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What You Need to Know!
Due to the recent media promotion of bio-identical hormones from celebrities, it is of utmost importance that you educate yourself about this pressing issue.An article recently published in the New York Times, March 30, 2004 under the title, “Possible Peril Found in Menopause Cream” (By Anahad O’Connor) continues to provide compelling research about hormone replacement.Anahad O’Connor says, “A popular cream that eases the symptoms of menopause exposes women to higher levels of the hormone progesterone than has been com-monly thought, researchers have found.”“Pro-Gest, one of more than two dozen creams containing natural progesterone is a widely used alternative to synthetic hormone therapies that have been linked to a higher risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Millions of tubes of progesterone cream are sold annually.”

“Because they can be purchased over the counter, the creams are generally considered less potent, and therefore less harmful, than federally regulated progesterone pills.”

“But research reported Thursday has raised questions about the creams’ safety. A group of women that used Pro-Gest to relieve hot flashes and night sweats and a group that took the hormone pill Prometrium later had the same levels of progesterone in their bloodstreams, said Dr. Anne Hermann, who conducted the study at Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, N.Y.”

“Dr. Hermann presented the results at a conference of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Florida.” “Millions of women are using these creams, thinking that because they’re natural and sold over the counter they are safe,” she said. “The reality is that they are putting themselves at risk.”

The findings come at a time when hormone use is sharply declining. In 2002, the Women’s Health Initiative study found a heightened risk of breast cancer and heart disease among women who used a common hormone therapy. That study looked at synthetic progesterone, or progestin, taken in combination with estrogen to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

Natural progesterone is considered to carry some of the same health risks as its synthetic version, “until research shows otherwise,” said Susan Cruzan, a spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration.

“We’re asking manufacturers to do further studies,” Ms. Cruzan said. “Until we have that information, women who use any of these products should work with their doctors to use the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration of time.” Dr. Moskowitz said that the Women’s Health Initiative “did not look at natural progesterone, and it didn’t even look at progestin by itself.” As health care providers, we need to be responsible, do our own studies with patients and clearly look at this issue. Women are aging due to using hormone replacement in various forms including supposedly bio-identical forms. My research includes; over 2000 salivary tests, before and after with hundreds of doctors patients reveal an overwhelming number of patients with symptoms from high toxic levels of the hormone that they are using in a supposedly “natural” and bioidentical hormones. The hormones that should be tested with salivary testing are 6 cortisols, testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, Estradiol, Melatonin and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Except nothing less!

Thyroid Issues are Growing!
As far as balancing the thyroid, I use meridian remedies, treat both the adrenals and the thyroid simultaneously and help the patient release the emotions confusion and paranoia that are stuck in the thyroid gland and tissue. If a patient has been using synthroid, armor thyroid or any preparation with thyroxin (excluding homeopathy) the thyroid will shut down. I ask you, is this really helping the patient? The patient desires healing and I have found that the thyroid can be healed using specific meridian homeopathic remedies for hyper and hypo thyoid, and sea vegetables for hypothyroid conditions. Eating a raw food diet, herbs and glandulars are also good to support the thyroid but I have noted that it does not cure the problem. Homeopathy and emotional healing can actually cure the problem permanently. I suggest finding if the thyroid problem is secondary to a pituitary/hypothalamus problems and then rule out inherited or acquired toxins.
Bio-identical hormones? Find out the facts!
FACT ONEJust like Premarin and Provera, Bio-identical hormones, phytoestrogen creams, natural progesterone creams and other hormones like DHEA, Melatonin and HGH have severe toxic side effects. They are all hormone replacement therapy. The longer you use them the more toxicity develops, and the more abnormal adrenal cortisol levels are evident. Every testing laboratory has observed the toxic side effects of these hormones. It’s documented!FACT TWOBio-identical hormones create a dependency and then your body slows down production of your own natural hormones. Guess what effect this has on your body? Well, if your hormones are not being secreted in proper amounts because you are dependent on a hormone, then the only thing your body can do is get lazy and age. The hope of anti-aging is just that “a hope”. True anti-aging comes from the mind, a great nutritional program according to testing, a regular cardiovascular routine and homeopathic hormone rejuvenation to support the endocrine system and neurotransmitter production.


