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Headlines, Hype and Actions
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a $58 million award to three Nevada women who claimed they suffered breast cancer after taking menopause drugs.

The court rejected an appeal from drug maker Pfizer Inc., whose Wyeth Pharmaceuticals unit manufactured Premarin and Prempro medications.

More than 6 million women took hormone replacement drugs before a study in 2002 linked them to cancer.

The Nevada Supreme Court last November upheld an award to Arlene Rowatt, Jeraldine Scofield and Pamela Forrester, who separately had sued Wyeth in Washoe County District Court in 2004.

They were granted $134.6 million in 2007 after a jury trial, but the award later was reduced by court order. Forrester and Rowatt died after the trial "of causes unrelated to the litigation," their attorneys said.

The drug maker argued the case should be sent back for a new trial. Without commenting, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The $58 million is the largest award to be upheld on appeal from the hormone replacement drug lawsuits. Click here for more. 

Dr. Dale's Article on Vaccines  Click here to download.

Don't Give This to Your Daughter - Despite What Your Doctor Says
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Note from Dr. Dale: To minimize the negative effects of vaccines and/or eliminate them completely use homeopathic formulas that are made from the vaccine. There is nothing that will work like this. Call us at 800 219 1261

Action Alert: New Legislation Would Expand HSA and FSA Coverage of Dietary Supplements 
Please Support S. 1098 and HR. 2010, currently in committee in the US Congress. These new bills would expand "eligible medical expenses" in the IRS code to include herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, meal replacement products, and other dietary and nutritional supplements. Further details, and an easy means to contact your US Senator and Representative to voice your support, click here.

Junk Food Damages Brain's Weight & Appetite Controllers
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CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride
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Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past
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Latest Research on BHRT and HRT
Not Bio-Identical: Compounded "bioidentical hormones" are plant-derived hormones that pharmacists prepare and label as drugs. The products are claimed to be biochemically similar or identical to those produced by the ovaries or body. However, the relevant chemicals (steroids) in plants are not identical to those in humans. To make products that work in humans, raw materials from the plants must be converted to human hormones synthetically. Thus, to the extent that they are potent, the "bioidentical" products would pose the same risks as those of standard hormones-plus whatever problems might be introduced during compounding.

Estrogen in Your Water: Environmental and public health advocates, scientists, and the public have been increasingly concerned about the presence of synthetic estrogens (manmade chemicals that act like estrogen) in waterways and drinking water - and with good cause. Reproductive tract abnormalities in fish, and rising infertility rates among both women and men, have been linked to the presence of this class of chemicals in the environment.  Click here to read more.

Pfiizer Lost
The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal Monday by Pfizer Inc.'s Wyeth unit of a $58 million Nevada judgment in favor of three women who claimed they developed breast cancer due to their use of the company's hormone-therapy drugs. Read more

Adverse Side Effects BHRT
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