What is NeuroPhysical Reprogramming?

NeuroPhysical Reprogramming

The California College of Natural Medicine offers many professional trainings. The Holistic Health Practitioner/NeuroPhysical Reprogramming Specialist is among the most popular because it allows you to both locate the cause / energy pattern of the disease and release it. You will change lives for the better – both yours and your patients.

You will receive a Certificate /Diploma as a Holistic Health Provider and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming Specialist. This is the only alternative medical training you will need. Just for starters, you will learn to accurately assess and heal illness, determine correct supplementation and dosages, therapy localize health issues, determine the correct time frame for patient’s treatment so that you can adjust and monitor treatment in accordance to how the body is changing and healing.

Tuition: $2100.00

Room and Board: Single $120.00 per night – Double: $90.00 per night

Room includes 3 delicious and healthy meals per day.

Location: Serra Retreat, Malibu, California


Date: arrive 4/13/09, Class starts 4/14 through 4/17.

You would fly into LAX and take a shuttle to Malibu. This will take under one hour depending on the time of day you are traveling.

We are enrolling now and are only accepting 30 health providers in this training, which we are not offering again in 2018. Visit www.cconm.com to see all of our trainings.


This comprehensive training has an online nutritional class and a four-day residential experiential workshop orchestrated to assist in the evolution of your skills both as a healer and in your personal transformational process. The online nutritional education class must be completed prior to the residential class. A test will be given by email before the start of the residential class.

Both the Holistic Health Practitioner Training and the Advanced (Diplomat) Holistic Health Practitioner Training contain 20 years of research in the fields of energy medicine, homeopathy, transformational spiritual psychology, nutrition and kinesiology.

Research: NeuroPhysical Reprogramming (February 10, 1996)

The NeuroPhysical Reprogramming protocol was tested at an independent neurologist’s office on 5 patients using a 22 electrode EEG along with full spectrum biofeedback reading, four more EEG sites on the occipital lobe of the head and EMG (muscle response) skin temperature and conductance. The patients were fully clothed and comfortable. After they were connected to the electrodes, I introduced verbal buttons by stating out loud various topics to the patient, such as health, disease, wellness, sex, cancer, death, life, birth, children, divorce, marriage, money, career, success, failure – to name a few. We then noted the brain and nervous system response on the EEG, EMG, etc.

The next step was to repeat the procedure using the NeuroPhysical Reprogramming protocol and Neuro-Emotional Remedies while the patient was still connected to the same equipment. Although the identical topics were used, the delivery was different. The patient said the topics aloud, instead of my saying them. The reason for this is that kinesiological testing which is a very small but important part of the NPR protocol has a very poor accuracy rate if the patient does not make the statements. If the doctor states it for the patient, the doctor is essentially testing themselves and not the patient.

After each process was completed, the patient was again given the same questions that they responded to before the NPR session. The testing indicated that they no longer had the energy patterns that 30 minutes prior were visibly apparent.

As a part of the NPR protocol, I tested a reflex point (Meta Point – Governing Vessel #16), which is located in the center of occipital lobe. After discovering the Meta Point in 1993, I learned that it leads to the part of the primal brain storing foundational belief systems and identities. These identities act as an anchor making a disease difficult to cure or heal.

The printout of the EEG and the other testing could be visibly seen to have identical responses so that each test confirmed the next. It indicated exactly when the homeopathic remedies were introduced to the patient during the NeuroPhysical Reprogramming protocol. You could see a heightened response and then a release. A printout of the “entire testing” clearly indicated the neurological changes that occurred from administering the remedies on one patient and not another.

Whether the issue is related to disease or sexual abuse…the process works the same. All testing indicated that the NPR testing and the responses from the EEG, EMG, etc. were identical and that Neuro-Emotional Remedies visibly released energy patterns.

  • In another research project, Kirlian photography was used to measure the energy field of an AID’S patient before and after a NeuroPhysical Reprogramming session. In this case, pictures are better than words; therefore, you can see the kirlian photographs in my book “Transform Your Emotional DNA.”
  • Neuro-Emotional Remedies are high potency homeopathic remedies with drainage properties that eliminate emotional issues anchored by identities.
  • The results of the testing indicated that NeuroPhysical Reprogramming and Neuro-Emotional Remedies released core issues stemming from identities that can be a main cause of mental and physical illness.
  • NeuroPhysical Reprogramming and Neuro-Emotional Remedies are used with incredible success on thousands of patients. Testimonials are available.

Part I: Online Class

The information presented in the online prelude to these courses offers you a chance to build a strong foundation of knowledge in order to make you a more effective health care provider. A thorough understanding of the body’s functional mechanisms will lead to a greater comprehension of the material presented to you. An estimated 56 hours should be spent with this session. A test will be administered before attending the Holistic Health Practitioner Training.

