Finding the root cause!

When people are not feeling well and start to have symptoms arise, oftentimes, they just try to get rid of the symptom and not find out the root cause of what and why it happened! Once the symptom is gone, then they go back to the same activities and habits that actually caused the symptom to happen!

There are many factors to look at when trying to figure out what is causing your symptoms to arise. It could be things that happened a long time ago that does not seem related! A few factors to always look at would be

  • Diet – what are you eating, drinking, and ingesting everyday!
  • Emotions & Stress –  past trauma’s and experiences that have stayed stuck in your body. Do you stress out a lot or are in a constant state of stress?
  • Environment – Do you have mold in your house, what is your air quality like, etc.
  • Exercise – Either too little or too much exercise.
  • New changes – Did you introduce anything new into your environment, diet, etc, that may have stirred up something in the body that was brewing for awhile.

Sometimes, what you think may not be connected at all, are from the same cause! Even though the symptom may be physical, it does not mean that is where it came from. Sometimes, physical pain can manifest from mental and emotional stressors. Even the way you think will affect your physiology! Using the Neuro-Emotional Remedies can help to clear our the emotional component that can be stuck in certain organs and causing issue’s.

Testing is a smart idea to get the data about what is happening inside your system. Blood tests, heavy metal tests, and more are here to help you get closer to figuring out what is causing your issue’s. Once you know what needs attention in the body, then you can clearly choose the right foods, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you with your specific needs. With testing, it takes out the guessing game and gives you more clarity on what direction to go in.


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