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NEW! For The General Public Hormone Rejuvenation Class with Dr. Theresa Dale
Starting November 1, 2010. How to Balance Hormones Naturally & Safely!

6 week audio class phone conference.
1.5 hours per week.
$199.00 for the entire series.
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Members of our Wellness Optimization Club are invited to schedule a physical office appointment with Dr. Dale in Ventura, California. Call Debra for the appointment: 805.641.0001

Note from Dr. Dale
Today, consider how celebrating your life (everything and everyone in it) brings you "in integrity with the soul". By celebrating your life you can easily communicate from the soul that you are and not identities or unpreferred belief system. My 6 week Hormone Rejuvenation Training (open to the general public) will help you move out of depression and negativity into a celebration of your life and permanent prosperity. You will learn how and why this level of expression has a direct effect on your aging and hormone rejuvenation. A life that is not in celebration is a life not in integrity with the soul.

Dr. Theresa Dale Will Be Hosting A New Radio Show at BBS RADIO
Date: Thursday, September 30th - Adrenal Cortisol Levels & Hormones
Time: 5 PM Pacific Time
Call in Number: 218-486-8700
Access Code: 878787#
To listen on line: Station 2 - Stargate Round

Upcoming Events

Join US At The Parker Seminar In Dallas, September 23-25
We will be exhibiting at the Parker Seminar in Dallas, September 23-25, 2010. The seminar will be held in the heart of Dallas at the Dallas Fairmont Hotel located at 1717 North Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75201. Please join us at this elegant hotel for a five-star experience!

Bioneers Conference, October 15-17th, San Rafael, CA
Meet Dr. Theresa Dale at the Bioneers Conference, October 15-17th - Marin Civic Center - San Rafael Ca. You can receive a free 10 minute appointment to be tested by Dr. Dale with non-invasive NeuroPhysical Testing, a hands-on technique that she developed. Call Rhonda Grossman (800-219-1261) to set up your free 10 minute appointment. For complete conference details visit:

Free Clinic! Where? The Bioneers Conference, October 15-17th, San Rafael, CA

Visit The Health And Body Expo Saturday, December 18
LAX Marriott Hotel 58550West Century Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90045 Dr. Dale will be lecturing on the following subjects: Get the Facts about Hormone Replacement vs Rejuvenation! Balance ALL Neurological Disorders!

Do you want to Revitalize Your Hormones?
Dr. Dale has over 20,000 before and after test results proving the efficacy of her Hormone Rejuvenation program! Call 800-219-1261. Click here for more information.

Revitalize Your Hormones - Book
Dr. Dale's 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier and Sexier You.
A scientifically proven, 100 percent natural program to safely restore hormone balance in women. Wary of recent studies that warn of the dangers of artificial hormones, more and more women are looking for alternatives to hormone replacement therapy. According to naturopathic physician Theresa Dale, there is no safe way to replace a woman's hormones. But, as she explains in her new book, women's bodies naturally know how to produce optimal amounts of hormones-women simply need to learn how to stimulate them naturally to do so. She reveals how in her step-by-step, scientifically proven program, which includes a whole body detoxification plan, a hormone-revitalizing diet, stress management techniques, and advice for healing through homeopathy.
Click here to order.

Flu Vaccine Urged For Pregnant Women
Officials urge health care providers to advise pregnant women who are at an increased risk of the harmful effects of influenza infection to receive the flu vaccine. Read more here and see who is backing this farce.

Note from Dr. Dale:
There have not been any positive studies about pregnant women getting the flu vaccine in any form. It may not even protect them. But it certainly can pose physical harm to the fetus and the mom... Avoid Big Pharma Vaccines; use homeopathy if you are concerned about exposure to influenzinum A, B or C. Click here.

New! BioFilm Detox
Available in three weeks!
Price $44.95 (120 veggies caps)

A New Approach To Treating Chronic Gastrointestinal Infections. Remember that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. When our immune system is weak, pathogens find a way to set up residence in our body and GI tract. In order to evade the immune system and survive in a
hostle, toxic environment, these bugs produce a slimy substance called biofilm.

This biofilm surrounds and protects the bad bugs like an impenetrable fortress allowing them to thrive and reproduce. As they reproduce, they continue to produce their toxic byproducts that may have detrimental effects on the health of the host without the host even realizing the bugs are there.

Are You Struggling with Chronic Lyme Disease or Other Difficult Pathological Conditions?
This may be the answer to overcoming serious health concerns.

Biofilms in the normal human large bowel: fact rather than fiction!
Studies from a variety of scientific fields point at the importance of biofilms in the gut. For example, Jeffrey Gordon and colleagues,1 evaluating data from immunologists, environmental engineers and glycobiologists, proposed that "symbionts inhabiting the polysaccharide-rich mucus gel layer overlying the gut epithelium constitute a biofilm-like community and that retention in such a matrix benefits the host by promoting functions served by the microbiota, including digestion of luminal contents and fortification of host defenses." Read more here.

Fish or Frankenfish?
FDA weighs altered salmon.  Click here for more info. 

Note from Dr. Dale:
I would seriously recommend that no one eats genetically modified foods or fish. Consequences could be immune burden and more.

New Affiliate Program

We are happy to introduce our new Affiliate Program. If you would like to become an affiliate you will receive a 5% Commission on all sales that are generated from having our link on your website. If you are interested, please
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September 22, 2010


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Slow Detox - Buy 3 month supply of the Slow Detox and receive a $25.00 discount.

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