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Your new contact for ordering is Rhonda Grossman, CN. Rhonda is a graduate of California College of Natural Medicine and resides in California. Her hours will be 8 to 4 PST. She is trained in our product line and is looking forward to serving you.

From Rhonda:
I want to sincerely apologize for our retail website being down. I assure you, we are working on the problem and it will be up and running by Thursday afternoon. I can take your order over the phone and it will ship out in 24-48 hours. I look forward to answering any of your questions and working with you on your journey to better health.

Phone: 800.219.1261

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MEET THE EXPERTS: Dr. John Gray, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Hyla Cass, JJ Virgin, Beth Greer & Robert Scott Bell, Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Theresa Dale, Ruth Klein, Marcia Weider, Dr. Stuart Garber and Lisa Schneiderman. Ask your questions and hear paradigm-shattering guidance and solutions.

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Digestive Distress is the #1 American Complaint

Daily sales of over the counter (OTC) antacids are more than 25 million dollars. Why? Because they do not solve the problem! Therefore, what is the common denominator of following problems, including indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, gas, bloating, slow digestion, constipation and belching?

Answer: The most common culprit is Diet, then Candida and/or Parasites

A life style that relies on fast food and other low quality foods, directly leads to digestive problems. Call it anything you like, but the source of these symptoms is NOT "Too much acid production," as TV tells you. It is the exact opposite. The actual problem is that acid production has turned off; (yes your stomach is NOT producing acid) making your stomach a compost heap.

When stomach acid turns off, the body signals you by making you feel acidy.

The way to solve a digestive overload problem is simply to switch back ON your body digestion, and let your body heal itself. That is why Dr. Dale's DIGEST Formula is so effective.

It supports the body in resetting itself and therefore the body can run on its own.

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Women, Hormones and Success
©1997 by Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

Over the past decade, women have developed strong entrepreneurial sensibilities. However, women still believe as a whole they are a minority. The perception leads us to experience that we can't be in control of our universe. Some women believe that it is a man's world when existing evidence is denied that countries are being rules by women. If we continue to believe that we are not equal, we will continue to create that perception. We must remove the filters that keep us locked into giving away our power. I believe the word "minority" should be removed from our language as it keeps people from emerging as our true self, our glorious self, a unique creator who is in charge of our own personal universe.

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Use Dr. Dale's EndoPure Formulas to Balance Your Hormones!
If you are not purchasing a saliva test and you want to order Dr. Dale's Homeopathic Remedies to balance your hormones, you should use Endopure. Read the indications on the label to compare your symptoms.

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September 17, 2009

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

Product Ordering

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Buy two of any of the following and get one free!
Colon Pro
Kidney Pro
Liver Pro
Whole Body Pro