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Dr. Dale has revolutionized the way women and men can naturally rejuvenate their hormone levels as the body ages.The pioneer of Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy, she believes that anti-aging depends on reducing the biological age and toxicity of organs and glands. At 22 she healed herself of a growing uterine tumor in six months, without any help or support using diet and releasing emotions. No surgery necessary.

Dr. Dale is the Dean of the California College of Natural Medicine and President of the Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc. She is the author of Revitalize Your Hormones and an Inventor of new medical models and products. Dr. Dale also trains health providers in Traditional Naturopathy & Clinical Nutrition and Biological Medicine.

She has scientific clinical proof clearly revealing the dangers of Hormone Replacment (HRT). HRT alters the natural chronobiology (natural circadian rhythm of humans). 20,000 before and after test results reveal toxicity when the patient used HRT. The Wellness Center has proven safe organic detoxification kits to be used to balance hormones without cancer-causing hormone replacement. ALL testing was performed at a CLIA licensed lab.

Empower you to heal your body by becoming more aware and knowledgeable. You will learn to trust your gut instincts and the importance of using clean non-toxic products that help balance your hormones and help release emotional issues. Revitalizing your hormones and avoid the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy. What are the side-effects and are vaccines and flu shots really necessary? Safe detoxification methods. Unnecessary. Hysterectomies. Epigenetic factors in all genetic cancer issues. Don’t treat fibroids and polyps with surgery. Why GMO’s are bad and who is to blame. 2000 year old research on How Your Emotions Cause Disease.

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Diet To Rejuvenate Hormones

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