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Dr. Dale's NEW Raw Nattokinase

Now in Stock! Call to Order.

Our Nattokinase is the real thing and the very best available. Beware of less expensive brands that have no track record for safety or effectiveness. Our Nattokinase is genuine from Japan, not China.

Reasons To Use Nattokinase

  • 100% all-natural product proven safe & very effective
  • We offer Real Nattokinase that will promote healthy blood flow
  • Breaks down clots that lead to heart attack & stroke
  • Supports healthy coagulation of blood within normal levels and enhanced fibrinolytic activity
  • Exerts positive effects on blood pressure levels
  • Reduces fibrin and "sluggish blood" that can result in sore, aching muscles - Nattokinase is great for seniors, long flights, gym workouts and elite athletes!
  • No side effects

Reasons to use Dr. Dale's Nattokinase
Other brands, even supposed competitors, contain known ingredients that are toxic such as lead, arsenic, heavy metals, yeast and mold along with Vitamin K (interferes with Coumadin).

Our Nattokinase...

  • Is in a veggie cap without excipients; has been thoroughly tested and does NOT contain Vitamin K, mold, yeast, E Coli, Salmonella Sp, Listeria, or heavy metals like other brands.
  • Is 100% free of Vitamin K.
  • Has 21,100 FU/g and is the most potent available.
  • Has high productivity of nattokinase through advanced fermentation and purification process.

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Dr. Dale's NEW Cholest Low

Cholesterol Support Product is now in stock! Call to order.

This Proprietary formula helps support LDL and HDL Cholesterol levels.  These ingredients have shown to inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce triglyceride levels, enhance circulation and reduce clotting potential. In veggie capsules.

Ingredients include:
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
Red Yeast Rice Extract
Guggul Resin Extract
Inositol Hexanicotinate
Phosphatidylcholine Complex
Hawthorn Berry Extract
Policosanol Complex

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Dr. Dale's Books

  • Revitalize Your Hormones: Dr. Dale's 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier and Sexier You.
  • Transform Your Emotional DNA: Understanding the Blueprint of Your Life.

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From the Desk of Dr. Theresa Dale

"Our Society urgently needs fast, effective relief from depression, rage, anger and fear which has proven to cause illness, child abuse and spousal abuse. Stop the violence and self-sabotage - get to the core of any life condition, including illness. When parents change their sabotaging belief systems about themselves and the world they live in they actually free their children from creating the same life patterns,
pain and suffering."

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

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Heinz recalls baby cereal on mycotoxin contamination fears

By Rory Harrington, 15-Dec-2009

Heinz has issued a recall of some of its baby food in Canada on fears it may be contaminated with elevated levels of a mycotoxin.

The food giant raised the alarm late last week as it issued a statement through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) warning the public not to eat Heinz Mixed Cereals that could be tainted with Ochratoxin A (OTA). The company said no other products or cereal varieties were affected.

Heinz, based in North York, Ontario, said the affected products were Mixed Baby Cereal, Stage 2, 227g packs for infants aged over six months, with best before dates of 26 and 29 December 2010. The products have a UPC 0 57000 02516 8 and product code of BB/MA 10 DE 26 and BB/MA 10 DE 29.

The firm said there had been no reported illness associated with consumption of the baby cereal as it issued the voluntary recall.

"Heinz Canada is taking immediate action to ensure that any affected product is removed from store shelves," said a company statement. "We recommend that consumers discard the affected product and contact Heinz for a full refund."

Bisphenol A becomes test of leadership for FDA
By Rory Harrington, 14-Dec-2009

Each day the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dithers in delivering its verdict on the safety of bisphenol A (BPA), its authority is diminished and its credibility wanes.

The hold-up is eroding its ability to lead by failing to give industry and consumers what they are crying out for - a timely, impartial and science-based guide to what is safe and what is not.

But why is it so significant that the FDA decision, promised for 30 November, has yet to be published? After all, it's only two weeks late. Does it matter?

Yes, it does. BPA has become a litmus test of the FDA's leadership.

