Menapause Cured

How to Cure Hot Flashes and
other Hormonal Symptoms Including Menopause!
New Saliva Test and Homeopathic Formulas Revolutionizes Health Care

Hot Flashes and other menopause symptoms such as weight gain can be alleviated through our research-based homeopathic products.

Due to the amazing level of success we are having with bothNuFem (for health providers) and EndoPure (for consumers), I have gleaned new research from the thousands of before and afterNuFem Five Element saliva tests. This research shows without doubt that all hormones, including natural, bio-identical and chemical have harmful side effects and that there are many causes of hormonal conditions or endocrine breakdown.

The success is greatly due to accurate information gleaned from myNuFem Five Element saliva test and we now have approximately 3000 test results before and after proving the efficacy of NuFem, EndoPure and Neuro-Emotional RemediesThe NuFem Systemaddress the myriad of symptoms that can occur because of hormone imbalances – from hot flashes to weigh gain. Along with your results you will receive recommendations for solving the hormonal puzzle. Towards that end, I have created safe solutions that help re-educate the body to make its own hormones and neurotransmitters.Neuro-Emotional Remedies are used for deep healing of emotions, organs and glands along with acupuncture meridians and have marveled health care providers the world over. They are also used in the NuFem System to address abnormal cortisol levels. You can find documented before and after studies on the efficacy of my hormone rejuvenation system on my website under ‘Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation” and the presentation on the home page.

Neurotransmitter Testing

I have been using amino acids and homeopathic medicine in my practice to help patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADD and endocrine related symptoms. After I concluded one year of research exploring neurotransmitter testing via urine, saliva and serum, I was going to include neurotransmitter testing as part of myNuFem Five Element Panel.

However, it became clear that it would be very costly for consumers without insurance reimbursement and that the methodology itself seemed to be shaky ie no “published” papers on the efficacy of urine neurotransmitter testing. Therefore, I will not offer neurotransmitter testing until documented before and after studies are released by the laboratories offering this service.

Using Homeopathy to help Balance Neurotransmitters and Hormones

The birth of a new homeopathic FDA approved formula (NeuroBalance) to help balance neurotransmitters and hormones has been in the research and development stage for some time. It will be available by August 2004 and will include safe-homeopathic remedies to help balance neurotransmitters.

NeuroBalance neurotransmitter balancing homeopathic formula will help heal endocrine issues but also other symptoms listed below, and will be available within 60 days. If you are asking yourself, how one formula can address all neurotransmitters; due to the fact that some neurotransmitters are probably functioning normally, the remedy will only effect the ones that are not in balance. That is the gift of homeopathic medicine; the body selects the remedy (or frequency) it needs and the other remedies that are not required will not work if the body / brain does not need them.

Unlike amino acids (used to balance neurotransmitters), which can have uncomfortable and sometimes serious side-effects takes constant monitoring; my new homeopathic formula has no side effects and is only needed short term. As you may know, homeopathy is called energy medicine because it only carries the energy of a substance imprinted in water.

Next question to ask yourself: Am I totally committed to becoming healthier than ever been before? Will I follow recommendations according to a personalized assessment? If the answer is YES, and you are ready to regain your vitality and health; this is the program for you.

I invite you to learn about the 9 causes of endocrine breakdown. I believe that education is power. You can review my presentation on the home page. Just click on the heart on home page and you will learn what health professionals learn but without a lot of medical jargon.

You must first find out the cause of your symptoms by taking the NuFem Five Element Salivary Test. Then you will need to get your endocrine system back in shape. Towards that end, you receive along with your results a program; recommendations to balance hormones using homeopathy, diet and nutrition, along with nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations. The new neurotransmitter formula, NeuroBalance, is also recommended to address any imbalances causing adrenal cortisol burnout and the symptoms listed below.

NuFem Saliva testing is the most comprehensive test due to the specimen times correlating to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. This means that each time of the day or night that you give a saliva specimen is specifically connected to an organ, gland, emotion and meridian. My hormone panel includes: Progesterone, Estradiol, 6 cortisol levels (testing all Five Elements in Acupuncture’s Five Element Theory), DHEA, and Testosterone.

For more information about endocrine breakdown go to the home page ( click on Articles then click on “Toxic Levels of Natural and Synthetic Hormones Diagnostic Protocol for Rejuvenation“. You will see the causes of endocrine breakdown, such as adrenals stress, hysterectomy, HRT, natural hormones, environmental toxins, dental health problems and more.


Lets learn more about neurotransmitters and how our brain is affected in stressful situations. If your neurotransmitters are out of balance it can cause hormonal problems, adrenal stress, insomnia, weight gain and depression. You see abnormal neurotransmitter levels can easily affect hormonal balance and stress levels. In handling stress, the brain uses large quantities of certain chemicals called Neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters induce or inhibit impulses in your brain. At some point, the amount of stress we endure causes the brain to run out of these chemicals.

