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Press Release

“Our Society urgently needs fast, effective relief from depression, rage, anger and fear which has proven to cause illness, child abuse and spousal abuse. Stop the violence and self-sabotage – get to the core of any life condition, including illness. When parents change their sabotaging belief systems about themselves and the world they live in they actually free their children from creating the same life patterns,
pain and suffering.”

Theresa Dale, Ph.D., C.C.N., N.P.

Dr. Dale presents lectures and workshops.
The following are a few of her self-help tips.
Learn practical ways for venting your emotions rather than taking it out on others.

When feeling violent rage or anger, move yourself away from other person immediately.

Then, when you are alone, feel the anger in your body while breathing slow deep diaphragmatic breaths. This will immediately calm you down so that you can regain control of yourself. Then the anger will dissolve until you can release the cause of the problem. If you resist feeling the anger, it will only get worse.

Learn warning signs that you are out of control and need help handling your emotions.

A warning sign is that you cannot hear another perspective – instead you shut down and withdraw or lash out and make others wrong.

You resort to physical violence to solve problems or want to.
Perhaps your parents resorted to physical violence and your viewed this behavior growing up.

Theresa I. Dale, Ph.D., is considered an authority in Complementary Medicine empowering the masses to “take back their power” and heal the core of their life conditions. Dr. Dale educates the masses, through her own cable t.v. show “Health Network”, and her self-healing state-approved trainings. In addition, she offers motivational and educational trainings to organizations and businesses. After experiencing Dr. Dale on national t.v. and radio, people have become much more aware of how their resisted emotions contribute to their illness. Her research embraces and explores the connection between disease and resisted emotions. Curing herself of an abusive childhood and of three diseases; an uterine tumor, a skin disease and nuclear radiation poisoning, Dr. Dale integrated her skills in homeopathy and nutrition to research and formulate remedies which takes cellular healing to a new level.
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