic and cancer causing side effects of hormone replacement therapy and correct these imbalances through the use of our homeopathic formulas, EndoPure and Neuro-Emotional Remedies, which are now available without prescription nationally. Studied in more than 20,000 advanced EndoPure Saliva Tests and used by thousands of doctors across the country, EndoPure is effective in 95% of cases.

“EndoPure formulas treat all symptoms of hormonal imbalance. They also help women who have complete hysterectomies produce healthy hormone levels by healing their adrenal glands, pituitary and hypothalamus” said Dr. Theresa Dale, researcher and inventor of EndoPure and Neuro-Emotional Remedies. “These formulas (NER’S) combine various high-potency homeopathic remedies for emotional healing and re-educating the endocrine system to start producing hormones.

“The only hormones that are safe for the human body are the ones the body makes.  All hormones, whether synthetic, so-called bio-identical or natural, can cause extremely toxicity and elevated hormone levels”.

The Wellness Center ‘s products are to be used according to standard homeopathic indications and prepared at a FDA registered facility in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), and in compliance with FDA regulations. They have no known side effects.

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