Toxic Levels of Natural Progesterone and Synthetic Hormones

Adrenal Cortisol Stress – New Research
Since there is an endocrine relationship in all health problems, one can see the importance in recommending an accurate saliva test. One thousand, before and after, NuFem TCM Saliva Tests, from doctors throughout the U.S.A. clearly indicate toxicity levels of natural progesterone and phyto-estrogen cream as well as synthetic hormones. This includes DHEA, progesterone, wild yam creams, melatonin, soy phytoestrogen creams, testosterone, pregnenalone and estrogens.Initially baseline levels of hormones should be determined, according to the TCM body clock, by using the NuFem Saliva Test. When I receive the results from the independent lab, I create a program for every patient, which includes diet, nutrition, and my homeopathic formulas to correct hormone and meridian imbalances — I never recommend hormones of any kind including progesterone cream. The good news is that we have about 95% success with all females ranging in age from 22 to 71 years of age including those with complete hysterectomies.

When working with my own patients, I follow the protocol below for each patient no matter their health concern or symptoms, after I receive the NuFem Saliva Test results.

Step One
First, lets start at the beginning and take a look at the causes of endocrine breakdown. In every case of hormonal imbalance, there is an imbalance in adrenal cortisol levels, according to before and after clinical studies. In addition, since the thyroid and adrenal work together, you must treat both simultaneously. This is part of the Five Element Theory of Traditional
Chinese Medicine.Since stress is a major contributing factor in abnormal cortisol levels, I separated the various causes of this killer by creating a checklist and protocol for use with each patient. The areas on this list are as follows.
Virus, Bacteria
Look for lymes disease, virus, bacteria, herpes, and any pathology that can attack the adrenal glands.Dental
Look for abscesses, infections, root canals on endocrine meridians, periodontal health issues, and biocompatibility problems from dental materials.Insomnia
Can be caused from hormonal imbalance, an over-active mind, caffeine or stimulant use, reaction from medications.Obesity
Thyroid problems and treatment that are overlooked or thyroid treatment without treating adrenals, radiation exposure, toxic liver and/or gallbladder, sedentary lifestyle (little to no exercise or movement), repressed emotions, unhealthy diet and lifestyle.Emotional Issues
Repressed emotional issues and undiscovered identities that stimulate genetic predispositions for disease, along with mental and emotional burnout.

Scar Tissue
Scar tissue that is blocking meridian flow.

The use of prescribed or over the counter medications as well as social drugs. Any HRT is shown to stress adrenal cortisol levels. Excessive amounts of herbs, vitamins and minerals can heal or be a stressor to the body. In addition, vaccinations must be considered.

Usage of cell phone, living near microwave tower, radio towers, geopathic stress from living on fault lines, underground water stream, water pipes under bedroom, sleeping on water bed or using electrical devices on or within 4 feet of bed.

Testing patients for the appropriate nutrients to rejuvenate the endocrine system is essential. If they purchase nutrients in the health food store, they have less control over the quality. A suggested list follows later in this article.

Getting patients off of junk food, stimulants and sugar. I have seen incredible results with my own patients, and my doctor’s patients, who eat a diet consisting of 60-70% raw foods, including juicing and sprouted legumes and seeds. Deep sea fish is a good addition as well.

The patient’s program should include a routine of yoga and meditation, along with outdoor activities, which may add years to his or her life.

Getting to the Cause of Endocrine Breakdown
Adrenal Cortisol Stress is the Key!

NuFem Salivary Testing is a necessary component to determine accurate levels of cortisol including testing the liver time, which I created exclusively for this test. Each patient receives 6 cortisol times needed to uncover imbalances in the Five Elements. In addition, levels of progesterone, estradiol, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone will be tested. You don’t need prior training in order to use this testing in your practice. I am always available to health care professionals by phone if there is a question about the results.Step Two

Working through the layers with the NPR protocol. A brief overview of the protocol follows.

In 1994 I developed NeuroPhysical Reprogramming to accurately test miasms residing in organs and glands. This tells me the area and “layer” that needs attention immediately and then I use my protocol to balance the focal problem that indicates. A patient might have one to all of the following areas out of balance:

  • Chemical
  • Structural
  • Electromagnetic

The NPR protocol leads me to test all distal acupuncture points, reflex points, and to perform a unique and simplified causal chain test to determine the organ or gland that has hierarchy in therapy. The next step is to test for all inherited and acquired miasms and then environmental health concerns, subpersonalities and identities. If an identity is anchoring the health problem, the NPR protocol will handle that permanently.

