The Importance of Ionic Minerals

Ionic minerals are essential for health. Without minerals, we would not be alive! Low mineral amounts in the body can cause many issues, and the best thing you can do for your health is making sure you have the right amount of minerals to keep everything working optimally in the body!

What do minerals do?

Minerals have many functions in the body, and depending on what mineral it is, depends on what it does! Certain minerals help with bone production, calcium absorption, transportation of nutrients, making hormones, and hundreds of other functions! There are 102 essential minerals that we need to make everything work right in the body. Many of these minerals we need in trace amounts!

We get some minerals from food, but there are not as many minerals in the food as there used to be because of the soil being depleted, so supplementing with minerals is essential! Depending on what you eat, some people get more variety of minerals than others, and listening to your body, you may be able to tell what you need more of. For example, constant cramping in legs or craving certain foods might mean that your body is low in magnesium. The body is always giving you information, it is up to you to listen and discern what it means!

Nano Ionic Minerals are cell ready and completely absorbable into the body! Nano meaning the particle size is small enough to go into the cells.

There are many to choose from!

  1. Nano Ionic Multi with silica
  2. Nano Ionic Bone formula
  3. Nano Ionic Calcium
  4. Nano Ionic Immune formula
  5. Nano Ionic Iodine
  6. Nano Ionic Joint formula
  7. Nano Ionic Super Silver
  8. Nano Ionic Iron
  9. Nano Ionic Magnesium

When looking at what to get,  testing is always the most accurate to see what exactly you need. If you are not wanting to test, you can go by how you feel. Do you have joint pains? Headaches? Cramping? Etc.  The Nano Ionic Multi with silica is a great place to start then add from there depending on what you need!

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