Neurotransmitter-related disorders occur when the current levels of neurotransmitters are unable to properly relay the electric signal from one neuron to the next. What causes this, you ask? Neurotoxic substances like heavy metals, pesticides, illicit amphetamines, and some prescription drugs can cause permanent damage to the nervous system by reducing the number of active receptors.

The human brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs IF it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so.

However, because of the number of daily stressful situations and the world we live in, a normal diet does not supply enough of the raw materials the brain needs to manufacture enough of these chemicals, or Neurotransmitters, that the brain needs to function normally. With the amount of multi-tasking, which I call modern stress, that our bodies face every single day would have to consume approximately the following amounts of food. Sixteen pounds of fish, Two gallons of whole milk, Two to three pounds of cheese, One to two pounds of turkey, each and every stress filled day, just to keep our neurotransmitter levels normal. On the other hand, we could accomplish the same thing by taking homeopathic neurotransmitters in a powerful yet gently formula and/or free form amino acids. The problem that I seen over the past 25 years with amino acids is that they can have side-effects. Even if the amino acid is testing using kinesiology or electrodermal screening, it can cause stomach upset, nausea and dizziness. The body changes very quickly so any patient using amino acids for neurotransmitter balance may need constant monitoring.

Many apparently unrelated symptoms are influenced by the effects of neurotransmitters and optimizing neurotransmitters can improve many of the following symptoms.

Neurotransmitter Related Symptoms

  • Fatigue and chronic muscle/joint pain
  • Adrenal cortisol burnout
  • Alzheimer’s/ memory problems
  • Inappropriate hunger/food cravings
  • Irritability/hostility
  • Inability to focus/concentrate
  • Depression or agitation
  • Excessive body fat
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Sleep disturbances: insomnia
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Recurrent diarrhea /constipation
  • Headaches
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Bipolar Conditions

Laboratory evaluation of neurotransmitter levels has shown that approximately 70% of the population has some degree of neurotransmitter imbalance. An alarming figure confirmed by the increase in the number of patient visits regarding these conditions, as well as the number of prescriptions written for antidepressants and the growing number of obese people who cannot combat their weight due to a lack of appetite control.

Neurotransmitter levels are affected by stress, lifestyle, genetics, and diet.

How are our bodies damaged by chemicals released by our own brain?

The body responds to emotional stress exactly like it responds to physical danger or stress. Your body produces chemicals for extra strength or energy. This chemical reaction to stress is a physiological process that has evolved over millions of years.

Moreover, the brain is reacting to today’s problems with yesterday’s primitive responses. In our history books we get the picture of times where our stressors related to engaging in physical battle to stay alive, to eat, to provide for oneself and family. Then stress was primarily physical – when cavemen actually fought wild animals. Today we have modern stress, which is a different nature. We don’t do physical battle with wild beasts, we do mental battle with freeway traffic, unending meetings, or jobs that have no future.

The body has to pump high energy, but today we need more of it. Yet, the body still pumps high-energy chemicals (those needed in running or fighting) into our bodies and yet, our fight or flight is quite different. We sit in our cars or at our desk, actually boiling in the chemicals our own body has released. These chemicals, called adrenaline and dopamine, which power the “fight or flight” alarm reaction, can do great damage to all the internal organs, especially the heart.

Can our brain run out of these precious chemicals?

The feelings of anger, love, frustration, and fear are all chemically induced from the brain from our reactions to situations.

When our brain runs out of these chemicals or when different chemical levels decrease or increase, we experience things like anger, lack of sleep, irritability, anxiety, depression, insecure feelings and fear, not to mention the constant release of adrenaline, which can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and dozens of other problems. (Over 75% of all medical appointments made in America are directly related to stress caused illnesses.)

There are 5 main chemicals or neurotransmitters in the brains emotion center. They are Opioids, GABA, Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinepherine. When these chemicals are low, a dangerous cycle begins within our bodies. This is called the Stress Cycle and the damage it causes is deadly. Since amino acids can have so many side effects, I have formulated a safe-effective homeopathic formula addressing all neurotransmitter imbalances.

Can we replace the chemicals our brains need?

Absolutely, nutrition, homeopathic hormone rejuvenation and lifestyle will make the difference.

Lets end with a new awareness of our body, the importance of our brain and its chemicals and a new way to get healthy.

I encourage you to learn more about your body, perform the NuFem Five Element salivary hormone test and set a course for optimum health through the program you will receive. I personally assess the results of your test and email or mail your program.

Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.D