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Why Join the Pro Wellness Private Membership Association?

A legal private Health Freedom, Health Care Membership Association has been formed to expand our services to Members only.

Pro Wellness Private Membership Association is a new environment for education and gives Members and Dr. Dale the opportunity to have detailed conversations about health care for your patients and includes the following.

  • Private membership protection, PMA – Our members’ list is not discoverable, which means your contact information will be private and protected from anyone or any organization. If you are not a Member of a legal PMA, organizations or entities can legally access all your contact information from any company that does not have a legal PMA.

The Membership Club Services: The Pro Wellness Private Membership Club offers special services, trainings, and discounts above. You Pay dues to maintain the Club online and for updates, services, discounts, and education above and to add more services and education to the above list. It also offers protection between Dr. Dale and the member of the PMA. You can pay the dues yearly or monthly. The dues are $700.00 annually. Discounts below apply.

  • Dr. Dale’s Professional Educational Protocols including Custom Protocols for your patients.
  • website where you will find all of Dr. Dale’s protocols for you to download.
  • Product Education
  • Tech support for your lab tests
  • Discounted private in-office consultation for Members ONLY
  • Bio Resonance Custom Therapy for Pro Wellness Members
  • Custom DNA Formula, homeopathic remedy.
  • Membership is renewable each year.

Note: $20.00 One-time Lifetime Membership fee in the Pro Wellness Private Membership Association (PMA) is included in the Membership Club Dues, however, the above services are offered ONLY as part of the ProWellnessPMA Membership Club dues.

*Please finish registering after completing the application by submitting payment using the “Pay now” button below:


Dr. Dale does not share your name or her mailing lists with any organization

other than her main distributor who will be mailing your information.
Thank you! For more information call: 800-219-1261

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