Neuro-Emotional Remedies

Sometimes emotions can get the best of us. It is impossible to know what challenges each day will bring, but it is possible to be prepared. True mental health is being able to cope with emotional hardships when they happen. If you find yourself experiencing an overwhelming amount of negative emotion, our neuro-emotional remedies can help. Dr. Dale’s homeopathic products are a completely natural and safe way to shed some positive light on your life.

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Emotions Can Manifest Physically

We all want to feel our best. Waking up each day with a smile is ideal, but it is not always easy. The problem is that it is impossible to be completely healthy when you are experiencing stressful feelings. You may find that it is difficult to sleep at night, or you may gain weight. Stress can even cause serious health issues, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, depression, Alzheimer’s, and accelerated aging. As you can see, our neuro-emotional remedies are actually all-encompassing wellness tools that can really make a difference.

Target Specific Body Parts and Emotions

We are proud to offer neuro-emotional remedies for a wide range of emotions. You simply determine which emotion has been afflicting you, and use the remedy as directed. It is completely safe for all ages, and there are no negative side effects. We have 13 different remedies for low self-esteem, fear, anger, anxiety, trauma, guilt, vulnerability, resentment, grief, despair, and others. Our wide selection allows you to target specific emotional energy patterns, helping to detoxify your physical body, while rejuvenating and balancing your mind.

Acupuncture in a Bottle

Dr. Dale’s emotional remedies are based on Chinese principles that have been practiced for centuries. The 5-Element Theory corresponds with all 12 acupuncture meridians, and you even have the option to take a free online survey to determine which remedy is best for you. You do not need to know which specific meridian is unbalanced. You simply select the product that describes how you are feeling, and use it as instructed. The remedy targets the organs and glands that could be contributing to your negative mental state, effectively bringing harmony to the body and mind.

Enjoy Natural Home Care

These days, countless people are choosing natural products. Our loyal customers are thrilled to be able to finally be able to use products that balance the mind and detoxify the body simultaneously, without any worry. Being able to use ancient Chinese remedies from the comfort of your own home is also convenient, and it gives you the opportunity to share these exciting neuro-emotional remedies with your friends, family, and other loved ones.

Use with Other Natural Healing Methods

One of the great things about our emotional remedies is that they can be used in conjunction with other positive, natural healing options. For example, if you put on our music therapy CDs and meditate while you use our remedies, you can experience a truly remarkable rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit. Negative emotions plague everyone from time to time, but they do not have to get the best of you. Gain control of your mind, and take this exciting step towards true wellness.

Why Choose Dr. Dale’s Homeopathic Products?

Dr. Theresa Dale has garnered a great deal of attention as an educator, as an author, and as the developer of many renowned homeopathic products. She currently holds the titles of Biological Medical Consultant, Traditional Naturopath, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Homeopath. She has also worked extensively as a medical consultant, and spent years on the lecture circuit as a motivational speaker and health educator. Dr. Dale’s experience, education, and passion make her the clear choice when it comes to natural home remedies. Choose the neuro emotional remedy that speak to you, and experience an emotional cleansing.

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