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Announcing our NEW HCG SLIM Homeopathic formula
with Diet

You have heard about the HCG Diet? Read about the complications and side effects of that diet below and on our website.

This plan will help you lose weight and keep it off. It's the most complete protocol and healthy diet available anywhere. You will feel great!

What is the HCG SLIM Kit? Click here for the Diet and Program
HCG signals the hypothalamus (area of the brain that affects metabolism) to mobilize fat stores. In pregnancy, this helps the body bring nutrients into the placenta, fueling the fetus with the energy to grow.

HCG SLIM Homeopathic Medicine (Fibonacci Series) & the following diet and exercise.

  • No injections required. Simple homeopathic HCG drops under tongue!
  • This is a more effective and healthier HCG diet that doctors charge $700 for!
  • No Hunger on the HCG diet
  • HCG is a natural hormone/protein type of substance!
  • Exercise should be moderate to reduce weight: walking, yoga, elliptical.
  • HCG is actually GOOD for you! May prevent breast cancer!
  • HCG resets your hypothalamus so that your weight reduction is lasting!
  • HCG is safe for women, teenagers AND men

What You Are Not Being Told!

What they are not telling is that the caffeine you drink neutralizes homeopathic medicine and thus the homeopathic HCG remedy will not be effective. In all homeopathic treatment, caffeine is contraindicated and is not permitted, as it is known to neutralize the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine. In other words, homeopathy does not work if you drink or eat caffeine.

The 500-calorie diet plan that people are trying along with injections of actual HCG is very unhealthy. You may lose weight, not keep it off and at what expense? This is unhealthy as your body can start eating up muscle and you don't want to go there.

Your metabolism is being excited and amped up; adrenals are exhausted and dehydrated with caffeine from Coffee and Tea. If you have lost weight on the HCG diet, it's from the diet and caffeine and can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

500-calories per day is severely restrictive! In fact, it is not enough calories to support normal brain function. Your body will compensate by using stores of glycogen, protein (muscle) and some fat, which lowers your resting metabolism. Before you can lose true weight, you will be so irritable, lightheaded, and cranky that you'll reach for whatever food you can get your hands on and have a field day.

How Does HCG work?

HCG works by stimulating the body to burn fat, which ought to be the natural reaction to being overweight or obese. However, in people who suffer from these conditions-particularly obesity-the natural response of burning rather than storing unneeded fat has gotten impeded somehow. Obese people can often diet and exercise until they're almost literally blue in the face and not be able to burn that excess abnormal fat. HCG prompts the body to start burning.

So, is HCG safe?

Yes, if used in the right potency, HCG in its homeopathic sublingual form is very safe-and certainly safer than most, if not all, other dietary aids on the market.

Homeopathic medicines don't react with conventional medicines. The greatest danger when taking homeopathic and conventional remedies concurrently is that the physiologically disruptive effects of the conventional drug on the body will negate the effects of the homeopathic, since the drug will interrupt the body's natural processes. It won't react to the homeopathic substance as it normally would. What does sublingual mean? It simply means taken under the tongue. You administer the liquid through a dropper directly under your tongue. Rather than swallowing it, the sublingual method actually causes it to be absorbed more directly into your system, through the tissue in your mouth rather than being subjected to the turmoil of the digestive system. Don't worry if you put it on your tongue just hold it in your mouth and don't swallow it right away.  Click here for more information.

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May 28, 2010

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

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