Transform Your Emotional DNA

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Every now and then a book comes out that is a trailblazing effort on a subject whose time has come. Transform Your Emotional DNA by Theresa Dale, Ph.D. is just such a book. In an era when mind-body interaction and its relationship to health is a primary concern, this work clearly and vividly explains how you can take control of the blueprint of your life.

Expanding on research done by pioneers such as Dr. Reinholdt Voll in Germany, Dr. Dale explains how emotions maintain different energy patterns in the body. If these are overloaded and disturbed, they cause disease patterns. Further, she explains how the DNA code itself contains patterns that may lead to everything from disease to bad self-esteem.

Dr. Dale’s message is one of hope. “The good news is that you can change disease patterns and life conditions if you act on your desire to change.” That is the essential belief that Dr. Dale feels everyone can adopt, and in doing so, turn their life around, and she shows you how in her new book.

In her book, Dr. Dale also explains how resistance to feeling your own emotions can lead to illness. She believes, first and foremost, that the individual who is in touch with their emotions is truly taking responsiblity towards having a better life.

It is the accomplishment of this remarkable work that Dr. Dale de-mystifies a subject as weighty as DNA. She makes you literally feel that Deoxyribonucleic Acid — or DNA, as it is popularly known — is something within our reach to understand and change. After all it is our life and our life’s blueprint.

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