Detoxification Pathways and Pathogens: includes Lymph detoxification.

Five Element Theory: Each element correlates with an emotion, an organ, and a season to establish a balance of our surroundings and a harmony within us. Explore the intricacies of Chinese Five Element Theory – from its inception 5000 years ago to its role in modern-day acupuncture techniques.

Vitamins and Antioxidants: Learn the function of each vitamin within the body, as well as recommended daily doses and symptoms of deficiency. The advantages of natural versus synthetic supplements will be discussed, supported by cutting-edge research from the field. Exposure to free radicals can advance the aging process and be detrimental to your health. Find out how antioxidants can lead you through a longer, healthier life!

Amino acids are the currency of the body. Through a series of reactions, they assume responsibility for supplying the energy we need for proper functioning. A complete knowledge of these processes will enable you to isolate the mechanism behind any energy deficiency!

Nutraceuticals: Through a number of modern studies, you will explore the biological aging process of the body in detail, as well as ways to prevent it.

Professional Nutritional Assessment Test: You will learn to utilize this tool to effectively determine the nutritional needs of your clients.

Part II: Residential Class

NeuroPhysical Reprogramming: What every doctor should know and every patient wants!

Learn a reproducible hands-on protocol that bypasses the conscious mind leading you to the core of the illness, on any level. NPR accurately pinpoints the causal energy pattern of any life condition, determines its location in your body then allows you to permanently release it. Dr. Dale’s research indicates that there is a holographic blueprint of all of your experiences, identities and beliefs stored in each cell. By contacting cellular intelligence, you will locate and eliminate the precise core identity and belief – transforming the cellular blueprint and reestablishing healthy cellular communication.

Learn an advanced form of kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the biogenesis of the condition and a protocol to locate and release resisted emotions, belief systems and identities that are stored in the body creating abnormal meridian flow and disease.

Complete NeuroPhysical Reprogramming Protocol

NeuroPhysical Reprogramming…

  • It is the only healing protocol that utilizes Dr. Dale’s exclusive homeopathic filters to accurately test yourself and others.
  • It allows you to explore DNA consciousness; locating and eliminating sabotaging energy patterns that create illness and depression, as well as, assisting in the re-engineering of the psyche and the rejuvenation of the physical body. NPR profoundly embraces spiritual psychology and mind / body healing, encompasses non-invasive methods that assist healing the core of any illness, on all levels of consciousness.

The NPR’s five-element protocol includes accurate testing, and therapy localization; incorporating various techniques to assess health issues occurring in the body’s chemical, structural and electro-magnetic systems. You will learn to test reflex points, along with dental health issues, the immune system, identify scar tissue blockage, genetic predispositions, immune dysfunction and supplements.

The following topics will be discussed…

  • Transforming DNA
  • Stress and Aging
  • Identifying and Removing the Cause and Anchor of any Illness.
  • The Causes of Neuro-Endocrine Breakdown!
  • Inherited and Acquired Toxins
  • How to Identify, Assess and Transform Stress!
  • Redesign the Biological Computer
  • Rejuvenating the endocrine computer
  • Balancing all hormones, and neurotransmitters without the use of medications or hormones
  • Homeopathy: The Basics

Regaining Attention and Focus: Have you ever had the experience of day dreaming or withdrawing? Do you have clients who suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder? Get ready for the most fascinating, revolutionary tool to propel you into a new understanding and experience of complete and permanent release of creative blocks, struggles and suffering. In addition, you will learn how to shift any existing reality instantaneously.

Detoxify Obsessive Behavior Patterns: Dr. Dale developed this procedure in 1988 and has used it successfully since then to free the cellular memory of all types of drugs and addictive patterns. Since the drug itself was used to experience another reality such as relief from pain, the resistance to the original condition is still stuck somewhere in the body. Now, through this procedure you can easily detoxify life long addiction or obsession related to illness, relationships, drugs, substances, food, etc.

Goals: The method used is unique and effective in assisting goal manifestation. Help clients to focus 100% attention by uncovering sabotaging neuro-physical patterns that sabotage optimum health and wellness.

Neuro-Emotional Remedies: Theresa Dale has researched and developed high potency homeopathic remedies based on the acupuncture meridian system and the Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. In the Holistic Health Practitioner Training each new student will receive one complimentary set (13) of Neuro-Emotional Remedies® along with training.

Shape-Shifting: A new method of stilling the mind and working on patients in a neutral zone, while deepening the connection to your innate cellular intelligence giving you the ability to choose your feelings instead of being controlled by them.

Alignment and Creation: An incredible process to determine the degree to which you are aligned with your goals. Have you ever wondered why some of your goals manifest and others don’t? Be aware that if you are not 100% aligned with your goals, subconsciously and consciously, they may not manifest. Now you can learn to locate and eliminate the hidden saboteurs lurking in your subconscious mind.

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