Finally, I test for the homeopathic remedies (nosodes, sarcodes, etc.) that therapy localize on the reflex points, distal acupuncture points, and focal disturbances (to cure the problems that have been diagnosed).As a part of the final step, I test for allergies, diet, and nutrition. Allergies to toxic and adulterated foods can be a health concern. I recommend all of my patients eat organic foods, 70% raw diet or more if possible. If a patient still exhibits allergic symptoms when they eat organic raw foods, I would not consider the food to be a focal problem. I would look at the immune system and dysbiosis of the entire digestive system including colon. Furthermore, I do not see the point of covering-up and ignoring a burden immune system by desensitizing the body to foods. Since the body communicates in the form of symptoms and these symptoms tell us there is a problem, we can use these symptoms to therapy localize the focal disturbance.

Nutrients Necessary to Help Rebuild the Endocrine System
Every patient is biochemically individual; therefore, nutrients and dosages must be tested on patients for accuracy. Required nutritional needs can change frequently as the body heals. Monthly testing is required so the patient does not become toxic or burdened.After creating nutritional and homeopathic programs for thousands of patients related to endocrine breakdown and all of the related symptoms, I have arranged a list of most commonly needed nutritional supplements and foods.For the most part, I do not rely on herbs as they may act as a band-aid covering-up symptoms of a burdened immune system that will lead you to discovering a miasm. This miasm, when treated with the correct singular or combination of homeopathic remedies, can cure the health condition very quickly.

Homeopathy can be view as being complex, so I will just give you a very brief explanation of miasms and homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are made from various substances, pathology, minerals, toxic metals, poisons, drugs, insects, virus, bacteria and healthy organ tissue. An inherited toxin is called a miasm. A miasm can be an identity, virus, bacteria, or pathogens. These miasms can be made into a homeopathic remedy. For example, the following are miasms and can be purchased in a homeopathic form: influenzinum, salmonella, gonorrhea, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, just to name a very few. Inherited or acquired (from childhood environment) behavioral problems, including addictions such as alcoholism, drug, or food abuse can also be a miasms.

In order to cure a mental, emotional or physical problem, the body needs to be able to communicate where and when the problem arises. If you are trained in Five Element Theory and Chinese Medicine you probably use the body clock to determine the organ needing rejuvenation and detoxification related to the time of the day or evening when symptoms arise. Dosing a patient-using homeopathy ideally should be done at the time when the organ is most receptive, according to the body clock. If you would like a copy of the body clock, go to my website and download it. If you do not use this method as a part of diagnosing the patient, you can take an acupuncture training and/ or my NeuroPhysical Reprogramming and Homeopathic Endocrinology training.

The following nutrients can assist balancing the endocrine system. I recommend that each nutrient be tested for individual dosage and potency using NeuroPhysical Reprogramming. To be quite honest, I have not found that using computerized equipment to test for nutritional needs is as accurate as using NPR. In other words, a computer program is no rival to the accuracy of a trained healer/doctor. We can become dependent on using devices and computer programs for diagnoses instead of developing our innate connection with the consciousness that creates miracles in our practice.

  • Vitamin A (25,000 IU daily as beta carotene)
  • Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid (500-1,500 IU daily)
  • B complex vitamins (25-100 mg daily)
  • Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids (1,000 mg to 2,000 mg daily)
  • Vitamin D (400-1,000 IU daily)
  • Vitamin E (400 IU daily to 1200 IU’s) women on HRT need higher IU’s.
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Probiotics (including acidophilus; dosages vary)
  • Alpha Lipoic acid (100-1000 mgs twice daily)
  • Biotin (1,000 mcg prior to meals)
  • Chelated Calcium or calcium orotate
  • Chelated magnesium (500 to 1,000 mg daily)
  • Phosphatidyl choline (acetylcholine precursor; use if one or more cortisol level is low)
  • Phosphatidyl serine (revitalizes nerve cells; use if one or more cortisol level is elevated)
  • Neuro-Emotional Remedy #11 for thyroid/adrenal rejuvenation.
  • Ocean Herbs (dulse and/or kelp) to help regulate thyroid function.
  • E3Live: (live blue green algae)
  • Siberian Ginseng (for men) (use if cortisol level is high)
  • EFA: Organic Flax Seed Oil: 1 to 3 tablespoons daily
  • Omega 3: Organic Fish Oil (powder rather than capsules)
  • CoQ10: for heart problems that cause thyroid imbalances –related to the noon testing time.
  • ShoWu Pill: Fo-Ti (chinese herb) for adrenal support and hair loss.
Foods and SpicesSome research has shown that the highest estradiol binding herbs and spices are soy, licorice, red clover, thyme, turmeric, hops and verbena. These should be eliminated from the diet of those who are estrogen dominant. The highest progesteron-binding herbs and spices are oregano, verbena, turmeric, thyme, red clover and damiana.

  • Regarding Soy…

Soy is a huge issue today because there are so many soy supplements, foods, junk foods, and faux meats made of soy. My suggestion is, that if a person has cancer or is estrogen dominant – avoid soy. Processed soy, soymilk, soy supplements, tofu, and soy cheese should be avoided. If the person is not estrogen dominant, I feel that natural whole soy such as Japanese soybeans and fermented live Tempe are healthy in moderate amounts, depending on the patients test results. Diet for Endocrine Balancing should be organic and approximately 60 to 70 percent raw vegetables, sprouts, seeds and nuts for three to six months. This may also depend on the climate. Severe winter climates may require more lightly steamed and cooked foods such as a macrobiotic diet.

