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NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System offers a gentler approach to mid-life hormone balance than HRT–and works for men, too.
    There is continual debate about both conventional and natural hormone replacement therapies (HRT). Conventional HRT uses synthetic hormones taken orally and, among a number of adverse side effects, is known to cause ovarian and other cancers in a small percentage of women. Natural HRT usually relies on wild yam-derived progesterone and cofactors applied in a skin cream, but the quality control of over-the-counter products and their effectiveness have been called into question. There is a third option, however–do not attempt to replace the hormones at all. Instead, restore balance by rejuvenating the body’s innate ability to produce the proper hormone levels.
This third approach is the one taken by Theresa Dale, Ph.D., in developing her NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System. These are homeopathic remedies incorporating time-tested principles of naturopathic and traditional Chinese medicine.
Although natural hormone replacement is many times safer and can be more effective than synthetic HRT, “natural” bio-identical hormone preparations are still synthesized from natural substances. The body knows the difference between a wild yam and something synthesized from a wild yam. Further, the taking of any externally-originated (exogenous) hormone, natural or synthetic, can signal the body to stop, or at least to slow down, production of the endogenous (the body’s own) version of that hormone. The homeopathic approach employs remedies made up of substances intended to support the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Successively diluted from 1/10th to only billionths of their original strength, the minute amounts of these healing substances cannot act to replace the body’s hormones, but instead they serve as catalysts: agents that in effect kick-start the body’s own appropriate production of hormones.
A three-part system
  The NuFem Hormone Rejuvenation System has three aspects. It incorporates a proprietary hormone saliva test and interpretation; remedies and support for individual organs as indicated by the test; and one of three NuF em HRS formulas, corresponding to the degree of overall hormonal imbalance.
       One problem with using over-the-counter creams, or any kind of prescribed HRT, is that women tend to do so without first getting hormonal tests to establish a baseline profile of their hormonal status. Dr. Dale recommends salivary hormone testing as a baseline for every woman who is considering beginning treatment for menopausal symptoms.
Several reputable laboratories around the country offer a saliva test kit by mail. To be complete, the kits should test both the important sex and stress hormones, including progesterone, estradiol (estrogen), testosterone, cortisol and DHEA. Saliva collection can be performed at home and the sample sent by mail to a laboratory. This is a simple, non-invasive process. The test should be repeated periodically to re-evaluate hormone levels and adjust any supplements being taken.
Saliva is considered to be a better indicator than blood serum of biologically active hormone levels and is therefore a more accurate reflection of the body’s functional hormonal status. Research has proven the effectiveness of using saliva instead of serum or urine as a diagnostic medium to measure bioavailable (biologically active) hormone fractions. Saliva testing measures the levels of “free” (unbound) sex and stress hormones available to body tissues, and hormone concentrations are independent of saliva flow rate.
Dr. Dale has developed her own NuFem HRS Saliva Test to determine whether hormone levels are within expected normal ranges for one’s gender and age. She says that the test is “an accurate method of evaluating how hormone replacement therapies, topical hormone creams and other therapies affect hormone levels, and it allows one to periodically monitor how the NuFem formulas, along with proper diet and exercise, are positively influencing hormone balance.”
The NuFem Saliva Test specifies saliva collection times to be performed according to the “Body Clock” of traditional Chinese medicine (see illustration). In this system, the functional states of body organs and glands are correlated with the times of day, with seasons, emotions, substances and energies all classified as belonging to one of five “Elements.” These Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) are classifications used to describe basic principles of how members within each category behave, influence and interact with each other. “The Five Element Theory is a key to identifying the core energy pattern that anchors a disease and causes blocked meridians and thus blocked hormones and neurotransmitters,” says Dr. Dale. “The Body Clock correlates the Elements with organ and endocrine functions to specific peak times of the day and evening.” Dr. Dale uses these peak times in the 24-hour functional cycle in her test interpretations. Correlating the results with Chinese medicine, she will recommend Neuro-Emotional Remedies to balance the organs and glands that correspond with abnormal hormone levels, and also make dietary recommendations.
“This comprehensive circadian endocrine profile will give results on hormone levels in addition to profiling the health of corresponding organs and glands.” For example, if the test reveals that a person’s cortisol level is high at 2 AM, this is an indication of a liver imbalance. The health of the liver is key: our body’s largest internal organ plays a central role in nutrient transportation and metabolic processes. If it is congested, the body will not be able to detoxify properly and circulation will also be impaired, severely inhibiting the body’s ability to heal other organs.
The Body Clock

The Body Clock is a representation of an aspect of the Five Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Classic medical texts discussing the Five Element Theory date back to at least 200 BCE. The Chinese character we translate as “Elements” is also called “phases” or “movements.” Based on the idea that all things in the universe are interrelated, the Five Element Theory shows the ways in which all things tend to influence and give birth to each other.

