New Living Expo, San Francisco, May 1-2, 2010
You can get an appointment with Dr. Dale at no charge at the 9th Annual New Living Expo in San Francisco, CA on April 30-May 2, 2010. It will be located at the Concourse Exhibition Center, 8th Street at Brannan Street, San Francisco.

Dr. Dale will be speaking at the Anti-Aging Panel on Saturday, May 1st at 1pm PST in Room 3. She will also be presenting a 45 minute lecture on Sunday, May 2 at 4pm PST. Dr. Dale's booth number at the expo is #826. Call Rhonda Grossman (800.219.1261) to set up your free 10 minute appointment to be tested by Dr. Dale with non-invasive NeuroPhysical Testing, a hands-on technique that she developed.

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Health Freedom Expo, Chicago, June 4-6, 2010
We loved helping you at the Health Freedom Expo. If you missed the Health Freedom Expo, Long Beach, we will be at Chicago's Health Freedom Expo June 4-6, 2010. Dr. Dale will be lecturing on Saturday at 12 noon and Sunday at 4pm. The attendees of Dr. Dale's lectures can received a free 10 minute appointment with Dr. Dale. Make your appointments with Rhonda at 800.219.1261.

Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit

New Organic and Wild Crafted Formulas!

Over the past 25 years, I have researched methods to safely eliminate gallstones, decongest and detoxify the liver while supporting the immune system. The culmination of this research is this powerful kit with gentle formulas.

One of the functions of the liver is to conjugate hormones, moving the hormones into the blood for usage. Therefore, liver congestion can be a cause of hormonal problems including hot flashes, irregular menstrual cycle, premenopausal symptoms, headaches and skin conditions, obesity. Many times, serious health conditions are healed including drug addiction and obesity.

The most effective results occur when all the filtering organs are gently detoxified simultaneous so none of the organs are burdened. This kit will gently cleanse the blood and all filtering organs, while boosting your immune system, as no other method can, and is especially helpful for toxic individuals who are having serious challenges with their health.

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When a person decides to detoxify or cleanse their body there are very important steps to keep in mind.

1. Find a gentle natural method that will not have severe side effects.
2. Decide on the length of time you wish to cleanse.

Please read the following information before doing any type of cleansing. Included are options and information to help you make the correct choice.

Do You Need To Do A Cleanse?

  1. Have less than 1 bowel movement per meal eaten?
  2. Are you more than 10 pounds over weight?
  3. Are you tired and sluggish?
  4. Do you have food allergies?
  5. Do you crave breads or sugary sweets?
  6. Do you rarely exercise?
  7. Does your skin breakout?
  8. Do you have bad breath?
  9. Do you have to mask body odor with a scent?
  10. Never done an inner body cleanse before?
  11. Do you eat dairy products?
  12. Do you need caffeine to get up?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above or yes to #1, #2 or #10 you should use the Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit or the Method 2 below before you administer the Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit.

Method 2

A Three-Month Cleanse
The First Month

Some people feel that their body is extremely toxic; therefore, you may want a longer and slower cleanse. In this case, you may start your cleanse 5 days a week as follows.

Take the Kidney Pro, Liver Pro and Colon Pro for one month as follows:

* 2 to 3 Colon Pro twice daily before or during meals.
* 3 Liver Pro, three times per day 5 days a week..
* 3 Kidney Pro, three times a day 5 days a week

The Second Month

After one month you can add the Whole Body Pro for one month.

* Two Whole Body Pro twice daily
* 1, 2 or 3 Colon Pro taken with the Whole Body Pro according to how sluggish your bowel is.
* You may continue to use the Kidney and Liver Pro during this time in equal quantity of each tablet.

The Third Month

Follow the same regime as the second month.

After the third month, you can add the Deep Cleanse Kit as described under PRODUCTS. Follow the directions on the Whole Body Deep Cleanse kit for usage.

The Kidney Pro, Liver Pro and Colon Pro

These formulas are designed to eliminate impurities over a 3-month period.

The Products Function
Colon Pro: Moves the bowel. It is a bowel cleanser not just a laxative and for best results, use with the Whole Body Pro. Due to the increased movement it aids the body in healing the bowel.

Whole Body Pro: Bulks the stool as it alleviates waste that is lodged through out the system (cellular cleanse).

Liver Pro: Resets or activates the liver (turns it on) thus affecting bile secretions that acts in the bowel as a stimulant and stool softener.

Kidney Pro: Resets or activates the kidneys (turns them on), adrenal glands and pancreas. The kidneys regulate fluid usage and movement though out the system.

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April 15, 2010

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

Raw NattoKinase
Cholest Low


New Lower Price for Whole Body Deep Cleanse kit 220.00

Buy 3 of any one item and receive 1 free:

Digest Pro
Colon Pro
Liver Pro
Kidney Pro

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Shelf Life for Nutritional Products: 2.5 years

Shelf Life for Homeopathic Products: 5 years