Preparing for the Whole Body Deep Cleanse

Preparing for the Whole Body Deep Cleanse

Total Length of Program: 13 Days

Your goal is to help your body grow younger through detoxification of your organs and help regulate your bowels. Constipation is referred to in this flush but many people do not know how many times your bowels should move in order to be regular. Here is a simple guideline to help you.

  1. Constipation:  when you do not move your bowels at least once a day.  More Whole Body Pro and less Colon Pro are needed.
  2. Severe constipation:  move your bowels only three to four times per week. More Colon Pro are needed, read below.

You must purify the body and prepare the gallbladder, liver and kidney to detoxify. Please take the following formulas as directed below and continue them during the 5-day flush below.

Days 1-5: take the following to prep the body for detoxification.

The Whole Body Pro and Colon Pro listed below must be adjusted according to the severity of constipation. The longer constipation exists more Colon Pro and fewer Whole Body Pro are required. For example, if you take one Colon Pro twice daily and two Whole Body Pro three times per day, morning and evening, and you get diarrhea then cut down to one Colon Pro per day and continue the Two Whole Body Pro three times per day. However, some people have great success with taking the two Colon Pro per day and increasing the Whole Body Pro to three, 3 x per day. Some people take ½ capsule of Colon Pro with 2 – three times daily of the Whole Body Pro.

3 Kidney Pro 3 times per day- upon rising, with lunch & one hour before bedtime.
3 Liver Pro 3 times per day- upon rising, with lunch & one hour before bedtime.
2 Whole Body Pro 3 times per day- upon rising, with lunch & one hour before bedtime
1/2 – 4 Colon Pro 2x times daily morning & before bedtime
Mind, Body, Meridian Remedy #2 Gallbladder & #6 Liver 5 drops of each liquid homeopathic remedy between meals once daily, at different times.

Day 6: Take one day off to rest the body. Do not take the herbs or the homeopathic remedies.

Gallbladder & Liver Flush

Day 7 through 10: Now, continue the same protocol for (4) more days. See day 9 below for more instructions.

NOTE: Eat three meals per day; organic and healthy if possible (see recommendations below). If you are chronically constipated you may include two enemas or one colonic the week of the flush.

If stools are less frequent than normal cut down on the Whole Body Pro or increase the amount of the Colon Pro.

If stools are liquid cut back on the Colon Pro or increase the amount of the Whole Body Pro used.

IMPORTANT: Use a calendar to time the 10 days so that you do the actual flush on aSaturday evening. This is a good time to plan the flush so that you are near a toilet. Since the entire body dumps its toxins into the blood, you will also be detoxifying the kidneys, blood and colon.

Days 11-13

Continue taking the products above. Please eat a light breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • On day 11, 12, & 13 (day of the flush): mix 1/2 ounce of Ortho-Phos in one quart of diluted (use pure water) organic unfiltered apple juice or grapefruit juice and drink the entire quart each dayincluding the day you drink the olive oil cocktail (Day 13 – the last day). Drink the Ortho-Phos and apple juice combination between meals. If you have Candida, use the Candida-Ease formula according to the label twice daily between meals.

Day 13Day of the Flush (5 Steps Today)

  • Step 1. Please eat a light breakfast & lunch.
  • Step 2. Approximately 6:00 p.m. take one teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in about 3/4 cup of warm water. The taste may be objection-able and may be followed by four ounces of freshly squeezed lemon, orange or grapefruit juice. One Tablespoon full of Magnesium Citrate in powder form may be used instead of Epsom salts but may not work as well or as quickly. The Epsom Salt is best for major colon detoxifica-tion to prepare the release of gelatinous or hardened gallstones.
  • Step 3. Waiting two hours, and at approximately 8:00 p.m. repeat Step 2.
  • Step 4. Approximately 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. BLEND 1/2 cup of warm, unrefined virgin olive oil and 3/4 cup lemon, lime or grapefruit juice. Blend it and drink it all.
  • Step 5. Immediately go to bed and lie on your right side for 30 minutes. Then you can lie flat if you want. Do not get up. Go to sleep.