In the Body Clock, twelve organs of the body, controlled by the twelve acupuncture meridians, are associated with different times of the day. The particular times of day at which saliva testing shows abnormal hormone levels indicates which organs are being adversely affected by the imbalance. (The Body Clock also makes it obvious how interrupted sleep patterns can be caused by hormone imbalances.)

Depending on the degree to which a patient’s hormones are imbalanced, Dr. Dale will recommend one of three NuFem formulas to address the overall needs of the endocrine system. However, if, for example, cortisol levels are low at 8 AM, Dr. Dale will also include a homeopathic Neuro-Emotional Remedy specifically for the stomach; or if levels are also low at 4 PM, she will add a Remedy for the bladder. Dr. Dale’s experience is that including the whole body in the treatment plan results in restoring hormone health more quickly and more permanently.

   Importantly, the saliva test measures levels of stress (adrenal steroid) hormones as well as sex hormones. Adrenal stress is a major cause of hormonal problems. As one ages, if the body becomes more stressed and limited in function, the first system to be sacrificed is the reproductive system. Symptoms such as decreased energy or libido often begin around the age of forty, and can progress to serious endocrine dysfunctions within just a few years.
Men also experience significant health changes when sex and adrenal hormones decrease with age. Almost all men over age fifty suffer from some degree of prostatitis. This is an obvious symptom of male menopause, but, as with women, “non-obvious” symptoms can also be occurring and leading to more serious dysfunctions. Dr. Dale says, “Human hormones are affected by stress. Conversely, hormones have a powerful influence over physical, intellectual and emotional behavior. Prolonged exposure to stress may be devastating to the body and mind. Repressed emotions and behavioral patterns have a profound effect on hormonal production.”
Adrenal adaptation, maladaptation and exhaustion
      Finally, there are the three NuFem HRS formulas themselves. “Each formula contains a combination of remedies, and each remedy contains an imprint–an energetic signature–of the molecular structure of the entire endocrine system, including hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries, uterus, cortisol, adrenal–all necessary hormones and more,” Dr. Dale explains. “The hypothalamus is the main nerve-hormone link. Within seconds of receiving a remedy, it translates a picture of how the specific healthy organ or gland normally functions directly to the organ that you wish to stimulate. These imprints, or pictures, act as subtle amplifiers of the natural function of an organ by giving off an electromagnetic signal that attaches itself to a si milar signal and imprint.”
NuFem formula #1 is indicated if NuFem HRS Saliva Test results indicate adrenal adaptation, a phase in which the endocrine system is producing increased amounts of hormones to compensate for the body’s abnormal demands. Typical symptoms include digestive problems, inability to calm down, increased serum cholesterol, severe weight gain or loss, prostatitis, menstrual problems, sleep disturbances, diarrhea and a decrease in sex drive. NuFem Formula #1 is used to stimulate DHEA, cortisol and progesterone production in pre- and post-menopausal women and men.
NuFem formula #2 is called for if saliva test results show adrenal maladaptation. At this stage the overworked endocrine system is unable to supply the body’s demands and hormone production significantly decreases. Typical symptoms might include chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of libido, impotence, bloating and fluid retention, constipation, male or female hair loss, bone loss, increased urination and low back or sciatica pain. NuFem Formula #2 is used to stimulate cortisol, DHEA, estradiol, estrone, estriol and cortisol production as well as stimulating progesterone production in postmenopausal women.
NuFem formula #3 is called for when saliva test results show adrenal exhaustion. This is the state in which the endocrine system has broken down and is unable to recuperate on its own. Typical symptoms might include fibromyalgia, chronic nonspecific pain, heart arrhythmia, severe constipation, panic attacks or anxiety, bile reflux and digestive problems, depression and mental frustration, memory loss and inability to think, sensitivity to smells, light or sound, difficulty breathing, inflammation and joint pain. Men might experience various testicular conditions and pain in the spermatic cord. Formula #3 is used to stimulate DHEA, cortisol and testosterone production in women and men.
NuFem formulas do not include fillers, colorings, artificial preservatives and thickening gums which may have a neutralizing effect or keep homeopathic remedies from penetrating deeply. Dr. Dale employs only transdermal gels containing remedies suspended in a natural, 100% pure liposome base that allows the NuFem formulas to be deeply absorbed–an effective way for the body to utilize hormonal therapies. The gels can be applied to different areas of the skin, such as the inside of the elbow.

