Dr. Theresa Dale on the Radio

Dr. Theresa Dale is on 2 to 3 radio shows weekly.
Below you find a small overview of the radio audio collection.
Enjoy listening!

Dr. Chandran’s Radio Show
2013-12-10 – About Natural Medicine, hosted by Dr. V Ravi Chandran

EcoFit Health Radio
2013-11-20 – Revitalize Your Hormones – 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, Sexier You! Hosted by Kevin Davis

Blog Talk Radio Rewiring Your Brain
2013-11-15 – Revitalize Your Hormones, hosted by Dr. Rose.

KCTU Jiggy Jaguar Radio
2013-10-11 – The Cause of Health Challenges and how to Revitalize Your Hormones, hosted by James Lowe

Health Professional Radio
2013-10-04 – Training physicians in a wide range of techniques in order to promote better understanding, hosted by Neal Howard

Power Your Life Talk Radio
2013-10-03 – Hosted by Dr. Jo Anne White

WTOE The Kovacs Perspective
2013-09-11 – Getting older, happily. Dr. Theresa Dale is going to discuss aging, health and hormones, and what we can do to stay our youngest. The Dating Goddess will be on to talk about dating after 40, the good and the bad, giving us all her special brand of wisdom.

TTR The Michelle Bond Show
2013-08-13 – Awaken To A New Reality – Learn a revolutionary way to naturally rejuvenate your hormone levels as your body goes through the “change” with Dr. Theresa Dale.

Far Out Radio
2013-07-31 – Hosted by Scott Teeters

KPFK The Aware Show
2013-02-27 – Viruses & Bacteria

Nick Lawrence Show
2012-12-01 – About Your Hormones, recorded in Santa Cruz

Blog Talk Radio
2012-09-05 – Hosted by Donna Crow

KTRN Radio Show
2011-03-17 – Revitalize Your Hormones

Dr. Theresa Dale Radio Show
2010-09-30 – Adrenal, Cortisol Levels & Hormones

BBC Radio
2010-09-09 – Balance Your Hormones Safely

Dr. Theresa Dale Radio Show
2010-08-09 – HCG Diet Protocol

Dr. Theresa Dale Radio Show
2010-05-27 – Hormone Rejuvenation not Replacement

Blog Talk Radio
2010-03-09 – How to Eliminate Parasites

Progressive Radio Network
2010-02-07 – Network Women’s Healing Circle

KPFK The Aware Show
2006-06-14 – Hosted by Lisa Garr

KXAM Naturally Good For You
2006-02-25 – Hosted by Deborah Doc Watson

KPFK Innervision
2005-05-31 – Hosted by Nita Vallens

In The Company of Angels
2005-03-14 – Bioidentical Hormones

WPAZ Great Talk Radio
2004-10-07 – Revitalize Your Hormones


Dr. Theresa Dale at ANMA
2007-07-27 – The Dynamics of Balancing Hormones. American Naturopathic Medical Association – 26th Annual Convention – July 27-29, 2007 – Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Theresa Dale at Whole Life Expo Cleveland
2005-12-09 – Transforming Your Emotional DNA

Dr. Theresa Dale at NNFA
2002-12-15 – Hormone Rejuvenation vs Replacement. Transform Your Emotional DNA, recorded at NNFA Southeast Region SOHO Expo (Orlando, FL)

Dr. Theresa Dale at NHF
1998-12-09 – Meta-Conciousness & the Subconcious Mind

Dr. Theresa Dale at Whole Life Expo Malibu
1996-10-20 – Meta-Conciousness

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