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November 16, 2011
Dear Valued Customer,


DCA Cures Cancer?… Read more here 

Dichloroacetic acid, 

often abbreviated DCA, is the chemical compound with formula CHCl2COOH. It is an acid, an analogue of acetic acid, in which two of the three hydrogen atoms of the methyl group have been replaced by chlorine atoms. 

The salts and esters of dichloroacetic acid are called dichloroacetates. Salts of DCA have been studied as potential drugs because they inhibit the enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase.

Cancer cells change the way they metabolize oxygen in a way that promotes their survival. In laboratory studies of isolated cancer cells grown in tissue culture, DCA restores the original metabolism, and promotes their self-destruction. 

This has led to the use of DCA for treating cancer, by individuals experimenting with it themselves, by doctors administering it to patients as a non-approved drug, by scientists testing it in cancer tissue cultures in cell culture and in mice, and in human Phase II studies. DCA has improved certain biochemical parameters, but it has not demonstrated improved survival.

Check this Out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LXH-TJYS5w

What are Senescent Cells?

 In a potentially fundamental advance, researchers have opened up a novel approach to combating the effects of aging with the discovery that a special category of cells, known as senescent cells, are bad actors that promote the aging of the tissues. Cleansing the body of the cells, they hope, could postpone many of the diseases of aging.

The findings raise the prospect that any therapy that rids the body of senescent cells would protect it from the ravages of aging. But many more tests will be needed before scientists know if drugs can be developed to help people live longer.

Senescent cells accumulate in aging tissues, like arthritic knees, cataracts and the plaque that may line elderly arteries. The cells secrete agents that stimulate the immune system and cause low-level inflammation. Until now, there has been no way to tell if the presence of the cells is good, bad or indifferent.  

Rid of the senescent cells, the Mayo Clinic researchers reported online Wednesday in the journal Nature, the mice''s tissues showed a major improvement in the usual burden of age-related disorders. Read more 

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Product Spotlight

What You can Do NOW… from Dr. Dale:

Senescent Cells are just the beginning of the discoveries regarding aging.  To cleanse the body of toxins of all kinds detoxification every 6 months is necessary. 

  • Whole Body Deep Cleanse or the Slow Cleanse every 6 months is necessary for healthy people as well as those suffering from physical or mental challenges.
  • The Raw Nattokinase and BioFilm Detox will dissolve fibrin and the acceleration of the inflammatory process and disease associated with aging.  Using these two products 5 days per week, would help you dissolve any fibrin and eliminate for the most part any inflammation. Test dosages or follow directions on the label.

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