Dr. Theresa Dale will be speaking at the Health Freedom Expo

CHANGE IN SPEAKING TIME: Dr. Dale's lecture speaking time for Long Beach has been changed and will be on Saturday, March 27th at 12:00 and on Sunday, March 28th, at 4:00. Also, time to be announced for her Chicago presentation, June 4-6.

The Health Freedom Expo is a dynamic three-day event featuring the most prominent keynote speakers, 90+ informative lectures and interactive workshops. Dr. Dale is testing attendees of her lecture, at no charge, using non-invasive NeuroPhysical Testing, which she developed. Therefore, stop by our booth #419 and get tested by Dr. Dale for proper supplementation and homeopathics.

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  • March 26-28, 2010, Long Beach, CA

    Long Beach Convention Center 
    300 E Ocean Blvd.
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    Hotel: Hyatt Regency Long Beach
    200 S Pine Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    1-800-233-1234 or (562) 491-1234

    Look for Dr. Dale at her Booth #419 on the floor and stop in and say hello!  Call Rhonda for a free 10-minute NP Testing.

  • June 4-6, 2010, Chicago, IL

    Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center
    1551 Thoreau Drive
    Schaumburg, IL 60173
    1-800-468-3571 or 847-303-4100

    Room Rate: $109.00 until May 13, 2010


  • Tickets are $15 per day or $35 for all three days.
  • Click here to download a free Friday ticket

Join Dr. Dale at the New Living Expo

Dr. Dale will be on the panel on Saturday, May 1st at 1:00 pm and will be lecturing on Sunday, May 2 at 4pm in San Francisco at the Concourse Exhibition Center 8th Street and Brannan Street, San Francisco. Visit Dr. Dale at her booth # 826.

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The Language of Your Liver: Converting Liver-ese to English

Your liver has a one-track mind, and only says one thing: "I-Don't-Like-That!" But, it says it, 18 different ways.

The #1 way the liver communicates with us is by altering our emotions.  Suddenly, things that were right are wrong. Tiny problems are huge. Patience is out the window, and you want to explode, or already have.

Somehow, at a time like this, you are supposed to understand that, that burning feeling, is just your liver saying, "I do not like French Fries!"

Other liver symptoms not to be ignored include; skin or eye irritation, headaches, bad moods or mood swings, low energy, fatigue, foggy thinking, a sore or stiff right shoulder, fuzzy vision, congestion of the nose, sinuses or chest, slow reaction time, mental or emotional stress, insomnia, restless sleep and hot flashes. These symptoms ARE your liver's cries for help.

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Dr. Dale's Nano Ionic Joint Formula

Importance of Ionic minerals

Minerals are found both in their single, unlinked form (such as a solitary potassium ion) and their ionic form in which they have joined with another atom to make a charged mineral particle. The large majority of minerals are found bound in some form or another, which is important for their utilization in human physiology. When the body absorbs ionized, or electrically charged minerals, they can be readily absorbed through our selectively permeable intestinal membranes.6 In fact, the membranes lining our intestinal tract maintain their own specific electrical charge in the form of ionic receptors. The body maintains this charge on the lining of membranes in order to facilitate the absorption of food nutrients. Different receptor areas maintain different charge qualities, allowing for the attraction of the multitudes of diverse nutrients that pass through the intestinal tract. Because of this charge, ionic minerals are easily taken in to the cells lining the intestinal tract, whereby they may be readily employed in the many physiologic activities of the body.

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March 26, 2010

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

Raw NattoKinase
Cholest Low


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