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Fill out the Registration Application to apply to become a Register Provider so that you can order products wholesale and have access to our Product Training Teleseminars and Account Executives.

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After you are a Registered Provider and have your login and password. You may choose to become join our PRO WELLNESS PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION. Please read the advantages to joining below.

For Professionals: Important Notes About Our Products

  • Our Products Are Synergistically Designed to Address All Health Conditions, Balance Pathways and Provide Excellent `Emotional Support..
  • BioEnergetic Practitioners of all medical healing arts and sciences agree that our Homeopathic and Orthomolecular Nutritional Formulas are surpassed in efficacy and purity. All products are Gluten Free, No-Toxic, Non-GMO and Not Irradiated.
  • Our Nutritional formulas nourish and support essential pathways without any overstimulation. They are free of toxic excipents and are administered in vegetable capsules, and manufactured in a GMP & NSF approved facility.
  • Our unique BioResonance Homeopathic Remedies, which include Homaccords, Drainage, and Fibonacci Potentized formulas are prepared at FDA registered facilities in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS).
  • Over the past 30 years, thousands of clients and consumers have achieved optimal wellness with our protocols. Click on links below for specific protocols and also locate more in the “Providers Area”.
  • Our minimum order is $50.00 and FREE Shipping for domestic orders over $500.00 to all states except Hawaii and Alaska.
  • We do not accept returns on any products as they may have been exposed to xray’s by shipping carriers.

Pro Wellness Private Membership Association

Members have the opportunity to have detailed conversations about health care for your patients and yourself. Private membership association protection, PMA – Our members’ list is not discoverable, which means your contact information will be private and protected from anyone or any organization. If you are not a Member of a legal PMA, organizations or entities can legally access all of your contact information from any company that does not have a legal PMA.

Club Dues

Product and service discounts and complimentary trainings are available thru Club Dues either monthly or annually. Tech support for lab tests review, consultations for your patients’ health or yours.

(included in Club Dues-No Additional Charge)

*Product discounts will be offered to Members only and advertised to our Club members only.

  • Members Forum: Email Dr. Dale daily questions about any patient or any health condition. All questions will be collected and Dr. Dale will respond with answers to all

Members Only  (Included in Club Dues-No Additional Charge)

  • Discounted private in-office consultation for Members ONLY.
  • (10% Club Discount applied to private consultations for all Club Members)
  • Members training: One new Bi-monthly online training class. Topics will include Herbology, Introduction to Human Hormones. Latest Research on Hormone Rejuvenaiton, Naturopathy, Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, and BioResonance Therapy.

* Included in Club Dues-No Additional Charge

  • Custom BioResonance Therapy for Members. (cost is extra and not included in club dues)
  • PEMF equipment Member Special (depends on equipment Model)

For Professionals Welcome To The Wellness Center

If you are a health care provider and would like to order wholesale, please fill out the following form, submit it, provide a copy of your degree, certificate and sellers permit. Fax to 928.496.2050. We will get back to you regarding simple ordering instructions. After you receive our reply, please use your ID and Password to place your order or call our Account Executives. If orders are received before 10:00 AM, PST, they are shipped the same day.

Request Information

A new product catalog and a CCNM school catalog is available for all registered providers. Please request one from our office at 866 962 6484.

Two Levels of the Pro Wellness PMA.

$20.00 One-time Lifetime Membership Fee is included in the Pro Wellness PMA Membership Club Dues. The Lifetime membership Fee of $20.00 is taken out of the Club Dues.

  • Club Dues: The Pro Wellness Membership Club offers services, trainings and discounts above. You Pay dues to maintain the Club online and for updates, services, discounts and education above and to add more services and education to the above list. I also offers protection between Dr. Dale and the member of the PMA.
  • Yearly Dues: One time yearly Dues payment: $528.00 Yearly Membership Dues – if paid in full at the signing of this agreement. ($44.00 per month, saving you $168.00 annually, billed every three months thru paypal or your credit card.)
  • Monthly Dues: Pay Dues monthly $58.00 each month for 12 months. (Billed every three months thru paypal or your credit card. $696.00 per year) JOIN MEMBERSHIP AND SIGN HERE

Dr. Dale does not share your name or her mailing lists with any organization other than her main distributor who will be mailing your information.

Thank you!

For more information call: (866) 962-6484