Five Element Healing

Healing with sound frequencies has been explored for more than 30 years in Europe. During my research in Germany on therapies involving the use of sound, color and magnetic fields, I became fascinated with how the inner rhythms of the body are mirrored by the cosmic, universal rhythms. For example, the earth turns one degree every four minutes, which is the same ratio as that of our heartbeat to our breath — four pulse beats per breath.

A logarithmic recording of the various body rhythms, including muscle, skin, liver, circulation, blood pressure, respiration, pulse, etc, bears a remarkable resemblance to the double helix pattern of the cell’s DNA. Rhythms are oscillation, as are the electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by our bodies. In physical terms, each frequency possesses a color and sound simultaneously.

Everything in the universe is energetically related to everything else. The rotation of the earth, once every 24 hours, corresponds to the frequency of the musical note G and its octaves, which in turn corresponds to the frequency of the color orange-red, and this in turn corresponds to the cell’s DNA resonance at a wavelength of 351/702 nanometers. (A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.)

In the many discussions I have had with physicists and bio-physicists regarding the bio-photon theory, the use of magnetic field therapy and the therapeutic use of sound, I have intuited that sound affects the cell’s bio-photon stores and emissions. Bio- photons are light particles in the cell. The nature of these bio-photons is not widely understood. However they have been observed and studied at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and these light particles appear to be the fundamental indictors of cellular health and energy.

Decades of European research has indicated that different octaves of notes have a variety of emotional and physiological effects. For example, the note G and its octaves promote physical growth, enhance memory and produce emotional enthusiasm for life. These effects may be produced because this frequency balances the cellular DNA/RNA.

There is state of the art, high-tech medical equipment available in Europe that produces frequencies of color and sound both separately and simultaneously. The frequencies are applied to the body with soft lasers and brass electrodes though acupuncture points or any area of the skin. The treatment is quite short: Only one minute or less is required to shift the chi in the body. The equipment is costly (over $20,000 U.S. dollars) and is not approved by the F.D.A. Fortunately you don’t have to spend $20,000 to get these benefits. Just use the “5 Element Healing” CD.

My training in Europe allowed me to expand my research with sound frequencies, moving beyond the healing of physical symptoms into the causative levels. I discovered that all diseases and problematic life conditions can be traced to “identities” which are stored subconsciously. In situations of stress or trauma we may resist our natural emotional reactions. This resistance creates a blockage, so that instead of continuing to move and flow, the energy crystallizes into an identity — an energetic pattern formed from fear and resistance.

While remaining invisible and deeply buried at the cellular level, this identity will persist until it is recognized and eliminated, taking on almost a life of its own, with its own belief system and its manifestations as disease and other unwanted life conditions. The identity is an energetic parasite within the person, perpetuating the suffering and resistance that originally formed it. Diseases are caused, held in place and sometimes recreated by these identities.

Now, following the very simple instructions included with the “5 Element Healing” CD, the entire energy pattern of these identities and their belief systems can be easily eliminated from the body. When the correct sound frequencies are utilized, the healing effect is profound and immediate, especially if you target the precise identity you wish to release.

The body’s largest organ is the skin. The skin absorbs light, water, nutrients and sound. Sound frequencies work in much the same way as herbal and homeopathic ointments which are applied topically and then are absorbed into the body and begin the healing. Sound frequencies, however, have the ability to go deeper into the body, penetrating the skin, muscles, organs, vascular and nervous systems into the bone.

Not just any sound frequency is health-giving. Some sound frequencies have little or no effect or can actually be disturbing to the human body. My “5 Element Healing” CD was researched and designed to eliminate causal cellular disharmonic frequencies. I correlated the frequencies of musical notes and frequencies to the frequencies of organs and glands according to the Five Element Theory of Acupuncture.

For thousands of years, Chinese doctors have been aware that all physical disease has emotional components. The 5 Element Theory abounds with practical wisdom for harmonizing the human complex. By connecting specific emotions with elements, meridians, organs and glands, it enables people to see different levels and manifestations of the conditions they have created and to take responsibility for changing what does not serve them. Examples of these correlations between organs and emotions include: anger which is associated with liver disease; worry or obsession which are associated with stomach problems, etc.

The recording was made using a perfectly tuned acoustic grand piano. Synthesized music does not have the true harmonics which hold and carry the information into the body’s cells. So even though it may sound pleasant or relaxing, it lacks the ability to restore balance on the cellular level.

After the recording of “5 Element Healing” was completed, the tuning of the instrumentals was altered to a specific healing frequency, enhancing the therapeutic benefits. This tuning frequency has been researched, tested and employed in healing cases of debilitating pathological disease and emotional depression.
The “5 Element Healing” CD is now available and includes instructions for optimum benefit. Experience the impact of these healing sound frequencies!
Theresa Dale, Ph.D. in Explore! Volume 6 Number 3, 1995

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