Members – Request an appointment with Dr. Dale

To get an appointment with Dr. Dale you have to do the following steps:

1. Pay and fill out an appointment form
2. Download a medical History form here
3. Fill the medical history form and fax it to (928) 496-2050
4. You will be called to confirm appointment time and date

Step 1

Appointment payment form

Appointments are available only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Pacific Time Zone, from 9:30AM to 12 Noon.

The First appointment is always ONE hour and subsequent appointments can be 1/2 hour or 15 minutes.

In Office Consultation

  • First appointment — 1.5 hours – $450.00xx
  • Aditional Appointments — One hour – $395.00

Phone or Skype Consultation

  • First appointment — One hour – $295.00

  • Additional 30-min Appt. – $150.00

After your payment has been processed by PayPal, click the link that says “return to Bioresonance Research” so that you can select a day and time for your appointment, and enter your contact information. Then we will contact you to confirm the actual date and time.

Members of the Wellness Optimization Club get a 10% discount on all phone appointments.

Please note if appointment time runs over scheduled time and there will be a charge for the extra time.
Cancellation: 24 hour notice is expected or your credit card will be charged for the entire appointment.

Step 2

Self Assesstment Test PDF Version

This is the written version of the test, if you would like you can download a PDF copy and fill out by hand
Click here…

Step 3

fax dr Dale 928 496 2050

FAX your form to Dr. Dale

Once you have filled out your self assessment you can now fax it to Dr. Dale at 928 496 2050

Step 4

You will be called by our office to confirm your appointment with Dr. Dale

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