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Your new contact for ordering is Rhonda Grossman, CN. Rhonda is a graduate of California College of Natural Medicine and resides in California. Her hours will be 8 to 4 PST. She is trained in our product line and is looking forward to serving you.

The number is the same: 800.219.1261

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MEET THE EXPERTS: Dr. John Gray, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Hyla Cass, JJ Virgin, Beth Greer & Robert Scott Bell, Mariel Hemingway, Dr. Theresa Dale, Ruth Klein, Marcia Weider, Dr. Stuart Garber and Lisa Schneiderman. Ask your questions and hear paradigm-shattering guidance and solutions.

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Why Use Dr. Dale's Lymph Detox Plus?

This powerful yet gentle drainage remedy is essential in "moving" lymph and allowing the body's energy channels, organs, and glands to detoxify. A stagnant lymph system is present in all states of disease and obesity.

The most underrated circulatory system in the human body is our Lymphatic System. Most health practitioners never consider the critical role lymph plays in preventing sickness or the critical role it plays in keeping us healthy!

The Lymph System is a vital circulatory system and the body's primary immune defense and waste eliminator system; it is critical to managing the elimination of toxins from our body. It contains over 600 'collection' sites called 'lymph nodes' and has a network of collecting vessels, making it even more extensive than the venous system. Our Lymphatic System is primarily responsible for carrying disease-fighting material to cells attacked by germs, transporting the dead germs away, and supplying protein-rich plasma fluid back to the heart. When this system is blocked, we become defenseless against attacks by viruses, fungi and bacterium. It is difficult to lose and maintain weight and have a healthy body if your lymph is stagnant.

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Are Your Emotions Making You Sick?
by Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

Have you ever heard someone say "I'm sick and tired..."? They probably are, or will be! Usually when people make such a statement they are experiencing some kind of stress or emotional aggravation. Heightened emotional states -- especially the kind which we do not want to experience -- create a perfect breeding ground for illness. It was through my practice, seeing case after case that I began to note the increasingly obvious relationship between resistance to experiencing feelings and emotions, and disease.

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Fluoride Is Toxic

• Is your city's drinking water fluoridated?
• Did you know fluoride can cause many adverse health affects?
• Would you like to know more about the health issues caused by fluoride?

Find out Now!
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September 10, 2009

Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN

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Buy two of any of the following and get one free!
Colon Pro
Kidney Pro
Liver Pro
Whole Body Pro