Dr. Theresa Dale
  NuFem homeopathic remedies can improve progesterone uptake and metabolism, yet will not interfere with the normal shift from progesterone to estrogen dominance that occurs during the monthly cycle. These formulas do not have any known side effects. The homeopathic substances in the formulas are made from botanicals and minerals, in addition to healthy tissue or secretions of the body such as hormones.
Case histories
   Initial testing of the NuFem Formulas began two years ago with 25 patients. According to Dr. Dale, patients’ symptoms abated completed or were reduced significantly within 10 days.
One of her recent patients was a 59-year-old female who had undergone a hysterectomy. She was 20 pounds overweight, with a swollen abdomen, and had mood swings and severe gastrointestinal problems. She had been attempting to follow a protein-heavy “Blood Type O” diet, but she had also included alcohol, sugar, dairy and occasional fast foods. She had been taking conventional HRT (Estrotest) for one year. The drug itself had created a high normal estradiol and low testosterone and exhausted her adrenal glands. According to the NuFem HRS Saliva Test interpretation, her cortisol levels were very low, causing adrenal exhaustion and low melatonin levels. The results were:

Cortisol levels
Test Results
Normal Range
DHEA 0.9 (22.0-10.0)
Testosterone 11.0 (20.0-50.0)
     According to the NuFem saliva testing times the following organs were affected by the low cortisol levels and needed support through homeopathic Neuro-Emotional Remedies taken five drops twice daily for one month: Stomach, heart, bladder, circulation-sex meridian (endocrine) and lungs. She was started her on the NuFem Formulas #2 and #3, which were topically applied twice daily.
Dr. Dale reports that the patient called on the first day and said she felt better emotionally. Each day thereafter she reported an abatement in symptoms. Within 10 days of starting the NuFem gels and the Neuro-Emotional Remedies she reported all of her severe symptoms had abated. She had no more heart palpitations, felt more balanced, had much less allergic response to foods and allergens, experienced elimination of gastrointestinal problems and felt, as she put it, “a clearer brighter me.” After two months on the program she was still symptom-free. Follow-up saliva tests will confirm improvements.
Another patient was a 44-year-old female, 10 pounds overweight, with hot flashes, low energy, mood swings and painful periods. She was using a transdermal U.S.P. progesterone natural cream, which she said was not working. She had her saliva test performed at a lab without the entire range of cortisol levels. Her Testosterone was 19.7 (normal range is 20.0-50.0) and DHEA was 0.4 (normal range is 2.0-10.0).
She started on NuFem #1 (homeopathic adrenal support) and #3 (homeopathic testosterone support). After one month she reported that her symptoms had completely abated. She took another saliva test and it confirmed her subjective improvement: her testosterone had increased to 26.0, and DHEA jumped four-fold to 1.9.
Women have been more or less left to view menopause as if it were a debilitating condition rather than a life-cycle transition. From this perspective, menopausal symptoms become pathologies rather than signals of imbalances that can be corrected. As a result, women begin to feel that their health and hormone production abilities are permanently lost. Many women diagnosed with menopause are really in adrenal insufficiency or exhaustion, and once their cortisol levels are balanced, the menstrual cycle begins. Women need to have faith in their bodies’ own healing abilities. Ideally, balance and health can be achieved with gentle support.
Reproduced with permission from the November 2000, issue # 38 of Alternative Medicine Magazine. For subscription information call 800-333-HEAL (4325).
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