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Your new contact for ordering is Rhonda Grossman, CN. Rhonda is a graduate of California College of Natural Medicine and resides in California. Her hours will be 8 to 4 PST. She is trained in our product line and is looking forward to serving you.

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Dr. Dale's NEW Cholest Low

Cholesterol Support Product is now in stock! Call to order.

This Proprietary formula helps support LDL and HDL Cholesterol levels. These ingredients have shown to inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce triglyceride levels, enhance circulation and reduce clotting potential. In veggie capsules.

Ingredients include:
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Red Yeast Rice Extract
Guggul Resin Extract
Inositol Hexanicotinate
Phosphatidylcholine Complex
Hawthorn Berry Extract
Policosanol Complex

Call Rhonda to order at 800.219.1261.

Dr. Dale's Books

  • Revitalize Your Hormones: Dr. Dale's 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier and Sexier You.
  • Transform Your Emotional DNA: Understanding the Blueprint of Your Life.

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New Product- Raw Nattokinase
Our Nattokinase is the real thing and the very best available. Beware of less expensive brands that have no track record for safety or effectiveness. Our Nattokinase is genuine from Japan, not China.

Reasons To Use Nattokinase

  • 100% all-natural product proven safe & very effective
  • We offer Real Nattokinase that will promote healthy blood flow
  • Breaks down clots that lead to heart attack & stroke
  • Supports healthy coagulation of blood within normal levels and enhanced fibrinolytic activity
  • Exerts positive effects on blood pressure levels
  • Reduces fibrin and "sluggish blood" that can result
  • In sore, aching muscles - Nattokinase is great for seniors, long flights, gym workouts and elite athletes!
  • No side effects

Reasons to use Dr. Dale's Nattokinase
Other brands, even supposed competitors, contain known ingredients that are toxic such as lead, arsenic, heavy metals, yeast and mold along with Vitamin K (interferes with Coumadin).

Our Nattokinase...

  • Is in a veggie cap without excipients; has been thoroughly tested and does NOT contain Vitamin K, mold, yeast, E Coli, Salmonella Sp, Listeria, or heavy metals like other brands.
  • Is 100% free of Vitamin K.
  • Has 21,100 FU/g and is the most potent available.
  • Has high productivity of nattokinase through advanced fermentation and purification process.

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Dr. Dale's Advanced BioAge Reverse

This Advanced Formula is an orchestration of all homeopathic ingredients that brings a new level of efficacy to rejuvenation.

It is designed to accelerate the innate capabilities of homeopathic HGH by blending synergistic high potency homeopathic remedies that address every aspect of healthy human growth hormone production; gently, safely and effectively.

Integrating growth hormone with 12 other remedies, the Advanced Formula delivers potency far greater than the sum of its elements, promoting faster, deeper and longer lasting results.

BioAge Reverse helps Symptoms of Aging!

  • Relieve Aging Symptoms
  • Encourage GH Release
  • Increase GH Production
  • Improve GH Assimilation
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Fat
  • Improve Memory
  • Renew and Replenish

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Dr. Dale's Allercyl Series - Phenolics

Introduction to Phenolics

The underlying causes of allergies, sensitivities and intolerances require excellent testing modalities such as NeuroPhysical Reprogramming to locate, define, and select the proper treatment.

Dr. Robert Gardner, Ph.D. (professor of Animal Science at Brigham Young University and generally considered the father of modern phenolics) as well as other researchers, found that phenolic compounds, that occur naturally in plants, animals, and humans as well as in man-made chemicals, are involved in many chronic health problems.

Most phenolics are aromatic, meaning that they have a Benzene ring in their chemical structure. Phenolics give the flavor, color and/or odor to foods, environmental substances and man-made chemicals.

The use of homeopathic preparations of phenolic compounds to desensitize individuals not only decreases or eliminates reactions to them; they also have a longer effect. Phenolics were first used for desensitizing individuals with food allergies and allergies to elements in the environment (ie, seasonal allergies, dust, moulds, perfumes, etc).

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From the Desk of Dr. Theresa Dale

Increasingly, cancer surgeons are recommending that woman have their healthy breasts surgically removed as a way to prevent cancer -- even when those women have no cancer! But recently, an even more bizarre story surfaced: According to a BBC report (, a UK woman had her leg amputated by a cancer surgeon who claimed her leg showed signs of a malignant cancer tumor. She naively agreed to undergo the surgery and awoke with quite a shock: Not only was her leg missing, but the doctor told her she never had cancer in the first place.

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December 2, 2009

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

Product Ordering
New Product: Cholest Low
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New Product: Nattokinase
BioAge Reverse
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From the Desk of Dr. Dale
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