Even though many people are now eating raw meat and fish, I do not feel that this is necessary to get enough protein and, in addition, may prove to be unhealthy due to worms, parasites. Remember that raw dairy is also mucous producing, however, in very small quantities it may be beneficial or neutral. Organic kefir, because of its fermentation, may be beneficial to some. Alkaline pure mineral water is always the best drink. Certain organic or wild-crafted non-caffeinated teas such as ginger, pau d’arco, yogi tea, may be helpful. As adrenal cortisol levels become balanced you can add small amounts of Bancha and Green Tea.

NeuroPhysical Reprogramming©

As health professionals, we want to find the cause of disease and help the patient evolve to a healthier life. You cannot do this without change. The patient needs to be compliant. I created NeuroPhysical Reprogramming (NPR) to find the cause of resistance and disease by accessing the unconscious information needed to permanently release the anchor of any disease.NPR is an innovative, laser-like non-invasive diagnostic tool and healing system. It’s foundation lies in the ancient Five-Element Theory of Chinese Medicine and is the missing link in locating and releasing the cause of disease. In addition to the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, NPR incorporates acupuncture meridians, homeopathic filters, Neuro-Emotional Remedies® (meridian remedies), kinesiology, and a neutralization process, which eliminates default patterns, miasms and identities that anchor disease. A method to reawaken the immune system is also an integral part of NPR.

The body inherits a genetic load of identities, beliefs and behaviors that are a part of our disease patterns and ancestral heritage. If these miasms are supported in our childhood environment, it is probable that they will manifest in some form that may be difficult to diagnose. The NPR protocol is reproducible, exploring the individual’s essence of consciousness unique toeach one of us. We become better healers because the element of error, due to predetermined thoughts about the outcome or diagnosis – is eliminated. We, as healers become an instrument for the truth to unfold from each
patient during the protocol.

All disease has an emotional component, which is symptomatic of a core identity or miasm that is a sabotaging factor in a patient’s survival. These imprints are encapsulated in our organs, glands and systems of the body.

Identities can reside in the DNA along with inherited disease patterns such as diabetes, alcoholism etc. These imprints set-up a predisposition for disease and weaken the immune system in a specific organ, gland or system. You will recognize a patient that is slower to heal than others are when they resist experiencing their emotions or following recommendations that lead to healing.

I chose to use a new simplified form of kinesiology in this process after researching ways to evolve kinesiological testing to a new level of accuracy. Up until this time, kinesiology was not a diagnostic modality that yielded reproducible results. For this reason I researched and tested specific homeopathic remedies for their ability to eliminate interference in the test results. They are called “homeopathic filters” and they eliminate errors due to mental thoughts and imbalances that the doctor may have in his or her life that may be projected toward the patient. Usually a practitioner is not aware that this mental energy or that their own physical health may effect the outcome of the testing results. “Homeopathic filters” are used in two ways. First, they greatly increase the accuracy and reproducibility of testing when worn by health practitioners. Next, there are 11 homeopathic filters that are used one or more at a time on the patient to release any blockages sabotaging successful results. Although there is no way to determine the exact rate of accuracy of this or any non-invasive testing modality, my research since 1991 with students indicates at least a 96% reproducibility rate of accuracy – if the procedure is adhered to.

In addition, the homeopathic filters allow you to filter out interference from the patient’s thoughts during the protocol. I do not sell these homeopathic filters. You get them as a part of the NPR training and learn how to use them along with the protocol.

Genetics play a part in every part of our life, including our disease patterns. The pre-disposition of disease itself can be eliminated before manifestation.

q Determining the underlying energy pattern, its form and origination through using a protocol that bypasses the conscious mind. NPR allows you to following a chain of physical and behavioral patterns to the causal anchor.

q Eliminating the anchor and strengthening the immune system by neutralizing the causal energy pattern(s).

Administering Neuro-Emotional Remedies to the patient as part of the NPR process to drain the miasm, neuro-toxins, disease or predisposition from the body through the lymphatic system and eliminations.

NPR may also be used to test for the bio-compatibility of nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, herbs, allopathic drugs, dental materials or any substance. NPR sessions are invaluable to the patient and to the doctor as the process itself reduces the number of nutritional supplements needed by strengthening the immune system. Therefore, if you administer NPR before assessing the patient’s nutritional needs you will inevitably find a healthier and stronger immune system and recommend fewer products. It is common that the patient will need less supplements and absorb nutrients more efficiently as a results of detoxifying miasms. In addition, you may use NPR for biological age, causal chain bio-kinesiology testing and regaining lost mental focus in adults and children with conditions such as ADD.

For more information, please contact The International College of Naturopathy, ((800) 219-1261).

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