Hormone Controversy

“The synthetic hormone market exceeds $2 BILLION dollars in sales and it can cause cancer. The negative side effects of hormone replacement therapy are becoming more and more prevalent, creating undue stress and suffering. Millions of women are now using so-called natural plant derived, bio-identical estrogens and progesterones, but as time goes on, women are no longer willing to accept the risks associated with these ‘synthetic’ hormones and are searching for safer alternatives.”

Not only an issue for women, men also experience significant health changes when testosterone and adrenal hormones decrease with age. According to Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., who specializes in hormone balancing, the basic problem for the consumer is education. Patients don’t know what their base-line hormone levels are before and during replacement therapy and the effects of long term usage. Only through pre and post-Rejuvenation evaluation can a person accurately bring the body into hormonal balance enabling them to live healthy and vital lives.

Dr. Theresa Dale, featured on NBC News, LEEZA, Alternative Medicine, Natural Pharmacy, Vogue, EXTRA, and Homeopathy Today, is a nutritionist, board-certified Naturopathic Physician, and founder of the Wellness Center for Research & Education and the International College of Naturopathy, a state approved school, located in Oxnard, California. She has developed a Naturopathic approach to balancing hormones which incorporates saliva testing, diet, nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, emotional release work and herbology.

Created by Dr. Dale, NuFem HRS™ is an advanced system of endocrine healing and rebuilding, based on centuries of results. NuFem HRS formulas contain homeopathic remedies in a totally natural liposome base. This transdermal gel stimulates production of natural hormones in the human body. Unlike Hormone Replacement Therapy, NuFem HRS rejuvenates the system as opposed to replacing hormones which cause the body to slow down, or actually stop the production of its own natural hormones.
Perhaps best known as the creator of Neuro-Emotional Remedies®, Dr. Dale is an educator with over twenty years of experience in assisting thousands of patients from illness to wellness. Neuro-Emotional Remedies are a quick, effective way to assist healing by re-triggering and releasing old patterns and stuck resisted emotions. These low potency homeopathic remedies are designed to restore, tonify and balance organ functionality.

Dr. Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies expanded when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to helping others to do the same. A certified Clinical Nutritionist, she is the author of “Slow Foods Cookbook”and most recently, “Transform Your Emotional DNA, Understanding the Blueprint of Your Life,” Dr. Dale has been on the cutting edge in her field, recognizing the crucial connection between resisted emotions and physical illness.

Dr. Dale has been active on the lecture circuit for many years in the U.S. and Europe and has been in private practice since 1979 helping thousands of patients recover from degenerative and immune deficiency diseases.

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