Is There a Natural Alternative to Seasonal Flu Shots?

Summer is winding down and kids are getting ready to head back to school. As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature cools, we prepare for the dreaded flu season. According to the CDC “Most seasonal flu activity typically occurs between October and May”. So it is by no means too early to begin making preparations for how to support your family through flu season.

Considering that you are reading this blog, chances are you are already inclined towards natural medicine and may be seeking a way to strengthen our immune system in preparation for the flu season.  If you are not eager to run down to the nearest vaccination station and choose from the dizzying variety of shots offered this year (which are known to contain a laundry list of less than desirable ingredients, may or may not be effective, and can actually cause infection in the unvaccinated around you due to shedding of the live virus), you may want to consider some natural alternatives for optimal wellness. Of course strengthening your immune system is important and there are several ways that you can do this through diet and supplementation.

Eating lots of fresh organic foods is helpful, and specific foods with high levels of antioxidants and other important immune boosting nutrients can help to shore up your body’s natural defenses. Taking homeopathic remedies, like the beautifully formulated ALL FLU, is also extremely vital to preventing the nasty little flu bugs from penetrating your sacred domain. ALL FLU is a special proprietary blend of safe and effective homeopathic ingredients. For a more comprehensive list of ingredients and the symptoms they support, click here. Though homeopathic ingredients similar to those in ALL FLU have been used over the past 200 years in many other countries because they are highly effective at preventing the illness from taking hold, sometimes even the best defense is not enough and the flu is inevitable. Luckily ALL FLU is also wonderful for assisting to relieve some of the symptoms of the flu once they arise.

We here at the Wellness Center care deeply for your health and that of your family’s, and we encourage you to follow your intuition when it comes to decisions about how to treat and prevent illness. We do not intend to supersede advice given to you by a trusted family physician, we merely seek to provide you with an alternative to handling the flu should you find that you want it. With that in mind, we hope that you find ALL FLU to be an excellent alternative choice in supporting you through flu season, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

For more info on strengthening the immune system and flu relief, or to purchase ALL FLU, click here

In Good Health, Dr. Theresa Dale

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