When Dr Margaret Hamburg swept into the agency in May she looked and sounded every inch the ferocious new broom determined to turn the organization around. After declaring the FDA had failed in its handling of the nationwide outbreak of salmonella caused by contaminated peanuts, observers were further heartened when she trained her laser sights on bisphenol A, the chemical used in polycarbonate baby bottles and food can linings that has been linked to cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

As rock group The Who would say ‘Meet the new boss'. And unlike the veteran singers' next line, ‘Same as the old boss', Hamburg and the organization she headed suddenly seemed very different.

The straight-talking Commissioner vowed to sort out the thorny question of BPA in weeks not months - garnering almost universal praise that here at last was somebody who not only understood the importance of the issue but was prepared to bang some heads together to solve the problem. It was a bold declaration designed to challenge the perception of a food safety body too readily influenced by the industries it was charged with regulating.

And in a world where perception can be reality, it could also explain why BPA has so far failed to trigger the same level of anxiety in Europe. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) certainly has its critics but few would dispute the organization is impartial and not afraid to ruffle industry feathers if that is where the evidence leads. While the FDA has wrestled with its lack of credibility, EFSA has been able to calmly assert that it sees no need to review its stance on BPA. It has provided a clear and consistent position that inspires consumer confidence and stability for industry.

The FDA move was also supposed to assuage the genuine fears of US consumers desperate to know they weren't inadvertently harming themselves or their families. It was to offer much-need clarity to allow industry to formulate longer-term packaging strategies. This enthusiasm was barely dented when the agency announced more than few weeks later its verdict would not be forthcoming until after Thanksgiving.

Omega-3 plus glucosamine ‘superior' for joint health: Study

By Stephen Daniells, 30-Nov-2009

Combining omega-3 fatty acids with glucosamine achieves better improvements in joint health than glucosamine alone, says a new study from Germany.

The study, published in the journal Advances in Therapy, is said to be the first clinical trial to employ the combination of glucosamine omega-3 fatty acids in people suffering from osteoarthritis. UK-based Seven Seas funded the study.

Approximately seven million people in the UK alone are reported to have long-term health problems associated with arthritis. Around 206 million working days were lost in the UK in 1999-2000, equal to £18 billion (€26 billion) of lost productivity.

Talking to NutraIngredients, lead author and president of the CRO which performed the trial, Analyze & Realize, Dr Joerg Gruenwald said: "In a randomized controlled clinical trial with 177 patients with osteoarthritis, we could prove that the combination of glucosamine sulfate and omega -3-fatty acid is superior to glucosamine alone.

"Using the classical WOMAC pain score we could show 27 per cent more responders (80 per cent reduction of WOMAC pain score) in the combination group compared to glucosamine alone, this difference was statistically significant," he added.

The joint health market is dominated by glucosamine, which is extracted from the shell of crabs, lobster and shrimps. Cargill also markets a non-animal, non-shellfish derived product. The ingredient is often used in combination with chondroitin sulphate, extracted from animal cartilage, such as sharks.

According to the Nutrition Business Journal, US sales for these combined supplements were $810 million (€563 million) in 2005.

Study details

Dr Gruenwald and his co-workers recruited 177 people with moderate-to-severe hip or knee osteoarthritis and randomly assigned them to receive either a glucosamine sulfate supplement (1500 milligrams per day) or glucosamine plus omega-3 fatty acids (providing 444 mg of fish oil, of which 200 mg were omega-3-fatty acids).

Mead pays millions for misleading infant formula advertising

Bristol-Myers Squibb's 83 percent holding, Mead Johnson, has been ordered to pay $13.5m in damages to smaller rival, PBM, after a US court found it guilty of misleading advertising for its infant formula, Enfamil.

The ads in question suggested Enfamil LIPIL was nutritionally superior to PBM's products which tend to be sold as store brands for retailers such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Kroger and Walgreens.

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia court ruling is one of the largest for a false advertising case.

"Despite Mead Johnson's scare tactics, parents are assured that PBM's formula products are as high quality and nutritious as Mead Johnson's," said PBM chief executive officer, Paul B. Manning.

It is the third time Mead Johnson has been sued by PBM for false advertising and it has admitted wrongdoing in each case.

The US infant formula market is estimated at $3.4 billion and the global market is estimated at $7.9 billion.

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