Day 14: Eliminate taking all of the products today.

  • 6:00 a.m. the next morning, take one teaspoons of Epsom salts dissolved in 3/4 cup of warm water. You can go back to bed.
  • 8:00 a.m. repeat the previous step.
  • 10:00 a.m. you may eat watermelon or berries (organic). You may eat a light lunch and a normal dinner.

Is that all there is to this Detoxification?

After completing this kit, there are special recommendations below. Many patients may need to continue a maintenance program after the 13 day Deep Cleanse Kit is completed.

My recommendation is to stop using the herbs for one week to one month and then start the modified maintenance program below for two or three months. If you have a chronic health issue then you may want to increase the dosages below.

The maintenance program would include the following:

  • Mind, Body, Meridian Remedy #2 Gallbladder: To detoxify the gallbladder and the emotion resentment. Five drops per day, three times per week for two months. (Empty stomach)
  • Mind, Body, Meridian Remedy #6 Liver: To detoxify the liver and the emotions anger, frustration and rage. Five drops per day, three times per week for two months. (Empty stomach)
  • Whole Body Blood Cleanser & Immune Support:
    To cleanse and purify the entire body and blood. Two capsules two times per day; 5 days per week (empty stomach).
  • Liver Pro: 
    To cleanse and purify the Liver. Three capsules twice daily; 5 days per week (empty stomach)
  • Kidney Pro:
    To Cleanse and Purify the Kidneys. Three capsules twice daily; 5 days per week (empty stomach)
  • Colon Pro: 
    To Cleanse and Purify the Colon. 1/2 to 3 capsules, one or two time per day; taken at the same time as the Whole Body Pro (empty stomach).

Congratulations, You Did It!

What to expect! 

After the flush is completed, you may experience gallstone detoxification for the next three days. You can expect a watery stool in the morning.

Some patients have reported slight to moderate nausea when taking the olive oil/lemon juice cocktail. This nausea will slowly disappear by the time you go to sleep. If the olive oil induces vomiting, you need not repeat the procedure at this time. Wait a week then repeat the procedure above. This occurs only in rare instances.

Patients who have chronically suffered from gallstones, biliousness, backaches, nausea, etc. occasionally find small gallstone type objects in the stool the following day. These objects, green and brown pea size stones. They are very irregular in shape, may be gelatinous in texture, and vary in size from grape seed to cherry seeds. If there seems to be a large number of these objects in the stool, the liver flush can be repeated in two to three months. Sometimes the bile ducts contain crystals make of cholesterol, which do not form into stones. They may appear as shiny crystals floating on the top of the water.

Please consult your personal health care professional for a diagnosis, if symptoms persist or if you have questions.

You should expect one (1) elimination per meal consumed. Initially (for 3 to 4 days) stools may occur more frequently, 4 or even 5 times a day as the body throws off old waste.

Eliminate the following to help with healing candida and overall detoxification:
  • Vinegar
  • Dairy products
  • Fermented foods
  • Fried food (as these coat the liver)
  • Caffeine (which incapacitates and dehydrates both the liver and kidneys and stresses the adrenal glands)
  • All oils should be greatly cut down or cut back during this cleanse. (As these coat the liver)
  • Deserts
  • Breads
  • Junk Food
  • Sugar
  • Animal Products
  • Alcohol

Water intake
70 to 90 ounces a day (can be more depending on environment and activity level).


If you don’t own a juicer, they are readily available in major department stores.  An easy way to get started is to get a Juiceman which is more than adequate to juice all vegetables and fruits.  For optimum overall health, juicing daily will keep you feeling good and enhance your energy level.

This ORGANIC juice recipe is an adjunct to this flush, but is not a requirement.  You may find that drinking 16 ounces per day will do wonders for your body and skin.

1 medium size carrot


1/2 tsp ginger root

1 medium size beet


1/4 apple



4 or 5 sprigs of cilantro to taste

collard greens


Garlic to taste

NOTE: If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have blood sugar problems, eliminate the apple and the carrot.

All RAW, organic, wild-crafted in veggie caps.   

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