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Radiation Homeopathic Formula

•   EMF & EMR

•   Nuclear Radiation

•   X-rays: mammograms, dental, chiropractic, any xrays.

Let’s identify what the various types of Radiation are and the sources!


  EMF means Electro Magnetic Field. EMR means Electro Magnetic Radiation. EMF is broad term which includes electric fields generated by charged particles, magnetic fields generated by charged particles in motion, and radiated fields such as TV, radio, and microwaves.  Electric fields are measured in units of Volts per meter or V/m.  Magnetic fields are measured in milli-Gauss or mG.  The field is always strongest near the source and diminishes as you move away from the source.  These energies have the ability to influence particles at great distances.  For example, the radiation from a radio tower influences the atoms within a distant radio antenna, allowing it to pick up the signal.

•     Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR):  Radiation is made up of oscillating electric and magnetic fields and propagated with the speed of light.  Includes gamma radiation, X-rays,ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation, and radar andradio waves.

•     Electro-Pollution is insidious and affects all of us in so many ways……and yet, we often do not make the connection between our compromised functioning and exposure to the world of EMF/EMR and Wireless technology.  Computers, portable cordless phones, cell phone, electronics, cell towers, WiFI, are all suspect when it comes to our health, neurotransmitter balance, and a compromised immune system.

The Effects

•     On biological tissue:  This remains the most controversial aspect of the EMF issue with virtually all scientists agreeing that more research is necessary to determine safe or dangerous levels.  Iron, necessary for healthy blood and stored in the brain, is also highly effected by EMF.

•     The permeability of the cell membrane of our nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs are affected.

•     The intricate DNA of the chromosomes has been shown to be effected by EMF’s as well.  In fact, throughout our bodies, every biochemical process involves precisely choreographed movement of EMF-sensitive atoms, molecules, and ions.


The Danger

•      After more than 25 years of intensive study, the health and safety conscious Swedish government has established a safety limit for exposure to ELF magnetic field at 2.5 mG, and VLF magnetic fields at only 0.25 mG.

•      Although the U.S. government has been slower to act in establishing its own standards, the Swedish standard is generally accepted throughout the world.   What this possibly means is that if someone consistently experiences exposure which exceeds the standard, that person could be at risk for developing health problems which can range from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness to skin rashes, miscarriages and neuro-endocrine disruptors, leukemia, and cancer.  In fact, numerous court cases where plaintiffs claim to have been injured by EMF’s are now in progress.

•      Even though the controversy of conflicting scientific studies persists, it seems strange that cigarettes and alcohol are packaged with warnings we already know about, and the sodium, fat, and cholesterol content of foods must appear on the labels, but NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT THE AVERAGE HAIR DRYER, VACUUM CLEANER, OR CAN OPENER YOU USE EMITS AN AMAZING 300 mG OR MORE!!!


Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

•     Radiation is defined as the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 10 kilohertz (10,000 cycles per second) to 300 gigahertz (300 billion cycles per second).  AM and FM radio, broadcast television, cellular phones and WiFi are all examples of technologies that utilize RF radiation.

•     Cellular networks in the United States typically operate in the 800 megahertz (800 million cycles per second) or 1,900 megahertz range, whereas WiFi most commonly operates at 2.45 gigahertz. Health and environmental concerns are raised both by the power level or intensity of RF radiation emissions, as well as by the characteristics of the signal itself (e.g., its frequency, modulations, and pulses).

•     Review this website:  http://www.microwavenews.com/


Cell Towers

•     Cell Towers that are SENDING information are the harmful ones.

•     Cell Towers that are RECEIVING information are harmless.

•     If you have a cell tower near your residence or your office, find out if it is sending or receiving microwaves.

•     Go to www.antennasearch.com.  You will find  location of cell towers near you and who owns it. Call the company that owns the tower and ask if it is sending or receiving.  Cell towers that send microwaves should be around 3 miles away from your home.

Protocol for Radiation Detoxification

•    Dr. Dale’s Homeopathic Radiation Formula can be effectively used by itself for adults or children.  For adultswho have had much radiation exposure you can also follow this entire protocol for radiation detoxification.

Adult dosage:  5 drops twice daily; 5 days on, two days off. You may only need this formula once per week after using it for two weeks.

Children over 5 years old or those who suffer symptoms that are elusive and have had exposure to the various types of radiation in this document:  Three drops once daily, three to four days per week and then once per month or according to your holistic health providers recommendations. Also include the Lymph Detox three drops two days per week.

•    Lymph Detoxification:  5 drops two times daily, 5 days on and two days off.

•    Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit or the Slow Detoxification that utilizes these products

•    Healthful Organic Diet and Lots of Clean Water

•    Cell Phone usage:  Keep it to a minimum.  Don’t let children use cell phones or put them up to their head. Use the RF airtube headset or a speakerphone; a BioPRo Cell Chip and Universal Chip on Computers and even portable phones. I wear the BioPro pendent when traveling or when using my computer.

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