Women, Hormones and Success

Over the past decade, women have developed strong entrepreneurial sensibilities. However, women still believe as a whole they are a minority. The perception leads us to experience that we can’t be in control of our universe. Some women believe that it is a man’s world when existing evidence is denied that countries are being rules by women. If we continue to believe that we are not equal, we will continue to create that perception. We must remove the filters that keep us locked into giving away our power. I believe the world “minority” should be removed from our language as it keeps people from emerging as our true self, our glorious self, a unique creator who is in charge of our own personal universe.

We must start shifting our awareness in a few important areas. The one that is most urgent in our society affects the very core of our existence itself –our right to choose. Now is the time to take your power back from medical systems — that is if you want to be in charge of your destiny.

We no longer have to be victim to the biological time bomb called menopause. Since the beginning, we, as humans have taken on beliefs about aging and our hormones. This is because we are so focused on our body — waiting for something to go wrong. This perception really sets us up for paranoia, confusion and ill health.

You don’t have to continuously create one illness after another. Between making sure you get mammograms, checking for hormone deficiencies and having regular pap smears, your attention stays on your body — in a negative way. If you would take the time to thoroughly educate yourself about your body and your emotions, you would realize that you are in control of your physical body. This really is personal freedom — the freedom to choose. When you are in a position to make decisions about your body from a place of wisdom — instead of paranoia and fear — you will evolve and create health.

Is your doctor user friendly?

Did you know that your body is your environment? Do you believe you reach 40 you need to start taking hormones — or you will fall apart. Come on! Give me a break. This hype is all over the media. Now it’s up to us to tune it out. Are you letting yourself be conned into this travesty?

Education is the key to freedom from an aging body and mind. Assimilate and integrate basic anatomy and physiology; how your emotions can get stored in organs and glands and how to maintain optimum nutrition.

The bare facts are:
Estrogen and estradiol are produced by the adrenal glands as well as the ovaries

Progesterone is the key to balancing hormones — not estrogen.

DHEA, an anti-aging hormone, is produced by the adrenals. Wild Yam is proven to stimulate the production of DHEA without side effects. The best of these products are sold through health professionals (taking DHEA suppliments orally can burden the liver.)

There are other natural products available which are effective in balancing hormone deficiencies. These products contain Chinese herbs like Dong Quai. In addition there are other herbs such as Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Raspberry, etc. For best results, wild yam (Dioscoria) should be applied topical and mixed with natural progesterone.

If you have hormonal problems even if you have had a hysterectomy, you must examine and change your belief systems and identities about aging, menopause and being a woman. Do you believe that hormonal issues can actually hold you back from a successful career and your goals?

Are you fearful about getting osteoporosis? The fear will feed the possibility of osteoporosis. The best remedy? Take calcium appetite and magnesium glycinate or a specially formulated nutritional product for this purpose and let go of the fear altogether.

What about aging? It’s literally all in your mind, your DNA and how your treat your body. Facts indicate that women age differently. Why? It depends on your genetic coding. Yes, it’s back to locking at the blueprint of your DNA. How do the women in your family age? Stress is a huge factor. Are your resisted emotions causing wrinkles and sagging skin? You may think that because a feeling is internal and that because it is invisible to the outside world it has no consequence! The resisted emotion will manifest. Maybe it will turn into a disease, a wrinkle or a cold. But it will manifest — sooner or later.

Exercise is also a factor. Do you get enough cardiovascular exercise and stretching? If not, your body will age more rapidly. The proper nutritional supplements should be a part of your day. For example, I know that Vitamin C synthesizes collagen and strengthens your immune system — so I have been taking 7,000 to 10,000 mg of Vit. C daily for years. it not only works well for me but for countless others.

You may hear the cause of cancer and all disease is parasites, fungi, and so on. This is not entirely true. You see, in order to be susceptible to parasites, fungi and mold, your immune system has to be burdened. The number one cause of the immune system being burdened is your repressed emotions, an energy pattern, that finds its home in all of your cells.

How do you locate and eliminate these energy patterns? You need tools. Easy effective tools. The tools I created for this purpose are The Meta-Wellness Home Study Program and The Holistic Health Practitioner Training and Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner Training. Most individuals that are just starting to discover their feelings and emotions start with the “Home Study Program” and then they will be ready to embrace the 5 day intensive Holistic Health Practitioner Training. Professionals have reported that even though they have been in practice for 20 years, The Holistic Health Practitioner Training and Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner Training gave them a new dimension to their own healing, and, of course, their patients.

There you have it, just utilize the tools to keep empowering yourself;
then you will enjoy your evolutionary journey.

Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D. – Explore! Volume 7 Number 6, 1997

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