Bio-identical hormones are synthesized from wild yam and soy. For example, a carrot, which is synthesized, is no longer a carrot – it is a synthetic substance.


When a compounding lab makes a bio-identical hormone specifically for your patient, the patient uses it with great hopes. It is a fact that you may need to have the formula adjusted a few to many times before finding one formula that stabilizes hormones and then the results are only temporary. As your body deals with stressful situations, your hormone needs change. Sometimes, dras-tically! Then you need a different formula because your body is confused and cannot make the adjustment itself. The patient is bombarded with supposedly bio-identical or natural hormones, becoming toxic and lazy. Then the adrenal cortisol levels become abnormal causing more symptoms. You get the picture! 


Possible symptoms of using bio-identical hormones and other hormones listed in Fact One are:

  • Weight gain around the buttocks, thighs, middle waist and abdomen.
  • Depression
  • Facial hair growth
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Secretions from the breast


“The ONLY hormones that are bio-identical or natural are the ones your body makes.” 


Bio-Identical Hormones vs. Homeopathy…
The FDA approves homeopathy, and in 200 years of effective use, no side effects or toxicity exists.Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation has a 95% success rate for women with complete hysterectomies, PMS, post-partum depression, hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue.
More Facts…
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is based on the incorrect assumption that the body becomes incapable of producing hormones simply because we reach a certain age. In reality, hormone problems are a function of how healthy you are, not how old you are. Another incorrect assumption is that a woman’s body cannot make hormones if she has had a hysterectomy. My research reveals that hormones can be rejuvenated to healthy levels even in this situation because the communication can be reestablished between the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas and adrenal glands. My research confirms that the adrenals gland can and will produce correct and healthy amounts of necessary hormones for women according to their genetics, lifestyle, and biological age. Any negative effect of genetics on the body can be diminished and turned into a positive if the inherited and acquired miasms are located.There is an endocrine connection or response to any illness. Finding this connection may prove to be elusive if you are relying on blood testing — as is not as sensitive as saliva for endocrine evaluation.Saliva testing is touted to be more sensitive and more accurate, however, this is only true if the correct collection times are used according to the Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory Body Clock. Beside using this “5 Element” type of saliva test, which tests the liver, lung, sex circulation, stomach, bladder and heart meridian, I would also include electro-dermal screening or Neuro-Physical Reprogramming (NPR) to further assess the patient ruling out any existing inherited or acquired miasms (toxins) which may be “causing” endocrine and neurotransmitter problems.A child with Downs Syndrome, a teenager with raging hormones, a young girl with PMS issues; are all experiencing endocrine issues. We also have to consider the existing endocrine correlation connected to every other human being with health issues.

If we as health providers stay focused on the cause of the patients’ problem instead of trying to cover-up the symptoms, not only will the patient experience better health and vitality much quicker but they would also become more empowered.

The longer a health issue is experience, the more a patient is likely to “give up hope” creating a sense of “hopelessness” which does not empower the immune system or their healing.

Empowering the patient can be facilitated through positive communication, and quick results. I understand that some conditions take longer than others, bit within at least 30 days there should be some measure of change; a movement in the right direction. My patients tell me… “I feel so much better now, but I was ready to bail on the program If I didn’t see some shift in my health within one or two weeks.”

Using any hormones on or in your body will undoubtedly create symptoms; toxify the body increasing the biological age. Remember, a lazy endocrine system is an aging endocrine system.

The Endocrine Protocol Includes…
  1. A Five Element Saliva test to see your hormone base-line levels according to the body clock and the testing times for each element that has a hormone correla-tion, including a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.
  2. Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation; complex formulas that together address the entire endocrine system.
  3. Meridian balance through homeopathic formulas
  4. Emotional balance through homeopathic formulas and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming
  5. Diagnosing inherited and acquired miasms
  6. Detoxification; Liver/Gallbladder/ Whole Body detoxification system. This will help decrease the biological age!
  7. Homeopathic neurotransmitter balancing formulas
  8. A comprehensive nutritional program and life-style changes.

The Detoxification Protocol is available through my presentations; please check my schedule athttps://www.wellnesscenter.net and through my trainings at http://www.traditionalnaturopathy.com.

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