The Sound of Healing

Feeling Depressed? Hostile? Sick? Creatively blocked?Don’t reach for the pill bottle – take two CD’s instead!

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., is a nationally reknowned healer, teacher and mentor. Combining the latest in international vibration theory with classical acupuncture teachings, Dr. Dale and her accompanist, Greg Wells, have actually created instrumental songs designed to release emotional states of disease. For frustrating creation blocks, put on Dr. Dale’s Synchrony CD – it contains specific frequencies designed to open locked doors to creative expression. How? Just breathe, feel and listen. The music does the rest. The totally acoustic sound from these beautiful instrumentals will be absorbed through your skin and bones, harmonizing your electrical vibrations along the classical acupuncture meridians.

The result?

Harmonizes your Future and Invites Wealth
Restores Passion and Courage
Opens Doors to Knowing
Releases Discouragement
Promotes helpful Friends, Travel, Benefactors
Wisdom, Knowledge, Education

Angry or Depressed? Listen to the “5 Element Healing” CD, and the emotions that correspond to each acupuncture meridian will be re- experience and released:

Releases Shock, Trauma, Guilt, Confusion
Releases Disgust, Despair,
Low Self-Esteem, Rejection
Releases Grief, Feeling Stuck
Releases Fear, Irritation
Releases Anger, Resentment

Dr. Dale became conversant with all aspects of vibration theory and practice during her study of the science of Electromagnetic Fields at the prestigious Hans Brugemann institute in Germany. In her concerts and CD’s, Dr. Dale works with classically trained pianist Greg Wells. “I’ve done session work with everyone from Elton John to k.d. lang and Belinda Carlisle,” says Greg, “and working with Theresa is an extraordinary experiment. We tune the piano to 432 hertz concert pitch, which is a very natural and healing frequency, and utilize notes that tone and balance the acupuncture meridians. It’s wonderful to see the effects on a live audience.” Theresa and Greg have been booked for several concerts in England and Australia, and later this year for a first-of-its-kind performance at UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall.

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