Excerpt: The Bliss Exercise

There is an ancient wisdom many seek to experience. This wisdom is silent and lies in the space occurring when you stop the mind. When you stop your mind you no longer resist anything, you no longer desire anything, you are in a clear and empty space — a blissful nothingness. This exercise will stop the mind in minutes.

First, ensure the best results possible by breathing deeply – in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breath S L O W exhalation, now connect this to the next inhalation and exhalation. Breathe deeply in this manner throughout the entire exercise to assist in quieting your mind.

1. Continue breathing deeply and slowly while you look around your environment. Observe the form or outline of each person or thing and in one second, pull the form into your heart. It only takes one second to place a form into your heart. But, if you stop to stare and analyze a form, you will be back in your head in a moment. Very quickly take the outline or form of objects, people, trees, flowers and even bugs, into your heart. If you want to experience BLISS continue this exercise for 15 minutes to 1/2 hour per day. The effects of this exercise are cumulative.

2. If you have the “5 Element Healing” or “Synchrony” Compact Discs play any of the instrumental selections. Following the instructions above in step 1, notice the form of each note you are listening to and take each note into your heart as quickly as possible, one by one. As a new note emerges, take it quickly into your heart and let go of the previous note. The notes in the past do not exist anymore, let them go and make space for the next new note and its form. This is a great exercise in letting go of the past and assists you in feeling inner peace by stopping the mind. You can try this exercise with any acoustic instrumental selection.