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“Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn”, rejuvenation formulas contain natural substances that actually work.  Why?  The natural effective ingredients, the absorbability, the base, and the fact that these products are freshly made in small batches are just a few of the reasons why these exceptional products are Beyond anything in the market today.  NuFem® Skyn fills the niche for the most effective skin care products made that are effective, natural and safe.

For example, “Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn Rejuvenating Cleanser and Toner”, thoroughly cleans the skin without stripping the essential natural oils from the skin. When you strip the natural oils from the skin, the immune system suffers, as these precious oils protect the skin and body.  There are many brands of skin care that are labeled organic and natural, however, that does not mean they are safe or will work to achieve major improvement in your skin.

“Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn Homeopathic Serum” is formulated to actually heal the skin penetrating to the deepest layers to assist in the healing of warts, spots, scars, wrinkles while helping to build collagen.  This is truly an anti-aging product that contains homeopathic cell salts, HGH, vitamins (Vitamin A, and D), Hyaluronate NA, for tightening, firming and toning along with the powerful amino acid Proline for increased skin elasticity.  All of the ingredients are homeopathic. In addition, it contains the most effective delivery system on the planet.

Addressing the paradigm of real healing, we add to Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn healing system “Beyond Moisture Elixir”.  This formula is the highest grade, most potent anti-aging rejuvenation cream available today.  Containing the best anti-aging vitamins such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, Vitamin E and C, the herb Gotu Kola and Ginseng, the nutrient Aloe Vera, essential oils, and the amazing base below; this formula is truly a cutting-edge formula unlike any other.

“Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn, Rejuvenating Deep Peel” will gently decrease pore size, increase circulation, help break-outs and acne, tone and firm your skin in just 10 minutes per week.  This formula is safe and effective; skin feels smoother, tighter, and younger.  Free radical scavengers protect the skin from aging.

You will really appreciate the effectiveness and the absorbability of NuFem®Skyn’s ingredients by understanding one of the most crucial aspects of any skin care ~ the foundation or base.  The base of most skin care products whether you pay $10.00 or $100.00 is usually made of cheap, ineffective toxic ingredients, which you would NOT want absorbed in your skin.  The purpose and function of our foundation or base is to emulsify, preserve and hold stable in the tiny liposome cells all of the functional healing ingredients and then carry them deep into your skin at the moment of application. Our products contain high-end natural ingredients and a health-giving natural base carrier to reach the deep dermal layers.

Now, you understand why it is critical to use a biocompatible base that supports great healthy skin.

Dr. Dale’s NuFem® Skyn product base is so effective and safe it is used as a natural oral treatment and a carrier for nutritional supplements in the medical field, so we know exactly what it will do for your skin.

NuFem® Skyn’s base is a blend of highly refined essential phospholipids (EPL), natural substances that form the outer membranes of living cells. These naturally occurring lipids include phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidylethanolamine, as well as linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, and are encapsulated in nanometer-size liposomes for complete intestinal absorption. EPL plays a role in cellular energy production, intracellular communication, and in maintaining cell membrane fluidity and integrity. EPL is involved in enzymatic processes that are a crucial part of cholesterol metabolism, transportation and elimination, and numerous clinical trials have confirmed that it supports blood lipids within normal levels. EPL may potentially support healthy platelet aggregation, cardiovascular health, peripheral brain circulation and exercise tolerance.

Phospholipids are vital to basic biological processes. They play roles in cellular energy production, cellular DNA information flow to RNA and to other proteins, intracellular communication (signal transduction), and in maintaining cell membrane integrity. The essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can “fluidize” the cellular membranes, warding off the decline of cellular membrane repair function. This is of key importance in keeping our cells youthful, and supporting the function of the liver, and the circulatory, nervous and immune systems.

Formulated by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, NP, CCN.

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