How To Detox Heavy Metals from the Body!

Heavy metals are all around us. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use, and more! We don’t think much about them until they start causing an issue in the body. Many times, we are not aware that heavy metals are a negative factor in our health, until we get tested and realize that they are causing many issue’s and should not be in the body!

The body protects us by storing the heavy metals when it detects them in the body. Heavy metals are stored all over the body including the brain! Not only that, certain pathogens and virus’s feed off the heavy metals, making them stronger. Luckily, there are ways to get the heavy metals out of your body.


How to get heavy metals out of the body

  • Sweating – Sweating is very important to help get the heavy metals out of your body. Sweating opens up your skin pores, while getting the heavy metals and other toxins out of your system. (You will also sweat out essential minerals that your body needs, so it is important to replace those minerals that are sweat out!)
  • Nutrition – Specific herbs, such as cilantro, and algae such as chlorella can help to absorb the heavy metals in your body.
  • Mercury Plus Detox – The mercury plus detox is a homeopathic product that helps to get rid of the heavy metals from your body. It is best taken with the Lymph Detox Plus to assist the body’s lymphatic system to drain and get rid of the toxins.
  • The Heavy Metal Mercury Pack – In addition to the Mercury Plus Detox and lymph detox plus, this pack contains the Hepatic Glutathione pathway product that is essential to open up the brain portal to allow the heavy metals to get out of the brain, along with a whole body cleanse to assist all the organs, tissue’s, and blood to be cleansed!
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