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Do you want to Revitalize Your Hormones?

Dr. Dale has over 20,000 before and after test results proving the efficacy of her Hormone Rejuvenation program! Call for more information.

Are You Depressed by your Weight?

Homeopathic Safe & Effective hCG SLIM kit, protocol and diet!
If your issue is your weight our new cutting-edge hCG SLIM (homeopathy) protocol, new diet and kit for obesity and weight loss will guide you to success.

Along with the hCG Slim kit and protocol we would suggest our effective Detoxification program.

Did you know that the more fat you have on your body, the more toxic you are?

You see toxins are stored in fat, therefore, you need to detoxify all the filtering organs. This is the foundation of health, therefore, I would recommend the "Whole Body Deep Cleanse" kit or the "Slow Detoxification Program". How would you know which one to start with? If you have had long-standing chronic inflamation, or a chronic illness; choose the "Slow Detoxification Program" for two or three months. After completing the "Slow Detoxification Program", start the "Whole Body Deep Cleanse" kit. Click here to read more about both of them.

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Dr. Dale¹s Nano Ionic Minerals

  • Cell ready-assimilated into the human cell, not just the blood stream
  • Ionic-possesses and electrical charge
  • Water soluble-mineral angstrom sized particles in an aqueous solution
  • There are no heavy metals and they go immediately into the bone.
  • Have an extremely high absorption rate.
  • Contains no fillers, binders, preservatives

Multiple Minerals
Boron, calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese,
potassium, selenium, silica, sulphur, zinc

Immune Formula
Zinc, selenium, sulphur, silver

Bone Formula
Boron, Calcium, copper magnesium, manganese, silica, sulphur, zinc

Joint Formula
Silica, sulphur

Nano Ionic Silica

Nano Ionic Magnesium

New Advanced BioAge Reverse

The Advanced Formula is an orchestration of all homeopathic ingredients that brings a new level of efficacy to rejuvenation.

It is designed to accelerate the innate capabilities of homeopathic HGH by blending synergistic high potency homeopathic remedies that address every aspect of healthy human growth hormone production; gently, safely and effectively.

Integrating growth hormone with 12 other remedies, the Advanced Formula delivers a potency far greater than the sum of its elements, promoting faster, deeper and longer lasting results. Click here for more information.

New Formula helps Symptoms of Aging!

  • Relieve Aging Symptoms
  • Encourage GH Release
  • Increase GH Production
  • Improve GH Assimilation
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Fat
  • Improve Memory
  • Renew and Replenish

Revitalize Your Hormones

Dr. Dale's 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier and Sexier You.

A scientifically proven, 100 percent natural program to safely restore hormone balance in women. Wary of recent studies that warn of the dangers of artificial hormones, more and more women are looking for alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. According to naturopathic physician Theresa Dale, there is no safe way to replace a woman's hormones. But, as she explains in her new book, women's bodies naturally know how to produce optimal amounts of hormones-women simply need to learn how to stimulate them naturally to do so. She reveals how in her step-by-step, scientifically proven program, which includes a whole body detoxification plan, a hormone-revitalizing diet, stress management techniques, and advice for healing through homeopathy. Click Here.

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July 29, 2010


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HCG SLIM Homeopathic Fibonacci Series 


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